Tackey @ Waratte Iitomo 2009.05.06

KYAA~~ I love his hair!! And whatever he’s wearing today~ KAKKOII!!!!! The opening was so cute, when Takki did the Iitomo dance lol. And the ending was KAWAIII!! Takki carrying the puppy in his arms!!!!! KYAAAAA!!!!!!! XD

Takizawa Hideaki Iitomo with Puppy

I was recording this in office, didn’t turn on the audio, so I really don’t know what was said. In any case, the connection was lost midway too. Hopefully a HQ version will be available soon. I’ll add download links if I get them. For now, here are my recordings of the opening & ending. They’ll be removed if download links are available :)

Waratte Iitomo, 6th May 2009 – Opening:

Waratte Iitomo, 6th May 2009 – Ending:

14 Responses to “Tackey @ Waratte Iitomo 2009.05.06”

  1. sannah says:

    OMG~! He looks so young and kakkoii as always….and the dog looks so cute. Thanks for the update……Mich.

  2. thanks a lot!!!!!

    takki is so kawaii !!!!!!!!!

  3. glenda says:

    Thanks Mich!! Haven’t watched the first part yet. I went right for the puppy LOL That puppy is so adorable!! Isn’t it a Shiba Inu? Seems like a good time to say: LUCKY DOG! :p

  4. simone says:

    His hair is really of the color and style that in my view suit him best. I had not expected a row of people carrying puppies (although one was rather large). Naturally, I thought Takki acted the most natural with his dog!

  5. tomei says:

    Thank you mich for Kawaii file XD his dance in opening so cute and when he’s carrying puppies he look more yasashii~ *melt*

  6. michelle says:

    yea, it’s a shiba dog, the same kind as his dog in taiyou wa shizumanai :) takki was so affectionate and gentle with the puppy~ *melts*

    still no sign of HQ file…

  7. simone says:

    I didn’t have time earlier, but have now watched the beginning. The dance is cute, and then later the photo with the two girls is priceless!

    Thanks for recording all this!

  8. Sakura says:

    thanks! Tackey looks SUGOI! and the puppy looks kawaii!

  9. first love says:

    He kept smiling during the whole performance。Wanting to do op dance,so he exercised from 8 a.m. So cute boy,en,cuter than that puppy,XD
    Hearing that He was very quiet at the scene.


  10. michelle says:

    sou desu ne, the puppy was cute, but takki holding the puppy was cuter~~ i can’t get over that few seconds of him bending his head down to kiss it :D

  11. Reiko says:

    Mich, do you have this d/l by any chance? I dun see a link for d/l. (or does anyone?) *onegai* Thanks!

  12. Stephi-chan says:

    I think I saw this in Gachapin’s clubbox in HD…just thought I’d let you know in case you haven’t seen it yet.

  13. michelle says:

    thanks, stephi-chan. i saw it too.
    a pity they dun allow sharing.

  14. lalala says:

    i want to be that puppy held in takki’s hands!

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