Zubari 2007.06.05 & Misc.

Thank you so much, S-san! The 100 women segment has something to do with the rising suicide rate in Japan, I think some public figure recently killed himself or something… Eh, I wanna put my fingers thru his hair here…


Then the guest segment – 62 year old actor, I think Takki said he has a yasashii Papa image (the guy acted many father roles I think). Since Takki has taken on his first Papa role in the 24hr SP Drama, I think this interests him a bit ne~


When he laughs, kawaii deshou! *pinch* ^_^

As I’m not sure yet if I can post this video up, if you want it, please send me an email (web at takki.us). Or leave a comment here with your email. I’ll send u the links :)

Misc. other stuff:

Does anyone have the Zoom in news clip of 2007.06.06? Btw, is it just me? or is it really harder to find Takki & T&T clips these days… ?

I thought i saw from the YouTube clip that Hitomi Kuroki (Takki’s mom in Majo no Jouken) was talking to Takki during the Press conference of the 24hr TV. Ahh~ I wonder if they talked about the past, since they worked so closely before. Btw, although I hated her in Majo no Jouken, I really liked her in Dark Water :)

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  1. you says:

    ah! u found it ^^
    mich chan~ link okudasai ~onegaishimasu
    [actually i hvnt start to seacrh for it cuz it been a crazy week@_@]

    yasashii papa ~~ he definitely has that image ne~

    “i wanna put my fingers thru his hair here…” Oi! they talk about suicide people yo!
    but me too ne his black hair looks so perfect *heart*

  2. you says:

    forgot to leave the email
    >>yewyou@gmail.com ^^ arigatougosaimasu

  3. Yoko-chan says:

    I would like the liks onegai… Takki’s so hot *-*

  4. Reiko says:

    Hey, Shelle~

    Can ya give me the link to this Zubari vid clip? Arigato ne~ Also, do u happen to have the new Zoomin’ one too? Saw screencaps she posted on her new blog but, she didn’t have the link to d/l. =( Can u post it on here or email me w/them, onegai shimasu? Arigato! ^_^

  5. Reiko says:

    Sorry, Mich…gonna post what I said again onto here. lol :P Jus thot it was funny, that’s all.

    Glenda & Mich: (re this insane woman) That makes 3 of us. -_- (that I’d like ‘insane/apple-lady’ to dissapear from the face of this earth) Hey, Takki…too bad u can’t ‘disappear’ HER by using your ONE!recital magic skills. lol :P David Copperfield…where r u when we need u? lol j/k j/k

  6. Reiko says:

    yasashii papa…aawwwww~ *melts* Takki definately has that image. XDD Better 4 me now that I have a child of my own. ^_^

  7. hiyuki says:

    Zoom in news clip of 2007.06.06? yay, i want it, can u please send it to me, it’s really hard to find T&T clips, u are awesome to have these things ^^
    my email dik.dlo@gmail.com
    i will credit to you if i use/reup it
    thanks a lot

  8. orangeka says:

    wah. You’ve found Zubari? *dies* I’ve been stalking CB all this week to no success\ If you don’t mind, can you please send me the links at: ka.orange@gmail.com
    :D hehe. Takki definitely has the yasashii papa image! Not only is he super cute and hot, but he’s nice and caring too~
    Thank you! ♥

    and waah. I haven’t managed to find the Zoomin clip on any of the CBs I go to either! But yeah…. I think you’re right; none of them have really been uploading T&T clips and videos and stuff for a while… D:

  9. glenda says:

    Yeah they have had a rise in deaths too from what they describe as being worked to death. They made a word for it: karoshi. It means, “death from overwork”. The National Defence Council for Victims of Karoshi estimates that 10,000 Japanese workers die from “work-related cardiovascular diseases” each year. The article I read concerned a police officer who stabbed himself so he would get time off from work. An investigation revealed that it was self inflicted & that he was highly stressed due to a heavy workload lately. The Minister of Agriculture was the one who committed suicide recently. They were beginning an investigation in to fraud. He had turned in $$$ expense account for utilities & it had come to light that where he was staying the utilities were provided at no charge to him.

    I’ve only seen the WS clip up at YT so far. I don’t know how to work the club box things..gomen..or else I would help keep an eye out for T&T stuff.

    I want to be in the line for Zubari please. I think you have my addy. If not, I’m writing you 2night anyway ^_^

  10. Reiko says:

    And Mich…you have my email. ^_^

  11. Reiko says:

    Rising suicide rate…matta ne. -_- Gosh, if only these people knew how to contact/get help for themselves like we do here in the U.S.A. *sigh* I think Japan needs to learn more and take the issue of suicide more seriously, as it always has been so common, even back in the 70s or 80s, esp. w/the college & hs students. It’s so sad.

  12. skammie says:

    “I think some public figure recently killed himself or something… Eh, I wanna put my fingers thru his hair here…”
    LOL, that made me laugh how it was such an abrupt change in topic XD! Did he get a haircut or something? His hair looks a bit different in that first screenie for some reason.
    (and “link” wo kudasai! arigatou, michelle! ^^)

    I’m still stalking Bon’s page for Zoomin. Don’t know how to use clubbox, so can’t be of help. gomen~ -.-“

  13. PUI says:




  14. carmen says:

    ahhhh can i also get the link as well??? and that you wanna put your fingers through his hair…..HAHAHHAA so funny. I’m guessing that his hair grew out now… ~ ’cause looks diff than the 2nd set of screen shots

  15. carmen says:

    ahhh…i guess you don’t have my email…or do you? cuz i was required to input one but just not shown..hmmm…anyway..it’s carmlau@gmail.com
    thanks ne :)

  16. Chippu says:

    Please give me the link too, my email is rungtipk24@hotmail.com

    Domo arigatou….

  17. Andrea Lam says:

    new fans here
    so wanna have the link
    my email is andrealam_1014@hotmail.com
    thxz so much=]=]

  18. hiyuki says:

    thanks a lot mich, i won’t post it to everywhere else

  19. ayu says:

    hi there

    please let me have a link .
    i love tackey

  20. Tsuki says:


    So yeah, I´ve been also from to CB to CB and nothing yet…
    would you let me know where to find thiz zubari, please?


  21. JuXiaoTian says:


    Hi Michelle,

    How are you? I want this link to download and give me plz?

    My email : lovemelovemyboyfriend@gmail.com

  22. Thanika says:

    plepink@hotmail.com Michelle Thank you so much.

  23. Reiko says:

    Hey, Michelle…your comments are piling up here. lol j/k j/k Onegai shimaaaasu 4 the Zubari vid clip. ^_^ We ALL want it. lol

  24. michelle says:

    i’ve sent the links already ne~
    if you still haven’t gotten it, lemme know ne~

  25. JuXiaoTian says:

    Hi, Michelle

    I don’t have got your mail/link, plz send to me again.


  26. Chippu says:


    Thank you so much.

  27. sannah says:

    please send me the link for this clips…thanks…..rosannasera@yahoo.com

  28. taki-bb says:

    dont know whether it’s too late to ask for this zubari clips
    my email,
    thank you so much

  29. michelle says:

    taki-bb, juz sent u an email wif the link :)

  30. carolfyfy says:

    Hi Mich,
    Could you please also send me a copy of this episode. I am trying to complete my collection of Zubari ne, really miss the old days with kawai Takki and Kazu-chan. Too little Takki in the new show, sad…

    my email, carolfyfy@gmail.com

  31. michelle says:

    carolfyfy~ sent u the email already :)

  32. kazuharo says:

    I don’t know if it’s too late but I want the link too!!
    I’m a huge fan of T&T but I’m so far away from then… (Brazil) O.o
    Tks in advanced!! ^^b

  33. michelle says:

    kazuharu~ send u the links already :)

  34. harusora says:

    hi mich^^

    I think it’s pretty late to be asking this, but would it be okay if you can send me the link too?

    btw, cos I’ve finally been able to use MU, so recently I’m doing massive downloads from your site and old posts ne~ just wanna thank you for all the hard work! \^^/

  35. michelle says:

    harusora~ u’ve got mail XD

  36. karen says:

    Could you please send me the link?
    I hope it is not too late.
    Thank you very much!


  37. jiwelly says:

    I think it very late.
    but I hope you sent link for me, please.
    Thank you so much.


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