2U4U Album Event

KAKKOI!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But Ho! Summer looks quite funny done in suits heh…


Takki keeps flashing his ^^ smile kekeke… KAWAAIII~~~ HIS HAIR IS SO NICE!!!!! AHHHHH *faints* what’s this thing about “Special Venus”? *badly needs translator*


Is it juz me? Does anyone else feel that Takki does the furitsukes a bit differently?~ the shoulder movement – more sexy! LOL~ I don’t know how to describe it, it’s this move here (look at the pic below)!


[Zoomin 20061115] T&T – 2U4U Album Event
Download @ SS (18MB)

23 Responses to “2U4U Album Event”

  1. shuduck says:

    yea! i m 1st again LOL
    was surfing ard in ur blog den u suddenly updated lol. nice nice!
    bt takki looks pale..i alwaz tink izit bcos it’s cold,or dry or bcos he’s tired?ahh..is tsu’s hair back to yr03 kind..yea gd gd.!!!
    thx for d link SS hehe.

    i replied ur email btw. !

  2. michelle says:

    hahaha.. ya, he looks pale, i think he’s back to being ‘white’ again coz not much exposure to the sun? or ya, maybe tired la~~ he does look tired… i think tsu’s hair is like last yr’s (kamen hair?) and I LOVE TAKKI’S HAIR! (esp in the 2nd pic above) ♥♥♥

  3. ryther says:

    Michelle,if you love me,upload that clip on YSI,please!!!!*dies*

    I got my CDs….and I think I’m gonna die of happiness…I still cannot think straight after getting it though…I thought I’ll be better after getting those CDs…

    You know,I skipped my afternoon class and my lunch to get those CDs and get the errands- that includes transferring the money to the seller.

    Okay-I don’t know if I’m sane right now…Coz obviously I cannot think straight since Monday…Michelle…I think I need to go and see doctor…or even better,see you guys as soon as possible!!!!


  4. tsubaholic says:

    I have the same problem as you!!!
    I ordered from HMV, but the tracking number doesn’t work.
    Actually rcheddar also has the same problem.
    It’s driving me crazy not knowing where the package is.

    Actually, I think they both look pale because of the way the clip was recorded. The TV probably doesn’t have enough contrast.

  5. michelle says:

    ryther, I LOVE YOU! haha.. but bonnie has already uploaded it on YSI, so here’s the link: http://download.yousendit.com/AC579A1E31C20C31

    ARIGATO for the payment transfer thing!! *hugs* ahh.. i cannot think properly too, the entire day i’m in office like thinking abt the album, watching the event clip, checking sites, calling kino for oricon style, calling home to check wif my mom if the cds are here, checking the auctions for tix etc etc.. i’m going nuts. i must really start working!!! lol~~~


  6. michelle says:

    jenn, the EMS tracking no. is driving me nuts too!! i think usually tracking nos. take about a day to get into the system, i’m so afraid that they didn’t actually ship out the cds yesterday~~ from their email, HMV said that it’s only prepared for shipping and will be collected by the next EMS collection? or something like that… i’m paranoid lol

    yup they probably look pale also coz they’re both wearing black — contrast! or probably too much makeup lol~

  7. ribi says:

    I have not gotten my cds yet too. I am so crushed and it’s a good thing that I have been out of the office for work most of today (just came back) or I’ll be moping around like I am now.

    I want my cds… The stupid tracking no. is driving me insane – I checked like every possible place I can put that tracking no. into and it still doesn’t work.

    BTW, from your screencaps, how did Tsubasa get his hair so long to the Kamen style within a few days?! He has incredible hair growth eh? But I am not complaining coz that’s my favourite hairstyle of his. ^____^

  8. michelle says:

    ya.. me also, i even sent an email to singpost to ask (like what the singpost site said lol), they have no records of it and asked me to ‘check with the seller’ lol~~ not possible desho? we are juz over-excited? *whistles*
    oh gomen, it’s not kamen hair actually haha.. i got overexcited… to me it resembles go!con era.. eh, but it does LOOK like kamen from the pic rite? maybe coz he’s wearing black… but i do think it has the potential to be kamen-like… juz let it grow a bit more at the back :)

  9. keigi says:

    yess..! yessss!!!! agreeeeed michelle~ takki’s hair looks KAKKOIIII ~ especially da 2nd pic.. *love* *love* .. i really like his hairstyle here… ^^

    btw michelle, i dun buy any CDs/DVDs online thou.. *blushing* However, I bought most of my CDs frm Tower Records. Recently I’ve checked with their customer service & was surprised when they told me tat we need to wait more than 6 – 9months for all new release album to reach m’sia…!!!??? zannen… +_+ how abt in s’pore?
    Anyhow, when I saw u gals are so excited waiting for the shipment, feel like wanna start to buy online goods leh~

  10. keigi says:

    kyaaaaaaa~ sumimasen michelle, wanna tell u again.. jus can’t help it.. too much in love with da 2nd pic… moeeeeeee.. yosh!!!!!! shigoto shigoto !! ^^;

  11. okiwio says:


    I was just out for a few hours and everything happened so quickly!!!

    Why don’t you try tracking the EMS directly from japan postal website?

    http://www.int.post.japanpost.jp/index.php?lang=en&langBtn=%E7%A7%BB%E5%8B%95 (top left)

    or is that what you have already been doing???

    and thank u for the WS clip!! I’m going to dl it immediately!!

  12. ribi says:

    Michelle, I just tracked the cds again. The tracking no. works now but guess what? Mine (and probably yours) is still stuck in Japan, Tokyo Metropolitan Post Office to be precise. Aiyah, why?

    I shan’t complain. I’ll be a good girl and go home early today and watch TxT clips. Or maybe Yoshitsune again.

    My brain is complete MUSH and I have not even listened to the albums yet. My productivity this whole year is at its worst now.

  13. michelle says:

    thanks for the link, kiwi~ i’ve been checking there too! Yes, ribi, now there’s some results! It’s still at Tokyo! Apparently, it was only collected by EMS today, at 5PM! ahh.. ok, i shall be good and continue my Yoshitsune too~~~ my productivity today is at all-time low LOL~

    hahaa.. keigi!!! me also gg crazy over that HAIR! hahaha.. ♥ it so much!!!!

  14. Junior.Kopke says:

    OMFG . **died** i need this cd T_T

  15. shuduck says:

    i cnt breathe.
    u girls are driving me nuts.
    i wan i wan its love.. gimme the cds soon..i still muz wait for afew zombie-FIED days 2 meet miche..lol.. urgh

  16. Sana says:

    Thanks for the upload Michelle! My computer was being evil, so I couldn’t get it through clubbox… ~_~

    I love the clip! Such a shame it’s so short… I really, really like how they look in these suits! ^o^

  17. stasya says:

    The clip is funny. But I have no idea what they were talking about “special Venus”? What special version, nude version? *LOL*
    Tsubasa looks sleepy, and lets Takki talk again ))

  18. michelle says:

    yea, the clip is too short!! seems to be cut off towards the end too sigh.. but.. kiwi-chan told me last nite that the special venus is referring to their ‘woman’ or their ‘special someone’…

  19. Nikki says:

    They look SO CUTEEE!!! Both of them…gosh…..*scream like mad* Hope they can include the event clip in channel a!!!!

  20. Reiko says:

    ‘Special Venus’ meant their ‘special someone’?? O_O I’m jus kidding here but, ehh…WHO would they b referring to? *jealous now* J/K lol In any case, Takki looks pale. Maybe due to lack of sun rays now since summer. And, becuz Japan is located more North than say, somewhere like I live (in Cali; waaaay down S. just above the equator), we get more suntanning rays than they do. (that’s what Maiko said) Ugh… I guess he lost his suntan now. lolz I HATE my tan though. I wished I could get rid of it cuz, now that it’s winter, it looks ‘funny’ if you’re tanned. My skin would look 100% better if it was white-looking like theirs. People without suntans actually look better in photos. With a tan, sometimes I look dark-complected when I really am not. lol Anyway, thanks for the link to this. I’m SO downloading this! Arigato!! ^.^

  21. michelle says:

    oh ya, there’s channel@ rite? i hope somebody records it! we missed the ho! summer channel@ last time.. hopefully this time someone will have it uploaded to CBs…

  22. stasya says:

    there is a ChannelA for Ho! Summer on Clubbox, however, there is nothiong so special about it. It just shows some moments from the Kamakura event.

    And there are rumors that this ChannelA wil be the same…

  23. michelle says:

    hi~ stasya!
    i think there were 2 channel@s for ho! summer, but only the later onewas uploaded to CB… apparently, the earlier one (making of ho! summer PV) wasn’t uploaded.. but i guess it’s the same as the footage on the 2U4U CD+DVD (since the Venus off-shots in there were similar as the channel@’s making off) :)

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