[LQ] Pu-Sma 2011.08.30

Kyaaa~~ Tono looked absolutely kakkoii~~ with that light-colored hair and toned body!! ^.^ This show is really interesting ne. We got to see many sides of Takki, one side I’ve never seen before — catching bugs with his bare hands!! I was freaking out coz I really HATE bugs!! And Tono was so kakkoii when he did the sumo fight! Biceps!!! Hehe~ if only he took off his shirt too…

takizawa hideaki pu-sma

Download LQ from MF / MU (188.91mb, divx)

My connection got cut off at one part, right after Takki did the monomane towards the end of the show… but I don’t think much was missed. Hopefully someone will share the HQ/HD soon… for now, oyasuminasai~

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