[Radio] 滝沢電波城 2009.08.22 (Guest: 錦戸亮)

Here’s last night’s Takizawa Denpajou:

MP3, 24.25MB (Credit: 黄叶风骨)
Download from MU or MF

The guest was Aoi-sensei aka Nishikido Ryo. They talked about the first time they met, about being told they look alike, and of course about the drama too, etc… He even called Ryo on the phone after he left the studio. And I think Ryo will be appearing on Denpajou again 2 weeks later (with Mizukawa Asami, who will be the guest next week~). I only skimmed thru the file but heard so much of Tono’s laughter already! Kawaii~~~XDDDD

[Radio] 滝沢電波城 2009.08.22 (Guest: 錦戸亮)

5 thoughts on “[Radio] 滝沢電波城 2009.08.22 (Guest: 錦戸亮)

  1. There was actually a certain resemblance when they were very young, but I think it has disappeared, other than the fact they both have relatively narrow faces and aquiline noses. But their eyes are so different!

  2. Tackey and Ryo look alike?… I don’t think so… Tackey is much more kakkoii ne… I’m not happy with this comment…

  3. Hmm I never thought Takki and Ryo look alike…Ryo is nothing in compare. He doesnt look as manly as Takki and his face is not that well defined like Takki’s.

  4. i think they meant the type of face ‘shape’. they have the same ‘shape’ as nagano from v6 too. but yeah, they dun really look alike, especially their eyes. and even the mouth/nose area. u can tell from the side view (in the roof top scene). they might look slightly similar when they’re apart, but if u place them both side by side, or face to face, it’s quite obvious whose features are more defined :)

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