T&T @ Waratte Iitomo 2006.04.18

Finally have time to watch all the clips that I downloaded over the past week… properly lol~ Tackey & Tsubasa were on Waratte Iitomo midweek. The tussling with the security part was so funny, and the pink curtain part was so so cute~ the audience and female guests were going “kawaiiiiii~~~~” And it doesn’t help that Takki looked absolutely gorgeous in that black cardigan thingie ^^ And I can go on and on about his hair, so you don’t want me to get started lol


The guests had to make a guess about some 1983 hit song. T&T were only babies at that time, so it’s not surprising that they gave the wrong answer! Since they guessed wrongly, they were chased backstage by security. While the guest was singing, Takki & Tsubasa (and 2 others who got the wrong answers as well) tried to get back into the studio. They were tussling and shoving the security guys!! HILARIOUS! At one point, Security-san unknowingly lifted up a bit of Takki’s shirt lol~ Then finally, when the song ended, they showed T&T sitting on the floor. Apparently they gave up and were tired lol. The other guy was lying sprawled on the floor, and Takki patted him on the back haha~~~


Then, the pink curtain part. T&T were behind this curtain. There were 5 scenarios or questions thingie that were set by 5 guys, and T&T had to sort of answer with their actions – things that will make girls on the street go dokidoki. After every question, the curtain opens and T&T will do their stuff. The things they said can even make a guy (like Tamori-san) go dokidoki lol~ When they finished their ‘answers’, they were just hoping for the curtains to close faster hahaha…


At the end of the program, they advertised their new single. At least there wasn’t any Oasis around this time to steal their show lol~~ I’ve extracted the pink curtain part. If you’re interested, download it here (47.00MB).

And I finally received HMV’s email at 1.06pm today. The CDs will be shipped in the “next collection”, which means Monday right since they do not work during the weekends? So *counts* it’ll take another 1 or 2 days to reach… It’s really late this time, dame deshou!

In any case, the bombardment of TV clips continue! I’ll post about Mezamashi next, but first, I shall be a good girl and study for tomorrow’s Jap class. Ja ne :o)

[Edit:] I’ve also extracted the part where T&T were chased backstage and tussling around with the security-sans. You can download it here (28.86MB) if you want :)

14 thoughts on “T&T @ Waratte Iitomo 2006.04.18

  1. glenda says:

    The pink curtain thing……OMG they both were too precious for words with their expressions ^___^ So many things going on with them! I’m afraid I’m going to miss something LOL Thanks for watching out for us :)

  2. ryther says:


    *bows to Michelle’s talent*

    Just got back from Arashi’s concert- well, you cannot blame me when there’s like two Tackey’s drinking friends in Arashi..lol

    I’m okay with SS and YSI or MF-whatever ok with you-I know MU is the nicest…but,well,if you are buzy,can I go back to Malaysia and make a huge request later on? *bets eyelashes*

  3. michelle says:

    m_antung~ ah, gomen ne, i do not have facebook…

    glenda~ i’m also afraid i might miss something heh. these few days my computer hasn’t been shut down at all, it’s like downloading stuff round the clock, from torrents to clubboxes to MUs ^^

    ryther~ woah!! arashi con!! i know jun is in NO BORDER. who’s the other? aiba? (still remember the clip we watched in sakura hostel @ japan last yr, feeding the “bird” to the lion!! LOL) i din like jun last time, but recently have been watching quite a bit of his dramas so he sorta have become my fav, followed by aiba lol~

    ya, no prob, email me the request list!! i’ll reupload them~ even when u’re back in m’sia~ ^_^

  4. you says:

    takki was so cuteeee &tsubasa too ^^
    read translation at ling’s ^O^
    ^^ my heart would definitely stop~ and revive and stop over and over again [if someone else say that it would b *ahem*.. pretty lame but it s takki and everything he does is ..*dies* lol
    [i d/l this the same day as i d/l 100yen show[9hours] but this get worse it took 12 hours!!!!

    i didnt hv a chance to shut down my com too but it shut down itself ! [twice] hope my com will b alright *pet it*haha
    and do u hv mezamashi?

  5. Reiko says:

    aaaaaaaaaahhh…matta, arigato Mich for this clip! *squeeeeee* Anou sa, do you have the entire clip of this? I SO WANT it, pretty please? Thanks~ ^_^

  6. glenda says:

    JUN!!! Ahhh, a bit jealous of Ryther. Michelle, we are starting ep 5 of Gokusen tonight :p We’ve become fans thru the dramas. It’s funny now when I’ve gone back & looked at old T&T clips I spot Jun all the time & before I never noticed anyone except T&T ^__^ First one of his we watched was Kimi wa Petto & were hooked :p

  7. ryther says:

    hahaha- Glenda don’t be jealous yo~ though,must say I love Takitsuba concerts better-fans are even naughtier-Mich,you get what I mean right?lol and the one who give the feeling that he just love the fans-most of the time-is Aiba and he loves Arashi soo much too!Kinda feel like how Takitsuba always says how they are thankful that the fans come to their concert *hugs T&T*

    And it’s a totally different atmosphere too.Anyway, the other one is of course,my faorite out of Arashi- Aiba chan~ well,you know the 2004 Film Festa,they went out together for the sea sports-*cough* and they hugged each other too*cough* and I also likes Sho…*cough Tsubasa’s ex* as he said he is..lol

  8. michelle says:

    youchan, spot on! if it’s takki, anything he says makes me dokidoki even if it’s totally lame hahahaha. ah, my antique pc seems on the verge of crashing, it’s 5 yrs old *pc-chan~ otsukaresama!*, think of getting a notebook~

    reiko-chan, i have the entire episode, but i chopped it up nicely into 4 parts lol~ think i’ll juz post the other 2 parts up then.

    hehe.. glenda, ya, jun was always around eg. in the sugaos, but he changed quite a lot. let’s juz say he’s more ‘manly’ now lol~ oh ya, i better go dl kimi wa petto. basically i’ve been watching jun, kame and pi dramas recently. yesterday i just started on kurosagi :)

    ryther~~ yes, definitely! takitsuba cons are da best!! so fun!!! ahhhh… i keep thinking of kuricon when we sat together, and you cried! hehe~~ aww, I MISS YOU!!!! *hugs* xD

    and the 2004 film festa clip!! juz remember that i uploaded it the other day, but haven’t got to posting it yet lol~ and in sugao2, the takki/aiba raburabu! kawaii~~ and even when i was working on the u-know-what ‘project’, there was aiba in it as well xD

  9. ras says:

    yaaaay i cant wait to see it im to leat to see t& t thouse days i tray to cutch up , thanks so much 4 shearing ^__________^

  10. sherlyn says:

    Hello…it me again..this few days my frenz was using the net so i cannot use…coz my here only one com can use….she use i cannot use le…as she like kinki so this few days dwnloading their programme…ok let not talk abt her liao…juz wanna share with u tat nitez i watch tat programme too it was so funny …esp their expression when they finished saying the required words…and hw they hurry for the curtains to close faster…Takki was so cute ya…the show really makes my day better after long hours in school…

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