T&T @ Utaban 2007.08.02

Just finished watching last night’s Utaban & the recent 2 Zubaris~ Am trying to catch up with all the clips I missed. I’ll start with Utaban first. Takki really looks quite tired ne~~ *heart pain*


Really love what he was wearing, the way the sleeves were folded ^^ The chibi vs present Takitsuba part was really cute!! Takki was complaining when he saw his chibi pose *LOL* They had to do the same pose as their chibi cardboard figures lololol~~


Then Nakai tried to say something and Takki stopped him. That was so cute! He called him “Sempai” while blocking his face *kawaii* He said that they are on TV :)


Nakai is really funny na~ when talking about Takki’s chibi days, eg. the type of woman he likes, etc, he acts as if he were talking to cardboard-chibi!Takki. He even hit cardboard-chibi!Takki with his pointer and imitated a chibi voice lol~


I kinda wish Takki could go back to that chubby face era… Seeing him get thinner and thinner and not being able to do anything is kinda sad. I suddenly feel like writing to Avex to request someone to feed him more food hahaha… Shall we start a “Feed Takki Campaign”? hahahaha…. But it was good to see him laugh~~ that bright ^^ smile :)


And the Enoshima beach, Tsujido, Fujisawa? We were somewhere there last Sunday :) When I saw that red shrine structure thingie, I suddenly feel like going to Kamakura ne!! Guess I’ll plan that for my next trip ^^ Oh, and the steak looks so juicy!!! I wanna eat… And Nakai sempai should have given some of his crispy cuttlefish to Takki ne. He likes it deshou…

Performance wise, T&T sang Samurai of coz~ They were wearing sleeveless dark tops and jeans, kinda like in the PV. And Takki’s bicceps again! Can’t stop drooling over those juicy meaty slabs wahahahahaa… *shuts up* Look at it yourself :)


Did anyone notice the ceiling during the performance? It reminds me of the Dame Con Additional Shows Pamphlet!! Remember the black & white pamphlet (front & back of the pamphlet forming a curvy T&T)? Somehow it just reminds me of it…


Download Part 1 (95.1MB)
Download Part 2 (175MB)
Download Samurai Performance (145MB)

Next up, Zubari. Continue tomorrow~ :)

(Btw, Avex updated the flash header on the official site!)

7 thoughts on “T&T @ Utaban 2007.08.02

  1. Bonnie says:

    i blame Manager-bakayarou-san!!! v__v; compared to the old Jr pics, he does look a lot older/more exhausted?? ahhhh Takki, uve lost all ur baby phat….

    ASDLKFJ HIS DIMPLESSSSS *grabs Mich and kyaaaaaaas* mou, we need to meet in Japan again cause we didnt get a lot of time to kyaaa together last time… *sigh*

  2. kiwi says:

    the stage set looks like a strip club stage leh… lol!

    and i am SUPER DUPER JEALOUS!!! i want to go bury myself in shonan beach sand toooooo

  3. michelle says:

    lol~ bonnie, that manager-bakayarou-san will be the #1 target of takki fans now!! he’d better watch out fufufufufu…. YES! YES!! we need to meet again in japan!!!

    wahahaha, kiwi~~ strip club?? ya ya, the poles deshou!! kekeke, imagine tsu doing some belly rolls dance around the polls bwahahahahaha….

  4. miya andoroido hime says:

    uahuauah It’s always funny watch utaban with ours favorites artits. huauaauha I just love it!

    Love the face when nakai use the chibi voice huauhaauh takki was so kawaii blocking his face! ahuauhahua *-*~ Ahhhh I love his smile. SOOO CUTE!!!!!

    Tsubasa was so cute too huauhauhuahua *-*~ however I didn’t like too much of his new hair. Needs a bit of volume and them will be really nice. Looks like he left grow up without cut.

  5. minitokyo says:


    i just want to ask of we can use your hq file of this episode on a subbed version. I ask double 2 fansub if she sub utaban episode. if it’s okay I’ll ask here to get it directly from ur site.

    I’ll wait for ur response. thanks in advance

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