[Subs] [Drama] Time Keepers Ep 05

I made it!! 2nd subs release of the day! It is probably the fastest episode I’ve worked on. Thankfully Marie was fast to send me the translations by yesterday morning. Marie, honto ni arigato gozaimasu! *hugs*

Time Keepers Episode 5/10 (English Subs)
Mokuyou no Kaidan Final
O/A: 6th February 1997
Duration: 51mins 38s
Translation: Marie
Edit, Timing, Typeset, Encode & QC: Mich

Time Keepers 05

MP4, 576×432, 320.74MB
Download @ MF *updated 23 Sep 2013

If you missed the 4th episode which I posted earlier today, you can find it here :) And I just realised while talking to Azuki just now, that we’re half way through the series already!! 5 episodes down. 5 more to go! ^^

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  1. Now that is what I call fast! Omedetou!

  2. Mich, that was very quick. It’s impressive!
    I think Ryo in this episode looks a lot like Tiger Woods.
    Am I the only one who thinks so?
    How do you think?

  3. oh yes!! now that u mention! hahaha~
    he does look like Tiger Woods here!! LOL!

  4. Mich, thank you for these! I’ve not started getting them yet but I am looking forward to watching this series :)

  5. thank you for sharing the file

  6. luvs_ianthorpe says: Reply

    thank uuuu

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