[Subs] [Drama SP] Kimi ga kureta Natsu

Yatta!! I’ve completed this project!!!! I owe a lot to Nyanco who helped me loads with the translations!! *hugs* This is my biggest project so far, and I’m happy to present Kimi ga kureta Natsu with English subtitles.

Kimi ga kureta Natsu / The summer you gave me

24hr TV Drama SP (18 August 2007)
Rating: 23.3%
Duration: 1hr 41mins 02s
Subtitles: English


DL @ MF (704×396, MP4, 702MB)
*re-uploaded on 17 January, 2018

I’ve always felt that it’s not easy to capture the audiences’ hearts with something as short as a movie or drama SP, but this one has done just that. Anyway, as I spent loads of time researching wikis and dictionaries, I’d appreciate it if this file is not re-uploaded anywhere without my permission. Please feel free to direct people who might be interested over to this post :)

139 thoughts on “[Subs] [Drama SP] Kimi ga kureta Natsu

  1. hida says:

    michelle… hounto ni doumo arigatou… ^__^
    finally I can watch this drama with subtitles…
    I’ll be waiting for your next project :D

  2. Aries12 says:

    thank you for sharing…and thank you for your hard work…
    at last, I can watch kyoko fukada & takky as husband & wife…:)

  3. Jenny says:

    Thanks so so much for the subs :) I love the two leads in Strawberry on a Shortcake. Thanks so much once more and have a great day :)

    • mich says:

      Hi, I’m sorry there isn’t a torrent for this. MU was shut down some time ago, and my MF account has also been suspended recently :( I had many files in that account, and do not have backups of most of them… Priority will go to our subbed solo files, and this is one of them, so please bear with me while I try to search for my files & re-upload. Thanks…

  4. Jenie says:

    It’s so sad to hear that Mich (hope you don’t mind my calling you that), we will wait for when the files are available again…especially this one. In truth this dorama is really very special to me.

  5. Kaori17 says:

    I have a bad news, MF deleted again the all files…unfortunately..:(
    perhaps can you re-upload these film? I would like to watch it:):):)

    • sissy says:

      OH MY GOD!!!!!
      You give me a great gift forChristmas.
      Thank you so so much, you make my day.

      Merry christmas and Happy New Year 2013.
      Wish you have a good time, good love and health.

      • mich says:

        u’re welcome! i’m sorry i took so long to re-up. let’s hope this one stays and doesn’t get removed… wish u a merry x’mas & happy new year! XD

  6. Eve says:

    Would you mind reuploading this again?? I really want to watch this SP drama…
    Thank you so much in advance! :)

  7. Jenny says:

    Hello! I’ll be watching this today! This looks like such a nice but short story. Thank you so much for your hard work and its appreciated by all of us :) Have a great weekend ahead!

  8. cizu says:

    Hi, can you reupload this drama again please? ^^ I’m about to know this SP today. The link is already broken though. :( Please kindly let me know, if you decided to reupload. Thank you very much.

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