[Subs] [Clip] SCP 20060820 Takki & Taichi – Love You Only

Ryther sent me the translations yesterday! Thank you *muacks* I couldn’t sleep last night after splurging a huge sum of $$ on erm… PAPER, so I decided to torture myself further, and subbed this clip from last year’s Shounen Club Premium :D


Download here (33.99MB)

This comes after the Part 1 Talk (English subbed version here).
I’ll start on the subbing of Part 2 Talk tonight ^^

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  1. Arigatou ne Mich !!!!!!

  2. Thanks-this segment is so sentimental.

  3. Ah~~~mich, i can’t d/l this clip ne……..

  4. Thank Michelle!
    Takki looks so cute in this pink shirt. Taichi is a talented guy ne, most of the songs he rearranges sound really nice. If it was Tsubie playing the piano it’d be perfect. XD
    The talk part is really interesting, he reveales a lot thing I haven’t heard before.
    Hope part 2 they will talk about T&T.
    Thank again for subbing this clip.

  5. if u have free time, can u rip majo no jouken 7,8,11 for me please?

    i already ordered Kokoro no Tobira to make vietsub ^^

  6. ohhhhhhhhhhhh!!!

    doomo arigato.

    I love this song.

  7. ROFL paper ne, sacred paper indeed! ^^

    He looked so perfect in this SCP~ Totally love this song too! Thanks for subbing this Mich :)

  8. juxiaotian~ i checked that the link is working ne~ can u try again?

    minevelyn~ i love this slow version more than the original one :)

    jade~ this version was rearranged by taichi ^^ i think his voice blends in well wif takki’s~ yup but if tsu played the piano, it’ll be sugoi3-remake… it’d be heaven ^o^ and part 2 is about t&t!

    akachan~ sumimasen i almost forgot about it! i’ll try to free up some space to rip it… btw, have u checked if there are raw torrents available?

    cece~ douitashimashite xD

    naughtiest~ LOL sacred colored papers XD
    ah, really kanpeki ne, this SCP, one of the best looking appearances of his ever!!

  9. Wow….I can d/l, tq again ne Mich!!

  10. I can not find the raw torrent files . I used to have the original DVDs but it corrupted. Do you know where I can download the raw files? if you know, you do not need to rip of for me
    thank you …..

  11. wowww I’ll definitely download this. T&T (takki) and tokio (taichi) yayyy XD~


  12. Gomen! I took and stuck it in “my videos” rather than on desktop & forgot all about it until yesterday. *sheesh* Thank you for this. It is a lovely song & I love their voices together.

  13. elf_mirkwood says: Reply

    all i can say is thank u very much.
    hey, i read some of ur post before and u mention Indonesia couple times.. is that u are from there? (or im dreaming here..)

  14. elf_mirkwood~ i’m not from indonesia, i’m from singapore. i think indonesia was mentioned a few times because there were a few occasions of earthquakes there which caused tremors in singapore ne.

  15. Thanks for subbing this. I have been looking all over for this performance. Btw, I am a new t&t fan. This duo is the only group from Johnny’s Ent that I am interested in.I really like them both as a unit and also individually. Together they create a dynamic force to be reckoned with and I hope they would continue to produce great music for us fans.

  16. i just would like to request for media fire links for love you only please. sorry to bother. thank you

  17. Thanks for sharing!!!
    It says it’s temp unavailable, so I’ll wait :)

  18. Hi!! T_T can you please reupload this? T_T thank you!

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