[Clip] Takki’s R&J Drama SP Preview

Takki’s latest Shakespeare drama special, Romeo & Juliet!! OMG~~~ ok I shan’t say more, but I wannnnaaaa watch it like NOW!!!! I soooo miss watching Takki’s dramas! But the girl… eh… okay… not as kawaii as Surumi-chan! But… her legs… wahahahahaha~~~ Okay, I won’t comment until I watch it…


Download @ MU (16MB)

I love Takki’s image in this one, casual wear and I love his hair~~~

21 thoughts on “[Clip] Takki’s R&J Drama SP Preview

  1. DiTHeRs says:

    oh but watch how she uses her legs here. We know that Tackey has a weakness for uchimata….not good! tsk tsk tsk Nagasawa Masami looked pretty harmless. Atleast, less pics with bikini when I googled her up unlike that girl from Satoken.

    Are they done with the shoots for this in Hokkaido coz Id apply as her double in that kissing scene. Id double for free!!!! You know kissing scenes can be so awkward…and tedious…and uncomfortable specially when you’re sitting on sand but I dun mind. I promise to do the job in one take!!!!….errrrrr…..or two *dithers with evil plan*

  2. Reiko says:

    hehehe…hey…I’d like to take that kissing scene myself too! lol :P Okok…so I may not ‘look’ as good as Surumi-chan but…nonetheless, I think I look better than this chick (look above). LMAO LOL j/k This woman is ugly if ya ask me. lol She ain’t no threat, yo. Like dithers said, she ain’t no ‘Surumi’ and not pretty like her so, whatever ne? But, but…kissing…*grrrrrr*!! Even tho I dun walk like that (uchimata), I can ‘look’ that way by walking. lol *walks toward Takki like that now…hopefully he’ll ‘look’* Whaaa?? This woman’s got some bikini pix too? Ugghh…dame yo? Also, will ya let us know ‘when’ this dorama will b comin’ out? Arigato! Btw, that woman I met who works @ Sanseido is also a Takki-fan!! She wants to go c Enbujou in Japan. (she’s from Japan & speaks fluent Engl. & Japanese) She said she’s also got a Takki-dvd dorama for me!!!! O_O She no longer watches it anymore and doesn’t need it so, she said she’ll give it to me to have. *hearts her now* It’s NOT ‘Taiyou no Kisetsu’. But, maybe u might know the name…forgot the name now. It’s when he was really young-looking, and on the cover of the dvd, it has Takki’s eyes on it w/a sunset or something? Dun remember. Anyway, thot I’d let u know. XDD

  3. june84 says:

    Hi Michelle ;) First time leaving a comment in your blog – I love it, it’s the best Takki blog/site to me! :)

    Thanks for upping so many clips for all of us! And I have to say I am REALLLY looking forward to Takki’s new drama as it’s been a YEAR since we last saw him in Satomi Hakkenden.

    I think he looks a little too skinny in the preview caps you posted – shall make another judgment after I’ve watched the clip itself.

    Thanks again!

  4. you~ says:

    omg omg omg OMG omg !
    i so so wanna c this
    she really does that uchimata leg thing in the pic
    *takki! dont fall 4 that yo~

    Id love 2 b her double in that kissing scene too~ or just lift the mic / light or anything that would b enough 4 me lol.

    thank you michelle

  5. you~chan~with crazy smile says:

    omg omg omg omg OMG OMG OMG !!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i just wacth it ^^
    he is so cute ne ^____^ especially on that crane thing that lift him up & down
    he just sitting on it and look chouuuuuuuuu kawaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
    *cantstop smilling* *dies while smilling like a crazy person*

    and about that girl….. honestly i didnt c her at all LOL all i c was takki with super cute smile *kawaiii* *dies*

    PS that iya iya iya that on yr cap i just hear his voice say iyayayaya come out of d pic and when i saw the clip he actually said it the way that i thought *kawaiiii* hahaha
    thank you so much michelle*kisskiss*

  6. dakki_shu says:

    hmm. i tink for pretty,seductive and charming maturedly..class and elegant..sunny..sporty..i will choose surumi.
    hmm,..for dainty,young,innocent,sweet,plain,homely pure n nice..i will choose the girl frm taiyou no kisetsu.i forgot her name..izit aiko or? correct me (=

    for the lady in romeo juliet..i was really expecting sum1 like R&J drama u noe..i used 2 b an english lit student..studied R&J keke..n tchr let us watch a foreign old drama of R&J (1940s)..tht Juliet is ultimate! She is gorgeous x infinity! keke XD..maybe i tink too much. (=my expectations of a Juliet character is v.high..i admit..fair skin,rosy cheek,black dark shiny long hair n sweet smile..i keep tinking of poems n moon etc (= i juz over-expected demo i m looking forward to this R&J drama..and i totally agree w u gals tht this Juliet lady actress doesnt look just 19 (LOL)..mayb it’s bcos of her hairstyle?hmm..putting her beside takki…only makes takki prettier????ehh??nani??…ano..too bad loh..bo pian…takizawa is juz too pretty..(= so nope, i m nt jealous/envious of the actress. keke..i m still more jealous of surumi n aiko !!! muhahahaahha!! wht a long draggy post!

  7. you~chan says:

    i know what u mean ne juliet should b like really sweet i never watch 1940s R&J but i think claire danes in recent r&j is sweet like.. rosy cheek,black dark shiny long hair n sweet smile and all
    omg this just hit me r they gonna dies in the end as well??

    [but about r&j if they didnt die i dont think their love gonna last
    really if the parents doesnt try to break them up they must have a fight bout silly things like any lover do and break up in sometimes cuz they r so young
    my friends always come to me about their silly-fight with thier boy/girlfriend
    waa… am i not a romantic ?!?! *O*[but parts of me r romantic yo^^]

  8. michelle says:

    hahaha… takki and his uchimata fetish!! ~~ :)

    this girl is OK la~ i think i’ll have to watch the drama first to see how their chemistry is, how her acting is, etc etc. coz i know nothing abt her.. but she’s sooo young!!! okok, and she calls him ‘senpai’? hahahaha… she respects him ne! which is gd :)

    haha, you-chan, u are so funny! but it’s true, i know how it is like to keep smiling to yourself non-stop… i did that juz now when i was watching those 2 kuricon fancam clips hahaha.. was grinning like a mad cow!! and i only realised it after the clip ended, luckily nobody else was around me.

    yo, i also studied eng lit and studied R&J in sec.2… and the teacher let us watch that 1940s R&J which is damn good la.. classic, and the girl IS really pretty!!! and that guy looks so italian-soccer-playish haha~ i also watched the leonardod’caprio & claire danes version but prefer the classic 1940s wan. erm, this is not exactly the shakespeare version so they might not die… (reminds me of the hk tvb’s “di nv hua” when they changed the ending). anyway, i dun wanna know the ending before i watch it haha.. i hate spoilers!!

  9. michelle says:

    reiko-chan, oh, the drama u’re talking about is ‘taiyou wa shizumanai’ (the sun never sets)… takki act as ‘nao’, and he won an award for that i think.. happy watching :)

    hi june84, thanks for commenting! you from australia? anyway, takki is thin lor, i think he’s overworked haha. but… i can’t wait to watch it. it’s like i’ve been longing for his drama for so long… if only he can film a normal 11-episode j-drama again…

  10. ribi says:

    Mich, Taiyou wa shizumanai was my first Takki dorama that changed my mind about how I felt about him when it was shown years and years ago on national tv. It’s one of my favourite doramas coz I like Matsuyuki Yasuko too.

    But my current obsession: 僕だけのマドンナ!
    キョンはかわいいすぎた な。

  11. michelle says:

    Ribi~~ oh, is Matsuyuki Yasuko the lawyer?? i think the lawyer’s cool, and the lawyer’s ex-bf is the “Munemori” in Yoshitsune? Hahahahaha… oh, and the other girl in the show hosted Pop Jam rite? I never knew their real names… And yaaaa~~~~ Kyon is sooooo cuttteee in that yukata scene!!! 僕だけのマドンナ大好き!キョン大好き!!!!!

  12. shuduck says:

    i like and secretly admire/follow ur taste *butt Opps bud alwaz! i tink ur taste for diff. artistes are special u noe..(-= i absolutely adore tht lawyer..i tink she looks very professional,confident,she brings out a diff.flair frm other gals?!! and that mole..her mole..kills me..gosh i m watching her n takki conversate all the time n i m wondering…wht if forbidden witch..is acted by her instead …((= gomen whn i see takizawa in sch uniform,everywher he is HIKARu..bt i love his shorter hair in taiyou wa shizumanai..(hee wht a long complicated name gosh). i tink tht hair inside is nice?? as well as d SOS short version.(=

    hmm, i tink takki himself noe he’s thin now so he tries to use bushy longer hair to look more *standard size ((= nice still…but …i luv the ho!summer hair n kamen hair!!! or kyon,….((=

  13. shuduck says:

    n michelle, seriously…are we like sum serious same scorpio or wht..hw cum i experience same things as u???yep, i watched those R&J tt u watched! tht 1940s stupid male actor looks really like italian footballer loh!except he’s nt tt hairy!*wahahaa! n d juliet….wahhh…we did lit in sec 3 instead (-= we gt 2 watch d RA scene then LOL. bt my 1st RA show was titanic in sec1 =p

    anyway, Di nu Hua’s ending is wht ? i forgot..steven ma n charmaine sheh’s tvb show right? dun tell me u enjoy watch hk tvb shows oso hor.XD

  14. ribi says:

    Yep yep, Matsuyuki Yasuko was the lawyer – she is sooooo elegant and cool. Just caught her last year in one of the SMAP X SMAP episodes – never changed a SINGLE bit, still as cool and beautiful. ^^

    Oh, hontou? Her character’s ex-bf was Munemori? That’s such a coincidence but iya iya Mich, now I have a STRONG urge to rewatch Yoshitsune. I love Kuro-dono so much so much!!!! YOU wa bad to remind me of Yoshitsune! *laughs*

  15. you~chan says:

    im watching yoshitsune now^O^ ! cuz it onair now in my country he was so so cute ^^ with that scene he pop out of the water and the voice over say something like he is like sunshine [or something] i was totally agree with just a smile my whole world was brigthen up hahaha it true yo! ^^ [and the famous ep5 is this sunday^^]
    *ribi~ do rewatch it!^^ dont resist the temptation lol^^

    and about boku madonna do u guys think i should buy the one with original soundtrack but NO sub! or the one that takki speak in thai-go [but i hate movies when they has put voice of other language on] but if there is no sub i wouldnt understand *_*?? what should i do??
    or just go and watch it on youtube?? but i wanna hv it as my own [and watch on youtube is too exhausting when it a short clip and hv 2 wait 4 the d/l]*confusing*

  16. michelle says:

    *pokes ribi* tho i agree with you-chan that you should rewatch kuro-dono, i think u should finish up kyonkyon first hahahaha… and then, since atashi wa bad influence, i shall tempt u further with enbujou mwahahahaha =P

    you-chan, for boku madonna, i think u shud get the one with takki’s original voice (coz i hate dubbed ones too, not natural at all~). do they have dual audio ones that you can switch between japanese and thai? erm, but if you can understand japanese, then no need for sub rite? hehe… or you can download the torrents with english subs?

  17. michelle says:

    shuduck, i dun really like the SOS hair, except for the one where he just cuts his hair and when he first removed his specs~ but ya, taiyou wa shizumanai image is quite nice… i like the image where he’s wearing the fencing thing during the competition… and there’s a scene where he wears this red top at the beach… that’s probably my favourite ‘look’ in the whole drama ^_^

    and erm, shuduck, u forgot me was the biggest chilam fan hahahaha~~ of coz i watched tvb dramas la. i personally feel tvb dramas are the best around (apart from jap dramas of coz)! Love the DIF3, CBWH, and not to forget those classic Jin Yog dramas (94’s condor heroes, 83’s ondor heroes, 85’s HSDS).

  18. shuduck says:

    wah seh michelle! i oso love tvb!! the last on the unwanted list will be our singapore local dramas! lol. (= i luv more on anime jap..and takkizawa jdramas (= ehh, yeap, the SOS hair..i like the one whereby he juz cut his hair too ((=

    sigh,i dun tink i wil be signing up the jap class for time being bcos i rili no money..if i go sign up, my parents will kill me esp whn i haven get a job! XD so yeah, they will nag si me!..buying txt stuff little by little has oredi raised ‘awareness’ in front of my parents n sis liao..i cnt afford 2 sign up n den evry week go dwn orchard for lesson right now.(= i will still pursue this dream within this yr …probably in mid yr or so.
    hmm,never too late (= this dream!

    i once read this takki interv in an old hk mag tht says:
    ”to suffer now and go through hardships is to mean that the future will be seen in happiness..”… he said this when he was ard 21-22!!!…i believ both takki n tsubasa’s words are v.inspiring n bring lots of insights. frm then on, i will do wht i cn!!!!((= i m so happy i cn read tht hk mag cz all in chinese!!!muahahaaa i m happy(= hope nxt time michelle, u cn oso translate jap mags articles in here for us liao too (= yea^^

  19. michelle says:

    ya that’s what i think… work hard for the future.. xian1 ku3 hou4 tian2? haha. aniway, i think studying jap is always a good thing, so ur parents shouldn’t kill u for it…

  20. Reiko says:

    Hey, Shelle…thankx for this clip. Finally was able to dl it. lol I know…took me long enuff but, I guess cuz I wasn’t able to get to a comp here right away, due to *weather conditions*. (dame!!) Yea, it’s been raining here A LOT these past week now. And it’s been sooooo ‘burrrr’ lately too. I was NOT going to the university library in those conditions, yo. :P lol

  21. shuduck says:

    they won’t kill me la..my parents afterall..but they also won’t advise me to do so now..they still tink i shld concentrate on my work search 1st. for me, i tink so too.(=

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