[Subs] [Clip] SCP 20080120 Takki Interview & Ki.Se.Ki

Shounen Club Premium, 20th January 2008. Part #1.
Takizawa Hideaki interview + Ki.Se.Ki (Takki)
VTR comment: Aiba & Nino (Arashi)
Subtitles: English
Duration: 12mins 45s


Download MEGA (89.79MB) *updated 11 Jan, 2015

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  1. leapinglucas says:

    Heya! This is fantastic. Downloading now. So many T&T goodies today — my eyeballs are spinning. Thank you.

  2. bunsie says:

    thank you~ \:0/

  3. cece says:

    woooowww arigatoooo gosaimashita.

  4. naughtiest says:

    *bounce* Thank you so much Mich! This is unexpected! Goodies on top of goodies! XD *hugs*

  5. tongari says:

    I agree with LL and Naughtiest, we’re being spoiled! XD Thank you~~

  6. yukilin says:

    ^.^ Thank you Michelle.. downloading it now…

  7. yanne says:

    thank you! been waiting 4 this! so happy!!!

  8. Linah says:

    Thank you Michelle! First the dvds, now this! XD *rolls around in T&T goodies*

  9. junichie says:

    hey yah!
    I’m downloading it now too, although dl speed is really slow but time wasted on Takki is not wasteful! haha. were u the one subbing the interview? really fortunate for japanese idiots like me to understand with the subs! So thanks for uploading it!

  10. glenda says:

    Oh, thanks!!! hehehe Happy early Valentine’s Day to me ^_^

    So much stuff the last couple of days!! Not complaining though :)

  11. glenda says:

    oops! I meant to comment on your header :p I always like to see smiling pictures of the guys! Nice job and I really like the colors you are using.

  12. Ashizo says:

    Thank you so much for this video, i was looking for it

  13. rasharyan says:

    thanxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 4 this subs clip..
    kawaiii love him….

  14. tiffany says:

    Thanks so much! Been trying to find this interview for days! Takki is just too cute!

  15. Saragorn says:

    Thanks for these. :) I had been looking forward to seeing these finished.

  16. nalyne9 says:


  17. hegotcha says:

    thanks a lot!

  18. beanybeans says:

    Thanks for subbing and sharing. :D

  19. ying1819 says:

    thanks alot !

  20. ghanima8 says:

    thanks. i love the song so much that i converted it into mp3 and have been listening to it. now, i hope that my aunt will be nice as well to grant my request of some tackey stuff from japan. :)

  21. fumofu says:

    Thank you for sharing!

  22. 3aGRooB says:

    thanx for sharing…
    i really liked the song from the first time i heard it… and it kindda deep

    i liked it when he was sang it slowly …

  23. blackstar says:

    been looking for tackey stuffs and found this site thank you so much

  24. Lauren says:

    Thank you for subbing this!

  25. faricsyung says:

    Latecomer, but I still want to thank you for your hardwork! Hontou ni arigatou! ^^v

  26. makito says:

    }Thanks for sharing!!!!
    Tackey is just *-*

  27. Mitch says:

    Hi, I know you’re busy and this might be too big a trouble but I hope you can reupload the MU and MF files. Thanks.

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