[Subs] Mayonaka no Panya-san Episode 8 (Final)

Finally, I’ve completed the series! :) After this, I’ll be continuing where I left off for J’s Journey i.e. from ep10 onwards. However, I realise I do not have a good raw for the final episode (ep12). Does anyone have it?

Mayonaka no Panya-san Episode 8 (Final)
With English Subtitles by Mich
O/A: 16 June 2013
Duration: 48mins 00s

I know it’s the last episode…don’t make such a face, Kure-san :)

367.17mb, 848×480, MP4 x264
MF: 001 | 002
*Join the 001 & 002 files using hjsplit.

As usual with our fansubs, please do not re-upload or re-post this file elsewhere but do feel free to link people over to this post. Thank you.

[Subs] Mayonaka no Panya-san Episode 8 (Final)

12 thoughts on “[Subs] Mayonaka no Panya-san Episode 8 (Final)

  1. hi! thanks for sharing this drama! i’ve been wanting to download and watch this :)
    i was already thinking of downloading from torrent sites when i found your site which gives direct links! :D thank you so much! :)

  2. hi..
    i’ve been taking all eps of mayonaka from u..
    thank you so much for ur hardwork..=)

  3. Thank you so much for all your hard works with subbing the series (: been wanting to watch this for a while but haven’t quite got around to do so, will be snagging the earlier episodes as well. Thanks again.

  4. It’s just from my humble opinion.
    I think this drama is not SHINING ENOUGH just like ‘othros no inu’ because I personally don’t think Kure-san character really suits well with Tackey’s images. Its obvious to me that our Tono suffered to deliver this character as best as what he can & the story line is kind of really boring. I don’t blame Tono but still there is a room for improvements. I tried to give a little more focus when watching this drama but can’t stay for any longer due to the story-line is more focus with other character rather than Kure-san character. This is not what I expected but I do admit that Tono have done such an amazing job in this drama but still it can’t SAVE this drama because …… I don’t know how to put it or express it in the words but overall, its just so-so drama. By the way Admin, thanks for all of your hard work to translate+edit the subs for this drama :)

  5. Just felt a little bit disappointing because this drama is more focus on Nozomi-chan character than Kure-san character. I really want to know more about how Kure-san meet his wife, and so on but not the story of other character around Kure-san’s life. Other casts for this drama is really can’t ACTING & there is A LOT OF AWKWARD SCENES IN THIS DRAMA…….*Sigh

  6. Hi! Thank you for posting this drama! i have enjoyed it tremendously! sad that it’s over, and am hoping there will be a sequel or something. hahahahahhaah!

    Thanks again!

  7. Thank you very much for subbing this drama :)

    I watched it last week and really enjoyed it. So sweet and leaving you with fuzzy happy feelings. Not a typical role for Takki but I thought it worked well enough.

    I was talking about it to a friend who expressed interest and so I went looking for subs since she doesn’t understand Japanese. I’m very happy to find you subbed it since so many fansubs these days have really bad translations but yours are good :) So again, thank you very much. Now I can take it with me and bring it to my friend when I visit her in two weeks.

  8. Saw some good reviews on this, found direct downloads + subbed episodes here! Thank you for your hardwork! :D Gonna download these :)

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