Ogosho Japan! 2008.08.05

Episode #16 – “AHHHHHH!!!” That was my reaction when they suddenly showed Yume Monogatari!! It’s supposed to be a 1980s-1990s special thingie, why is there a 2003 T&T song? LOL! And I really love the fans at the studio!! xD


Download .001 | .002 | .003 | .004 (380.04MB)

Ogosho Japan! 2008.08.05

3 thoughts on “Ogosho Japan! 2008.08.05

  1. kyaaaa~
    it’s so funny showing 2003 song in 80′-90′ special. Yumemo is ranked #11? Good job TBS!
    Thanks, mich :D

  2. Thanks for this Mich…….it must be a fan-service from TBS..including the 2003 T&T song in a 1980s-1990s special. T’was nice…the fans had a great time and seeing Takki happy and laughing makes it all worthwhile….

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