HeyHeyHey 2006.08.07

Found the vid~~ Takki & Tsubasa wore the same thing they did for Music Fighter.. Well, almost the same. Both in white tees and jeans, Takki in the cowboy hat again. The backdancers were boys in beachwear too. But this time, there are fans in yukatas in front of the stage, and they’re also doing the dance movements. Cool~ the furitsuke really look like waves… I love Takki’s jeans~ he seemed to have lost some weight but his legs are cool in that dark jeans.. and especially when he does the butt-shaking thing and the chorus dance~~~ there are some really nice closeup shots too *faints*

Heyx3 Ho! Summer Preview

EDIT: Re-uploaded on 5th Sept, 2007.
Download Talk 1 here (91.54MB)
Download Talk 2 .001 | .002 (143.48MB)
Ho! Summer Performance .001 | .002 (189.68MB)

During the talk segment, they played a scene from an old movie, of chibi Takki & Tsubasa (they were 13 and 14 then)~~ LOL, Takki had such a ’round’ face, and Tsubasa looked dorky in specs. Oh Takki, nice hat! But… can you take it off during talk segments so that we can see more of your face?

Heyx3 TxT Talk Segment

And finally, it’s the 9th of August i.e. Ho! Summer is officially released! Now I’m waiting for CDJapan to send me the confirmation email on the shipment of my CDs (I just took a peek at my a/c and it’s “In Shipping Process” *excited*!! And before I forget, Happy Birthday to Singapore!! Yay, it’s our National Day so it’s a public holiday! wahahaha~~

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  1. Bonnie says:

    check my site for the link to watch the Zubari Iu Wa Yo! clip…*fufufu*

  2. michelle says:

    Thanks, Bonnie!!!!

  3. JuNiORkOpKE says:

    Uau, i love your site ^^

    kisses =**

  4. DiTHeRs says:

    They sure looked cute since the beginning of time hahaha….


  5. michelle says:

    yea, they were so kawaii already at that time..

  6. akatsuru01 says:

    Hahaha…Tsuba looked so ‘kawaiii’ laughing and such. And cuuuute pix when they were ohhsoyoung, ne?! ^.^

    Thanx for the PV btw! =) Need to see this again…hehe

  7. akatsuru01 says:

    Btw…I’m dling clubbox vers. now. Thanx sooo much, Mic-chan!! =) Saw the vid and it was super kakkoii. *.* Loved watching them dance, tho too bad they showed too much of the audience, I think, and not enuff of TxT!! lolz

    My Filipino friend is watching her Filipino dorama while I’m writing this…lolz! Reminds me of jdoramas, ne!

  8. akatsuru01 says:

    Btw, do you have to be a member of clubbox cuz I dunno what it’s sayin’ cuz the words are all in Korean or something.

    How do I upld the higher quality vers.?

  9. steppandgoo says:

    I’ve found these link died. Can subteam re-up them? Tks :)

    Utaban 2006.08.10 (Ho! Summer Performance)
    Utaban 2007.04.19
    Utaban 2007.08.02 (Samurai Performance)
    Utaban 2009.05.10
    Utaban 2009.09.13 [RAW]
    T&T @ Hey!x3 2006.08.07
    T&T @ Hey!x3 2006.09.25
    T&T @ Hey!x3 2007.08.13
    T&T @ Hey!x3 2008.06.02 [RAW]
    T&T @ Waratte Iitomo 2006.04.18
    T&T @ Waratte Iitomo 2006.11.19
    T&T @ Waratte Iitomo 2008.06.08 [RAW]
    T&T @ Waratte Iitomo 2011.09.02
    T&T @ Haneru no Tobira 2006.04.18
    T&T @ Osama no Brunch 2008.06.07 [RAW]
    T&T @ Music Station 2008.06.06
    T&T @ MSSL 2007.12.21
    T&T @ Music Station 3Hr SP 2007.10.05
    T&T @ Music Station 2006.08.11
    T&T @ Music Station 2007.04.27
    T&T @ Music Station 2007.08.10
    T&T @ Music Station 2010.11.26
    T&T @ Music Station 2011.03.18
    T&T @ Music Japan 2010.11.28
    Music Station 2006.08.18 (Ho!Summer)
    Utawara 2006.08.13 (Talk, Ho!Summer)
    Channel@ 2006.08.21 [RAW]

    Tackey & Pi @ Shounen Club 2009.01.04
    T&T @ Shounen Club 2007.01.07
    T&T @ Shounen Club 2007.01.14
    T&T @ Shounen Club 2007.10.07
    T&T @ Shounen Club 2007.10.14 (Guess the Song + Talk)
    T&T @ Shounen Club 2011.01.07
    Tackey @ SCP 2006.08.20 [RAW]
    Tsubasa @ SCP 2006.11.19
    Tackey @ SCP 2008.01.20 (Part 4: Ending Credits)
    T&T @ SCP 2008.06.15
    [Clip] SCP 2007.06.17 – T&T Con Report

    • mich says:

      hi, thanks for going thru the links and listing them here. i’m aware of the broken links too, but am unfortunately having trouble finding back the files myself (hdd crashed, MU closed, MF suspended my accounts, so no back up…). :(

  10. La says:

    re-upload this one too please… :(

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