[Subs] Channel-a 2006.08.21

Here’s a short clip which Nyanco & I were working on over the weekend. Hope it helps a little during this drought~xD

Channel-a, 21st August 2006
Tackey & Tsubasa, Ho! Summer
Subtitles: English
Duration: 6mins 56s

About this clip: A short report by Avex on the beach event held at Yuigahama on 8th Aug 2006 to promote “Ho!Summer”. Takitsuba were interviewed backstage, and they talked about solo works, the unit, live shows, fans, etc…


Download MEGA (85.33MB) *updated 18 Jan, 2015

Please do not repost this clip elsewhere without permission, but do feel free to direct ppl over :) Ahhhhh~ seems like filming for “Kokuchisezu” has ended in Guam, and Takki is now back in Japan! Takizawa-kun, otsukarechanchan!! ^^;

18 Responses to “[Subs] Channel-a 2006.08.21”

  1. sannah says:

    Mich and Nyanco….thanks for subbing this…….

  2. rena says:

    Thank you so much

  3. CookiePride says:

    Thanks for subbing.

  4. Saragorn says:

    Thanks for this!^^

  5. Lisa says:

    thanks Mich and Nyanco! I love Ho!Summer……

  6. simone says:

    Thanks! Ironic they were doing Ho! Summer and it was raining…

  7. love says:

    i’m missing hide-kun like hell that i keep re-watching old clips/videos…

    thanks a lot for this, mich n nyanco! i do need this… :)

  8. untouchable_girl says:

    thanks for subbing this!!!! too bad the weather was dull but they kept such a great attitude!

    oh, what’s up with the girl in the bikinithat danced on stage?!?! lol, regardless of the typhoon she just had to wear it, ne? In hopes to catch T&T’s eyes maybe?? kyahahaha

  9. KatSpore says:

    love n hug nyanco & mich!! this is so needed during this drought! n boy now i’m more in love w T&T after i understand how they feel abt us fans n their music.. thanks so much for this!!

  10. angky says:

    Thank you so much for this.
    I don’t think I have this clip yet. ^ v ^

  11. sumomo_yuki says:

    Thank you!!

  12. Hikarii says:

    Thaaaanks. n_________n!

  13. Leisy says:

    this is reali one of my fav song… thank u for this

  14. ai_za says:

    thank you for subbing this guys. Otsukaresama deshita <3

  15. tetsuko says:

    Thanks for sharing, but you could reupload the link already fallen.

  16. steppandgoo says:

    Thanks for re-uploading link :x

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