[Subs] [Drama] Taiyou wa Shizumanai Episode 02

Yay~ To celebrate Takki’s birthday, here’s episode two of Taiyou wa Shizumanai!
Screencaps for this episode have also been added here.

太陽は沈まない 第02話
Taiyou wa Shizumanai Episode 02
Rating: 17.5%
Duration: 49mins 40s
On-Air Date: 20th April 2000


Subtitles: English
Video size: 480×360
Format: MP4
File size: 223MB

MF *updated 14 Aug, 2016

Episode 1 subs can be found here. Please do not re-upload/re-post elsewhere without permission, but feel free to direct people over to this post. Thanks.

10 thoughts on “[Subs] [Drama] Taiyou wa Shizumanai Episode 02

  1. leapinglucas says:

    Yatta! You are churning ’em out now! Great birthday present for all of us. Thank you so much. (We just bought some beautiful Japanese cake and candles are are going to light them up and celebrate!)

  2. eversenses says:

    thanks for the subs.

    but .002 for MF is missing. can someone upload it onto MF again please because I cant download MU stuff i dont know why.

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