New 24h Cosme CM!


Check out the latest 24h Cosme CMs! Tono is soooo !@#$%asdfgh….. XDDD
Click onto the official site to view both 15s & 30s versions (first two videos).

And if you haven’t already seen “her”… Well, douzo! fufu~


I’m so glad “she” didn’t appear in the new CM. “She” is all over the huge bilboards and posters in Shibuya and around Japan though. LOL.

[Subs] J’J Takizawa Hideaki Episode 5 – 2013.02.04

Finally managed to get this encoded and converted. Enjoy! XD

J’s Journey #5 (2013.02.04)
With English subtitles
Translated by Marie & subbed by Mich
Duration: 22min 29s


DL (720×406, mp4/h264, 182.66mb)

As usual with our fansubs, please do not re-upload to any other sites. Do feel free to direct people over to this post if needed. Thank you very much.

[J’s Journey] 2013.02.11 – Episode 6


When border control asked if he knew Spanish and/or English, Takki very frankly replied, “No Spanish… No Engrish…” XD I bet they let him cross the border because of his adorableness and good looks lol~

Anyway, I can’t believe it’s already Episode #6! It felt like it was just last week when we were kyaaaing over the start of the first episode… I wish this show could go on forever XD Jya, without further ado…

DL : Mediafire (asf format, 125.61 mb)


It’s the Year of the Snake! And we would like to wish all Chinese around the world a Happy Lunar New Year! May this coming year bring you joy, happiness and prosperity. Also wishing it will be a fruitful Takki Year, with loads of Takki to see on TV. Yes, more dramas please! XD



2 new Takki photobooks!

Thanks to Marie for the heads up! In the latest issue of FRaU, there’s a notice saying that there will be two photobooks released containing photos Takki took during his visit to the four countries for his “Tackey Times” column.

“Tackey Trip 29” will contain pictures from his Hawaii and Cambodia trips, while “Tackey Trip 30” will contain pictures from his Tahiti and Micronesia trips. Both are expected to be priced at 1,500yen each, and will be released on his 31st birthday, 29 March 2013.

An event is also expected to be held. We’ll post again when more information is known.

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