[Subs] [Drama] Taiyou wa Shizumanai Episode 07

Finally MF is working this morning! I’m really sorry for the delay in releasing this episode. Thank you for your patience, and thanks sooooo much to Nyanco for her help with the translations!! *hugs*

太陽は沈まない 第07話
Taiyou wa Shizumanai Episode 07

Rating: 15.7%
Duration: 48mins 48s
On-Air Date: 25th May 2000

Taiyou wa shizumanai Episode 7 English subtitles

Subtitles: English
Video size: 480×360
Format: AVI
File size: 367.39MB

MEGA *updated 17 Jan, 2015

Screencaps for Episode 7 can be found here. And Episode 6 subs can be found here. As usual, please do not repost this without permission, but do feel free to direct people over to this post.

10 Replies to “[Subs] [Drama] Taiyou wa Shizumanai Episode 07”

  1. Mich, I was looking forward to this. Thank you ever so much for all this hard work!

  2. Mich, Nyanco, thank you very much!
    You always do a beautiful job!

  3. Oh ep 7 thank you, cant wait to watch it.

  4. artoffreestyle says: Reply

    yeah yahoooooooooo!!!!! ep.7 is here. Thank you so much for the job you do so well.

  5. Hi I just wanted to say hello!
    You do a great job. Tackey is lucky to have loyal fans like you guys.This is on my favorite Tacky site to Browse smile. and the only one I’ve joined.

  6. Michelle and Nyanco can you help me please. I’ve seen Ep 1 thur 5 of Taiyou Wa Shizumanai I can’t see Ep 7.
    MF or MU won’t work for me, only the ”MegaVideo” link found on the MU download page works for me. Please put MV on Ep7 like you did with 1 Thru 5 I love this drama.
    Thank you!

  7. Thanks.I will waiting eagerly the next episode. I really loving this drama¡.


  8. Thanks, for this last subbing I am waiting for Ep 8. meanwhile Iam enjoying the Time keeper Eps.I am so glad I can see them now.

  9. Can you tell me why this one episode out of all of them doesn’t have any language on it..? Quality is fine. Subs are fine. But the Japanese language on there is like completely gone. There is nothing. Thank you!

  10. jelenity~ the audio was encoded differently for this ep, i think u might need to download another codec for it to sound normal… it works for me when i play it in ‘media player classic’ or ‘vlc player’. or if u only want the codecs, i think you can download the CCCP.

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