[Subs] [Drama] Time Keepers Ep 04

I love this episode, actually all the episodes where the Kaiki Club kids came back to guest appear in Time Keepers are fun to watch. This time it’s Nomura Yuka, who played Noboru’s love interest, Erika, in the earlier Mokuyou no Kaidans!

Time Keepers Episode 4/10 (English Subs)
Mokuyou no Kaidan Final
O/A: 30th January 1997
Duration: 50mins 38s
Translation: Marie
Edit, Timing, Typeset, Encode & QC: Mich

Time Keepers 04

MP4, 576×432, 165.52MB
Download @ MF *updated 25 Dec 2013

If you missed the 3rd episode, you can find it here :)

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  1. simone says:

    Thanks for being so diligent and generous with your subbing. I certainly appreciate it.

  2. Leisy says:

    thank uuu very much

  3. tezuka_eiri says:

    thank you for sharing the file

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