[Subs] HAMU ~ A Man of the Security Police Force ~

Sorry I took some time to get this done, have been really busy ever since my job switch a month ago, but excuses aside, we’re finally able to post this! Thanks so much to Marie for doing the translation!

HAMU ~ A Man of the Security Police Force ~
English Subtitles
Translation by Marie
Timing, Edit, Typeset, QC, Encode by Mich
O/A: 10 January 2014
Rating: 9.9%


848×480 @ MF (1h 35m 45s)

@ DA

We hope you enjoy the drama :)

12 thoughts on “[Subs] HAMU ~ A Man of the Security Police Force ~

  1. risa says:

    thank you sooo much!!
    I’m pre-ordering Takizawa Kabuki A per your recommendation (thanks!). Wish can buy the one with pretty bag (sigh), but must save-up for the B. And DAKI-NATSU !!!!

  2. Kira says:

    Thanks!!!! *_________________*
    I hope this >..<


    Ahh~~ Can I use this translate? I'm a Spanish fansubber and I want translate it~~.

    Thanks again *^*

  3. Rika says:

    Wow! Thank you so much!!!! ♥
    I was dying to watch it already! (And I prefer to watch it subbed so I’ll understand everything.. teehee~)

    Btw, as a fan of Tackey, I wanted to ask something. ^^
    I was looking everywhere but couldn’t find working link to download Takitsuba’s first concert DVD. Do you know where I can download it? *^*

    Anyways. thanks again!! Both Marie and Mich, thank you!!

  4. Mari says:

    Hi! I’m wondering whether can you reupload the file? I’ve been searching any where but can’t find it.. I’ll be glad if you reupload this >< Thank you!

  5. nancy says:

    sorry to bother you, but I tried the MF link and I can’t access it eventhough for other links worked perfectly. I downloaded the raw and use sub from d-addict but it didn’t sync. any chance of re-upload? thank you.

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