Ogosho Japan! 2008.04.22 & 2008.04.29

Ogosho Japan! 2008.04.22 (Episode 2)


Download .001 | .002 | .003 | .004 (348.26MB)

Ogosho Japan! 2008.04.29 (Episode 3)


Download .001 | .002 | .003 | .004 (319.90MB)

7 Responses to “Ogosho Japan! 2008.04.22 & 2008.04.29”

  1. lisabet says:

    I think I love you!! Grabbed both episodes. I was not too impressed with the first ep but it’s always wonderful to see Takki and hopefully the show will get better! ^^Thank You so much!

  2. sannah says:

    Mich….thanks for the UL. Takki so handsome in the screenies on the left…..I’m hopeful that the show will get even better..

    Welcome back! Mich……

  3. bon-chan says:

    *ahem* ….

    i would glomp u, but i’m an ocean away vv

  4. michelle says:

    lisabet~ yup, hopefully his new hairdo will spice up the show a bit hehehe

    sannah~ yea, i actually love his outfit in the 4/29 episode. it was the first time i ever watched a takki show on tv in japan! so it was special lol… we weren’t really paying attention to the other ppl anyway lol…

    bon-chan~ *GLOMPS* that’s a virtual one hehe, i’ll give u a real one when we meet again ne~~ i’m still trying to regain all my energy, but glad to be back! ^^

  5. nyanco says:

    I grabbed epi3. Thank you so much!!

  6. michelle says:

    nyanco~ u’re welcome. thank YOU for everything! ^^

  7. pinklyly says:

    Thank you for uploading it ^^

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