Ogosho Japan! 2008.07.29

Episode 15 – This is a must-watch! Just to see Tono smile alot, do boxing, and eat ramen ^^; The fans were shouting for Tono to do the boxing thing, and every move he made led to *KYAAA*!! xD Then, when it came to the ramen tasting… The other guests had only bad things to say about the noodles and the soup… When it came to Tono, he only said “mazui!” (tastes bad!) *ROFL!!* But his expression was chou kawaii!


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Look at what he was wearing :D Long silver necklace outside a black shirt and grey tie, plus casual jeans and an outer white coat! KAKKOII!! hehehe…

Ogosho Japan! 2008.07.29

6 thoughts on “Ogosho Japan! 2008.07.29

  1. thanks mich,this epi is so funny,
    i love these fans who shout for tono,
    so we can see kakkoii boxing takki:)

  2. wahaha.. mich, today sinsee just teach mazui! haha.. n i’m smiling so happily when i repeat the word! lol.. but hor sinsee say nihongin vy seldom use this word as it’s rude.. but hey tono is jus being frank ne?! haha.. kat like tono’s reply! wahahah..

  3. taki-bb~ yea, really thanks to the fans there ne! ^^;

    qwe~ douitashimashite! :D

    nyanco~ haha, tono laughed so hard about that! wonder how many millions he’d have gotten already if that were true! i’ve lost count of the no. of times he’s kami-ed =P

    bunsie~ u’re welcome :)

    katspore~ haha i think maeda sensei will be shocked if she finds out that we know each other thru tono :D but yea, i think that ramen must have tasted really really bad lol!

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