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[Subs] Takizawa Hideaki @ Shounen Club 2011.07.01

Thanks so much to Marie for translating the talk & helping to review the lyrics! :)

The Shounen Club (O/A: 01 July 2011)
Takizawa Hideaki cut – Talk & Solo Medley
Kiseki, Words of Love, Kareha no Kage, Taste Me, Ai Kakumei

English subtitles by Marie & Mich
97.56mb, 768×432
MEGA *updated 11 Jan, 2015

I really love this performance… Kiseki piano version is so beautiful, and Kareha no Kage kakkoii~~ Hope you like it! ^ ^

[Subs] Takizawa Hideaki @ Shounen Club 2011.07.01

14 thoughts on “[Subs] Takizawa Hideaki @ Shounen Club 2011.07.01

  1. thank you! I have watched this part and love it very much. Takki is so handsome when singing and dancing. and he is so thin too,hope he can be fatter

  2. OMG thanks for sharing, just find out about this site & you really provide update news about Tackey for fan who doesn’t know japanese

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