[Radio] 滝沢電波城 2009.08.01

Here’s last night’s Takizawa Denpajou!

MP3, 26.3MB (Credit: 黄叶风骨)
Download from MU or MF

He talked about the solocons that ended in Osaka, and played “Hikari Hitotsu” again. Oh, there’s a new corner that started this week, called “…Orthros na hito”, about people who have special abilities, talents that’s different from others etc… And of coz, there’s that “Iro Otoko” segment too. The reception wasn’t too good, but as long as we can hear his voice and what he’s saying, it’s suffice for now :)

At the end of the program, Takki was saying it’s almost time to say goodbye. And the staff said “No~ there’s still Orthros no Inu.”… and staff-san started singing this silly “Orthros…” song LOL.

“It’s been so long since your last drama series, and it’s your first time acting a dark hero. For an evil guy like Ryuzaki, it’s better that he gets killed by that righteous guy!” Takki was asking “Who?” and staff-san said “If you talk about righteousness, there’s only one person right. Yes, it’s Takiranger!” LOL!! From now, Takiranger will appear to fight against Ryuzaki.” Hope to hear more about the filming of the drama and more behind-the-scenes from Takki soon…

Takki ended the program saying he hopes more people will be able to listen to Takiranger theme song. hehe… I hope he plays it soon! I miss Takiranger ~XD

[Radio] 滝沢電波城 2009.08.01

3 thoughts on “[Radio] 滝沢電波城 2009.08.01

  1. How nice to see what Denpajou was about…Do you think the (possible) single could be Takiranger and Hikari Hitotsu?

    Of course, how about an album? Let’s drop some hints to Avex and Johnny-san! Not that I think it will do much good, as they have their own probably misguided ways…

  2. that would be my dream single ne! hikari hitotsu & takiranger theme, evil ryuzaki vs righteous takiranger. 2 different version, coupled with A) yokohama arena version of “medusa no kagami”, and B) takiranger VTR on DVD! kyaaaaaaaa~ *whacks self* i shud raelly stop daydreaming ne…

    i wonder what the final decision over at j&a will be…

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