I just watched it without audio in office, can’t resist already! Hahaha~ Tono looks CHOU KAKKOII in that last scene.. like OMG *nosebleeds* Thanks, naughtiest, for that screenie! It caused my internal organs to explode lol~ coz I couldn’t scream out when I first saw it. If only I’m at home now…

Download here (AVI, 82.41MB)

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19 thoughts on “恋詩ーコイウタPV!!

  1. glenda says:

    OMG you caused me to seriously LOL with your description of holding in your Takki primal scream :p That’s the most perfect description!

  2. sannah says:


    Waking up so early in the morning and finding an email of TT’s Kouita PV waiting for me to watch…….SUGOI ne……love the PV so much..it was Takki angel who called up TSU….and made him running in the rain……in the end….Tsu and the girl were holding hands….friends or lovers? LOL……

    Mich…..love your screencap….When I saw Takki doing that….I did think of you making that as your new avatar…and I’m right….

  3. michelle says:

    glenda~ hehe… i did finally get to scream just now during our lunch wii session! haha.. actually i just got back~ it’s 3.15pm (probably our longest lunch ever haha)

    naughtest~ arigato!! i still need to keep my blood for more nosebleeding sessions next week ^o^ your comment has been rescued from the spam eating machine XDDD actually, now i understand why tono had such big reactions while playing wii! I was playing the “mario cart” just now… when i started, i was standing. by the the time the game ended, i was kneeling on the floor, laughing and screaming lol.

    sannah~ yea, on msn just now, 3 of us had icons made from the same screencap xDD

  4. leapinglucas says:


    I love it! There just seems to be such a good buzz about this one, even though it’s maybe not my favourite of their songs, I’m loving the PV.


    Yeah, it seems that the only way for incorporeal TakkiAngel to save the girl was to call Shinji to come and save her, because at least he can touch her. Awwww, that’s just so lovely. And yet at the end, who knows whether they head off to a new life together, with TakkiAngel almost having to touch her vicariously through Shinji. And what of TakkiAngel, who got involved when he shouldn’t have?

    I just think it’s a really, really lovely, bittersweet vignette, and it’s sort of a big deal for Tackey and Tsubasa to have been given the chance to be a part of it. I used to love all the old Kinkis songs that had a dramatic throughline, so I’m really excited about this one. Maybe in the next PV, Shinji and the Angel can meet :)

  5. michelle says:

    leapinglucas~ i actually do like the song more than many of their past singles hehe… ah, maybe at the end of the PV, shinji and angel will eventually meet via the girl… that is if angel gives his life and eyes to her :)

  6. shulie says:

    Gives his life and eyes to her?
    Sounds like such an angel-like thing to do… but then angle Takki will cease to exist! Nooooo..

    Thanks for the PV Mich!

  7. heedayo says:

    Thank you…michelle
    Tackey’s voice is too good too subtle, Ttsubasa meotjigu so do the narration, all of it is so fantastic …
    Tsckey depressed angels …
    naivety Tsubasa… I love T&T…^ ^…

  8. leelin says:

    mich, thanks for the PV…….YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA now i cant wait for the CDs to come..counting down the days…Angel takki is so kakkoiiiii….

  9. Azuki says:


    is what I thought when I saw that scene xDDD
    Oh Mich! you couldn’t kya!? arg kuyashii!!
    I understand you very well cause I always see T&T pvs for first time, late at nigh and everybody is sleeping and I can’t kyaa too ¡ – ¡ it’s too hard!! I always huges Takki doll on that moments… It’s ussefull to not having your internal organs exploted!! you need one Mich!! XDD

    sad news that Takki phonecall is for Tsubasa and no for Kitagawa-kamisama u___u I didn’t gess it wiht my baka-comic LOL XDDDDDD

  10. evergreenoflife says:

    I can’t wait to see the whole story! This is so made of win~! They both look so pretty too :3 Any idea who the girl is?

  11. sannah says:

    Leaping Lucas….I think it was the most sensible thing for AngelTakki to help the GIRL…..by calling Shinji…..before Shinji went running…it looks like he was talking with someone over the phone…..Did he and TakkiAngel had a conversation? Is TakkiAngel allowed to do that? Well….he has a cellphone right? what else to expect? LOL

    I must say this…….TSU looks so handsome in the PV…..and at some point….both of them did the same hand action..SUGOI……

  12. miya says:

    I really like it!
    Such calm song.

    T&T looks beautiful like always but they seems a little bit tired isn’t?

    Anyway I can’t wait for the single. I want watch the 20min version!

  13. Stephi-chan says:

    OMG OMG OMG !!!!!!!!!!!!
    Thanks so much for the D/L! Both Takki AND Tsu look really good in this PV! This is probably my favorite one so far. I just can’t get over the angel-Tono! XD LOVE IT! His facial expression right after he tries to hug the girl still kills me. And Tono doesn’t look so thin. That’s always a plus.
    I have to wipe up all this blood from my major nosebleed just now! XD Kyaa!

  14. michelle says:

    shulie~ maybe angel will reside in girl’s body, so we’d have wings and angel (in girl’s body) living happily ever after =P

    heedayo~ only thing missing is their smiles (but i’m surprisingly quite alright with that haha)

    leelin~ AH, CAN’T WAIT ALREADY!!!!!!!!!! 4 more days??? waiting for ur call and then we’ll be in heaven with tono angel *O*

    azuki~ i wish i have a takki doll too, to muffle my screams and give the explosion some form of cushion hahaha… but i dun even know how to start making one… sigh… i dun even have a hidezo! T___T eh, tatsuya? u mean his intense gaze? XDDDD

    evergreenoflife~ the girl is acted by matsuoka rinako :)

    sannah~ my fav. scenes of tsu was when he was answering the handphone, when he turned back to talk to the girl, and when he talked to the girl in the rain!

    miya~ yea, takki looks tired to me… a month-long enbujo run surely had an effect :(

    stephi~ hehe, seemed like it was nosebleeding session for most of us! i had to make sure i din leave any traces of evidence behind XD

    you~ kyaa, 4 more days!! :D

  15. Reiko says:

    *another major nosebleed from Reiko now* (gomenasai…wipes up blood fr. floor) -_- Aya…lol :P

    OMG…naughtiest’s PERFECT screenie of Takki lookin’ like this *MELTS*…and after d/lg the link to this PV…also gave my internal organs a mixup (good of coz) too. lolol (and you’d think my C-section to my labor in giving birth to my daughter wasn’t enough either…HA HA. Ok…you all didn’t have to read that. Wellllll, it gave me a perfect opportunity to comment on ur reaction, Mich. lol) *bows*

    STILL. *kyaaaaa* Nuff said. lol :P

  16. kuso_baba says:

    Arigatou for the share demo Mehaupload is like a curse to me.. it never works T_T Does anyone know where I can get it through mediafire? Torrent too is not a good friend of mine also..

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