Ogosho Japan! 2008.08.19 (Final Episode)

*ROFLMAO* OMG~ this is soooo hilarious!!!!! I was disappointed when I saw that it’s just a collection of flashbacks and unseen footages. But when this part came out, I didn’t even think, I just laughed out loud! Haha =D

Is this the return of the “strangled chicken”?! (#_#)P

EDIT: The HQ file is out, links below :) Although the ratings weren’t ideal, there were some really fun and cute moments in these 18 episodes ne~ and every week I could see him flashing his ^^ smile! Ahh… Feeling chotto sad now… Can’t bear the thought of not seeing him on TV every week… But, still, GOOD JOB!!! 滝沢くん、本当にお疲れさまでした!


Download .001 | .002 | .003 | .004 (358.07MB)

17 Responses to “Ogosho Japan! 2008.08.19 (Final Episode)”

  1. m_antung says:

    eh!! how come so fast come to the lst episode???whywhy?_?

  2. untouchable_girl says:

    wahahahhahahaaha i like the part when he paused and was still trying to listen to her sing!! soooo cute!!

  3. KatSpore says:

    yes! i’m all in for the idea! let’s bombard the tv stations! chanting T&T bangumi! T&T bangumi!
    this last epi is so funny, thanks 4 the streaming, mich! ^^ n ur screencap captures his 2 moment i love so much, head tilt n mi mi yan3 laugh after they say he sings bad!! lol

  4. sannah says:

    Mich……this is so funny…..Jessica keeps on pressing it over and over again……And she keeps on laughing each time in Takki’s effort. Gosh this is so hilarious….priceless Takki’s moments. Thanks for capturing it…….

  5. Azuki says:

    * u * thanks for the clip Mich!
    it’s so addictive I can’t stop watching it again and again xDDD

    absolutely in love with Tono’s concentrate face (first screemcap)
    I hope he has another weekly Tv program soon… we need Takki every week ne!?

    殿!お疲れさまでした!m(_ _)m

  6. leelin says:

    mich, didnt watch the last episode, dad’s birthday dinner…by the time i came back i saw only the credits going by…thanks for the quick upload.

  7. simone says:

    ROFL!!! Indeed, I had to repeat it also! Thanks for the comic relief in this present desert.

  8. Stephi-chan says:

    We should start the petition for a T&T bangumi NOW! This should show them that we’re right. =P
    Anyway, yes, there were some cute moments, like the one toward the end of the clip..after the woman had sang, he paused and then started to sing in this raspy voice = CUTE.
    But overall, I thought the show was doing him more harm than good…the low ratings just aren’t ideal and I don’t know that the younger crowd even follow the enka stuff… =( I hope there’s better in store for Tono really soon.

  9. michelle says:

    ya, we shud send off our petition to tv stations!!

    hmm, altho i din really like the way the show went, i din think it did him harm ne. i feel there’s always a lesson learnt from every experience :) putting takki & creamstew together wasn’t a good idea afterall.

  10. evergreenoflife says:

    Aww, last episode ;_; I didn’t care for the show really, but still ;_;
    Can’t watch that clip now, as I’m at school, but will def check it once I get home XD

    “ya, we shud send off our petition to tv stations!!”
    The world need a takitsuba tv show!!

  11. Stephi-chan says:

    Yea, I just meant that bad ratings weren’t good for him. He’s so talented that those talents could be better utilized on a different show. I think Creamstew worked best with Takki when Zubari was still showing…Kazuchan kind of rounded out everything. I think I’ll always love Zubari..

    So how should we all start this petition and get it around?? I’m all for it! ^^

  12. miya says:

    auhauahuaa I just loved when he just looked to her! auahuaha

  13. michelle says:

    thanks for the links, nyanco! ^^
    so minna, let’s all send in our requests now! :D

  14. leelin says:

    mich, if we send in English will they be able to understand or not..

  15. carolfyfy says:

    it’s sad that the only regular thing we got to see Tono in is ended now. but then again, he is better off to be out of the boring program and hopefully getting new one (crossing my fingers, please, please…..)

  16. glenda says:

    Thanks for this Michelle. I’ve been downloading ALL of them including this last one. I had only gotten the first 3 as they aired. Thank you very much for plugging away and making sure that all of the episodes would be here for us. I appreciate your time & effort!

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