[Subs] [Drama] Taiyou wa Shizumanai Episode 01

I have to apologize for the super long delay in releasing this. It was the first drama subbing project I took on, but I ended up finishing Kimi ga kureta Natsu first lol.

太陽は沈まない 第01話
Taiyou wa Shizumanai Episode 01
Rating: 20.9%
Duration: 52mins 12s
On-Air Date: 13th April 2000


Subtitles: English
Video size: 480×360
Format: AVI
File size: 362.46MB

MEGA *updated 17 Jan, 2015

More info of the drama can be found here, and I’ve also added screencaps for ep.01. Now, I have to brace myself for the rest of this series. Lol~ ganbarimasu!! As usual, please do not re-upload anywhere without permission, but feel free to point people over here. Arigato :)

33 thoughts on “[Subs] [Drama] Taiyou wa Shizumanai Episode 01

  1. sannah says:

    Hey Mich….that’s good news……I’m watching that series now but in Chinese subtitle. Tackey is really so good here…..I mean, fighting for justice for the death of her MOM……..how’s that? And he’s only a kid.

    Again, Tackey…..took my breath away

  2. hanazawahyuuga says:

    i was just looking for this drama! sugee na michelle for releasing takki’s projects with subs!!! :D thank you!

  3. glenda says:

    Oh wow!! Thank you! I’m just grateful that you are able to do this and willing to share it with us. I’ve never seen this at all period so this is exciting ^_^

  4. leapinglucas says:

    Michelle, this is fantastic! Someone was asking me about this only yesterday. I know there were so many people dying to see it with english subs.

    Do you mind if I send them to your site?

  5. akachan says:

    Thank you very much!
    I waited for this for a long time.
    I just watched the raw files before.
    I’m very glad now.
    Thanks a lot for subbing this drama

  6. Ilanala says:

    I’m really glad you’re subbing this. I tried to watch it ages ago, but I couldn’t get through it without subs. Thank you!

  7. Allison says:

    Thank you so much for providing English subtitles! This drama has been on my list to watch so I’m really happy to abel to see it subbed.

  8. luffiness says:

    i have the raw vcd set..thanks so much for subtitling this..now i can finally start watching and better understanding the dialogue!

  9. 3aGRooB says:

    I’ve been looking for this for so long…
    and now i found it YaY
    but i have this little problem.. which i download it from mediafire put even though it it’s all in part it seems that only the first part only works with me… and it gives me an error to play the rest.. i used all the players i have but nothing it only worked for the VLC player

    please HELP me here

  10. Naty says:

    Oh my lord!! I love you so much for subbing this! I been looking forforever the subs for this drama! thanks so much!!!!!! i really appretiate it =D!!

  11. maibrv says:

    hi… i’ve just recently discovered takki and am hooked on your page. i apologize i downloaded some of your videos, including taiyou wa shizumanai, without asking permission first. i hope it’s all right. thank you for all your hard work and i hope you continue to sub this drama. thanks again!

  12. michelle says:

    maibrv ~ hi, no worries, pls feel free to download any videos posted here. permission is needed only if reposting or reuploading to other sites. i haven’t forgotten about this drama, just that the priority now is orthros no inu :) i’ll continue to work on this drama when i’ve got time. thanks for ur support!

  13. nair says:

    hi, thank you so much for your time and effort subbing this series :) but then the links are all broken, wonder if it’s possible at all for reupload? :)

  14. Lina says:

    Hi, all links are broken…. I guess you know that already but it would be great, if you could somehow manage to reupload it again because I can’t find the subs for it anywhere else. At least the soft subs would be great or just anything because I really want to watch this drama :)

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