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Ogosho Japan! 2008.06.17

Lemme sneak in a short post :)

Episode #10 – Tono still has his tan in here! ^^ One of the guests commented that his face is rounder *yay!* She was comparing it to before, when she saw him on Zubari I think. She said that his face was sunken then. We all know what she means ne, especially if you’ve seen him before with your naked eyes. And I think the guest asked if his energy was sucked up by Kazuchan lol! Tono’s reaction was so funny~ he laughed, then denied “no, it’s not true”, and immediately tried to change the subject by reading his script!! Hahaha~~ He said that he enjoyed working with Kazuchan :)


Download .001 | .002 | .003 (299.33MB)

*Off for lunch~ then back to work*

Ogosho Japan! 2008.06.17

4 thoughts on “Ogosho Japan! 2008.06.17

  1. hahaha
    i can picture kazuchan try to sucked energy out of young boys ^^
    but yay that tono’s face getting rounder ^O^// we hv to celebrate or something ^^
    michchan~ arigatou

  2. lol imagine the guest saying that in front of Kazuchan! XDD Big YAY for his rounder face! eat eat eat Tono, get your cheeks back!

    Thanks for uploading this Mich! I’m seriously thinking about getting an MU premium account since I have about 7 more episodes to d/l along with other things! LOL


  3. you~ lol, what did she think kazuchan did to tono? hahaha~ but ya, i’m glad there wasn’t any bunjee in enbujo08. altho THAT stunt is more dangerous, it probably isn’t as energy-zapping. at least he could eat in between the shows, i hope he did :)

    naughtiest~ haha! i wonder if kazuchan watched this episode :P ah, MU premium a/c is good ne!! a pity mine has expired in april…

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