Takki @ David Copperfield’s Show

Takki and the chibi Johnny Jrs attended DC’s show yesterday. As it was announced to fanclub members, many fans turned up to see Takki~~~ ♥ He was a little unshaven hehe~ don’t kill me, but I think he looks quite good! wahahahaha… I love what he’s wearing, the V-neck shirt (although I think I said I don’t like guys to wear V-necks) with studs, the coat and his pants!!!!! Kakkoiiiiiiiii~ erm, but his hair does look chotto long now, probably can give it a cut before the con? LOL~ we were saying yesterday it’ll be so funny if both T&T really spot moustaches for the con (imagine uncle!T&T uchiwas! wahahahaha) but no problem coz michelle generally doesn’t mind facial/body hair^^

*Er… Ling, Kiwi, Ribi, please put down your parangs*


Download the news clips 2006.12.08 @ MF:

Mezamashi (24.05MB)
Zoom In (17.73MB)

24 thoughts on “Takki @ David Copperfield’s Show

  1. shuduck says:

    thanks! *goes to SS to experiment now =p
    takki looks tired. (= ah, hope miche u urself is feeling better as well.
    i dun mind uncle!T&T uchiwas! …it makes me better taste..tht i prefer mature men. yea~

    btw,ur cd works on pc! i juz tested it..i 4got i hv PCs at home too lol* runs off.

  2. glenda says:

    I don’t know where my mind was this morning when I first saw this….I didn’t realize that these were 2 different clips :p I figured it out when I saw the Mezamashi one over at youtube. In my pre-coffee state I probably read that as “mega” and thought it was a download site—yeah, baka, I know!

    Anyway, while cruising thru youtube tonight I saw this:


    It’s sort of a Japanese “simon says” game….but if you watch until about 7:45 you will see Takki in the audience which is the saving grace for this clip IMO ^_^

  3. michelle says:

    yay, shuduck, glad the dvd worked… and ya, i’m feeling slightly better today la…

    thanks, you~ btw, i sent u an email =P

    skammie, i dun think it’s got to do wif the magic thing he did with franz harary. lol~ takki looked like the juniors’ papa :)

    glenda, thanks for the link :)

  4. akatsuru01 says:

    Hey, Mic-chan~

    Funny thing w/this is, I already signed in but it doesn’t have me logged in as such. It shows ‘name, mail, & website’. o_o Do u know what’s happening w/your ‘leave a reply’ thingie? Dunno what’s goin’ on… Anywhoo…even tho it already shows I’ve logged in, I left this username so u know it’s ‘me’. lolz Ok, back to this comment… OMG…Takki & David Copperfield?? @_@ How’d he meet him btw? Wasn’t it Takki’s dream to meet him some day? I think if I’m not mistaken, David helped Takki out w/his Enbujo show…dun rem. Read this some time ago on Nere’s blog er sumthing when Enbujo first started. Also, do u happen to know ‘where’ this location was? Did David have a special show or something in Japan? Gee…wonders where all this interest in ‘illusion’ & ‘magic’ has come about lately w/Takki? XDD That’s SO GREAT that he’s incorporating a lot of this stuff in his shows tho. I think it’s COOL! XDD It suits him & his style perfectly.

  5. ryther says:

    glenda-seen the vid..did you notice that there this one LOUD GUY shout near the end of the clip?he shouted TAKKI!

    wow-that scared me!

    Mich~ oh,wanna know how’s the booking goes-sorry-I’ve been in exam mode-and there’s no time left-I have an exam later!fufufu

    p/s: can you upload these on YSI?please please please!!!

  6. DiTHeRs says:

    *lol* I have only 2 requests for David on this: (1)DONT MAKE TAKIZAWA HIDEAKI DISAPPEAR yo!!!! Coz he said he’d make them disappear (T_T) but if you’d dare…(2) MAKE HIM APPARATE IN MY ROOM!!!!! Onegai XDDD

    Tackey appearing right in the front entrance, the girls in the lobby had a sugoi treat there ne~ a looooot of shriekin! I wonder if we’d be seeing that trick with David Copperfield in halves walking on one of Tackey’s magic tricks in the future (in case, he’d do it again with [ONE] part 2 XD)….I wont be able to decide which half Id want to take home hahahahahaha~~~

    Thanks MICHELLE~

  7. michelle says:

    haha.. lol, dithers, that’s a very difficult decision!! which half of takki??? one has his priceless face and the other erm.. priceless romeo? hahahhaa.. oops, we shudn’t be thinking of all these hahahaha… but if david really does that, dithers, i’d be the first to be in ur room!!!

  8. glenda says:

    ryther – I went back and re-watched…and yes, I heard the yell LOL I’m still wondering what Takki was doing at this show as it doesn’t seem something he would normally be at because it looked like it was full of OLD ladies…then my LOVING daughter reminded me that I was OLD ROFLOL Maybe he had taken HIS mom there ^_^

    Michelle – why NOT go to all the concerts should be the ? :p

  9. akatsuru01 says:

    You know what?? Now I’m really mad at this thing cuz it’s drivin’ me crazy tryin’ to figure out what the hell I wrote. Maa…matta *urusai* ne!! Ok…anyways…That rocker-chick looks too much like from Shibuya ne? lol She’s so weird…and whatever else you can think of…eeww! Nyway, and who the hell is that ‘other guy’ dressed up in drag like a woman? LOL I bet it’s none other than…uh…’what’s his face’…sumimasen, I forgot his name! lolz And, then of coz Takki. XDD

  10. glenda says:

    RE: Tsubasa’s radio show (didn’t know where else to try to ask this here)

    I’ve really tried to find this answer out for myself but there is this language thing going on between me and him LOL I have found what looks like the place to be for his radio show but I cannot find what to do or where to go to actually listen to it when it is playing/airing. Is this something like the J-web thing where you have to be in Japan, etc. to get it??? I did run across a place that had transcripts of previous shows but, unfortunately, I guess I didn’t bookmark it because I haven’t seen it again in my wanderings around the internet looking for the radio show itself.

    I know it’s not Takki but…..

    Appreciate any answers ^_^

  11. michelle says:

    glenda, yep, that shud be the question! haha.. since we’re already there, def will try to go to all shows ya! oh… tsuba’s show? i think they use peercast or something to stream it… but i think kiwi and wribbit records it everyweek.. i downloaded a few full shows but never really went and listened hehe.. they say tsuba likes to amuse himself, which i find quite cute hehehe.. but i only really listen to it when takki goes on, coz loads of raburabu come out of it usually (and tsuba doesn’t seem so bored when takki’s with him hehe) ^^

  12. keigi says:

    *chuuuuu~* miche !! thanks again for da clips..
    v_v… recently, i havent DL any clips yet… iyaaAAAAA !!
    (urrgghhhh….wat’s wrong wif my pc.. ???!!) I WANT A NEW ONE !!

    AAHHHH~ dithers, tat’s my WORD too… OK, i’ll be the 2ND in yr room then~ bwuahahaaaa~ ok bac to tis.. yeap yeap… doesnt matter ne~ i always like to see the natural of both T&T kara ^^

    miche~~~ take GOOD CARE of yourself yo!!! (hoping tat my PC ‘recover’ soon.. then, we can talk more ne~)

  13. DiTHeRs says:

    Ei, ei, ei, nani sore? Do I get bumped off from my own room now?! *lol* Ok, ok, we will all hang out in my room ’til Tackey reappears ne~ ……….in our dreams XDDD

    But MICHELLE, Id never want to decide on the halves XD It’s gonna be a major, life-changing, mind-twisting decision to make hahahahaha~ I WANT THE WHOLE THING, not settling for halves if I could have my way *lol*

    SKAMMIE, no, no, no, its not a magic trick that Tackey appeared at the main entrance. He really came in thru the front entrance just like everybody else as seen on the clips (the links are posted on this entry). Im sorry that my comments could be misleading at times (^.^)V

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