[Report] Takizawa Kabuki 2015 (Tokyo) – Venue, food, and a few goods…

It’s been a while since I’ve written a report on the shows I attended. Over the past two years, I’ve just been sharing bits and pieces of my Enbujo/Kabuki trips on Facebook instead. Just realised that the last report posted here was for Hachioji solo con in 2012 lol. Okay, here I go. Please bear with me cos I’ve gotten a bit rusty XD

Venue: Shimbashi Enbujo theatre, Tokyo

Compared to in 2013 where the poster took only about half the wall outside the theatre, this year the poster took the entire section, right up to the top.



[WS & Newspapers] Takizawa Kabuki 10th Anniversary Genepro

Some WS clips from yesterday.

Asachan (56s, 14.5mb)


Takizawa Kabuki 2015 Goods Preview & Tidbits

I’ll add more as I find more images and tidbits.


Top, L to R: mini tote bag, pamphlet, hand towel
Bottom, L to R: Takki clearfile, Takki/Mitsu/Yabu clearfile, Takki photosets A & B


Takizawa Kabuki 2015 Goods List

  • Pamphlet: 2,200yen
  • Poster (2 types – Takki, group): 900yen
  • Clearfile (4 types – Takki, Kitayama, Yabu, Takki+Kitayama+Yabu): 600yen
  • Original photoset (4 types – Takki A, Takki B, Yabu, Kitayama): 800yen
  • Sensu (folding fan): 2,000yen
  • Ohashi (chopsticks): 1,600yen
  • Tenugui (hand towel): 1,200yen
  • Mini tote bag: 1,200yen

Re-uploads 2015: Batch #6

Found some of these in my old CD-roms this afternoon… This batch includes the Making of Yukinojo Henge, the drama Kokoro no Tobira (24hr TV in 1998), and the pre-show clips of 24hr TV in 2007. Making Of Yukinojo Henge 2008.01.03 「心の扉」24時間テレビドラマSP 1998 24時間テレビ SP 2007.08.04 Papa Takki…. 24時間テレビ Moku SP 2007.08.16 24時間テレビ The Wide 2007.08.17 24時間テレビ Zoomin 2007.08.17 24時間テレビ ラジかるッ 2007.08.18

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