5th Nov is almost over…

My bf is in Switzerland at the moment. This should be the first time I spend a bday without him ne *sobs* But I had a great day with Kat today! We spent like 8hours together? LOL! And there was Takki to “keep me company”, coz we watched the Making of R&J, the Making of Yukichan, and finally Episodes 23 & 24 of Yoshitsune. I also had dinner over at their place. Tanoshikatta!

My youngest bro came back from camp for a while tonight~ maybe just to celebrate my bday ^^ And my other bro is doing night shift at some clinic (which he couldn’t cancel) so he won’t be back tonight. But he sent me an SMS this morning, so I’m really happy :)

When I came back, Mom & Dad had bought me a cake from Pine Gardens. It was so-so *lol* (coconut, rum & pineapple)… They asked me to make a wish, but I just hastily made it, coz I didn’t really expect it and was worried the candle will burn out if I took too long lol. But at that moment, I didn’t really know what wish to make. There are so many things I hope for… and maybe I also felt that whatever wish I’d make wouldn’t come true just becoz I made a wish… I don’t know… It’s been some time since I even had a bday cake, so I totally forgot about the wish part XD

Bday cake for 2008

After thinking for a while, there are a few things I would wish for, and with respects to Tono, something that I really really care about now, at the moment. Of course, people who are on the same boat as me would be able to guess what it is. If for that whatever whatever reason, that the whatever whatever thing is whatever whatever…

Okay, I should chuck all these bad thoughts aside hehe…

I really really wanna thank some of my friends for their bday wishes, greeting cards, and presents! This year, I’ve gotten a white ZINC bag from my bf, an ESPRIT pouch bag, 3 hairbands, and a Dorothy Perkins scarf from his sis, SMSes from them both, Kat, I-san, my godpa, my bro & my colleague! Arigato!!

I-san, thanks for the card, and for your support in everything~ I really had a great time with you in Japan! Oh yes, i’ll post up the Kamakura trip soon haha~ me such a procrastinator!

Nyanco, thanks for the card! I’ll keep your message properly ne~ 今まで本当にありがとうございました! *hugs* The present that you’re keeping for me~~ 絶対大事にするね!

Azuki, thanks for sending Takki over in a box!!!!! XD You’re really a drawing tensai! hehe~ I wish I can keep him forever… Can I? *puppy eyes*

Takki as birthday present for Mich

Kat, thanks for this kirakira pouch! I’ll use it properly ne! and thank you for keeping me company today~ help me to thank your sister too, and your nephew for making it such a memorable day haha!

Kat bday present

And thanks to everyone who had wished me in the comments! Arigato gozaimasu! m(_ _)m Better go off to bed now ne, gotta wake up to watch WS, and hopefully there is connection for TV Asahi… and hope they’ll show the premiere footages later! Please… Onegaishimasu… Now, that is one of my bday wishes? =P

22 thoughts on “5th Nov is almost over…

  1. KatSpore says:

    lol u r welcome ne~ ^^ oh the cake look nice, but u said it’s so-so..hehe.. take ur word for it.. I had a gr8 day with u today too ne, esp with tono yuki-chan making of! nv get enough of kyaaing over him as always ^o^ gomen ne~my nephew love to hit ur butt, haha.. but I tink he made it up by kissing u goodbye.. hahaha..I alr sent ur thanks over ne~~

    well the wish for tono WILL COME TRUE! the whatever will not happen.ぜだい!I’m glad you like the present, though my initial plan is still in process.. hehehe.. have a wonderful day tml too!^^ 老婆!

  2. Azuki says:

    * D * 誕生日おめでとう!

    I’m glad you like the drawing! ok you can keep Takki but…only till 3rd of May ne! ò_ód!!

    ああ~~~~~ あ=[]=

    ok, keep it forever, I can’t help your cute puppy eyes ´º u º` XDD
    I think I’m late to wish you a happy b’day day, so have a happy b’day week!!
    maybe you will get any other surprise º O º!

    btw, cute kira*kira pounch and oishii cake º ¬  º!!

    kisses and hugs

  3. leapinglucas says:

    Mich, otanjoubi omedetou. May all your wishes come true. You deserve them! Sorry to have been a little out of touch (sleeping on the floor and eating mountain bracken – lol). Your prezzies look very kewl and reflect how much you are loved. Your cake looks oishiiiiiii!

  4. Lisa says:

    Happy Birthday Michelle! I hope all your wishes come true, and on your special day I want to thank you for sharing Tono with all of us!

  5. glenda says:

    It’s still November 5th here ^^ Happy Birthday Michelle!! That cake looks pretty yummy to me as I love coconut & pineapple :) I’m glad you had a wonderful day and I hope that you continue to have years & years filled with happiness & health. If you are keeping Takki, make him some air holes in that pink box :p

  6. carolfyfy says:

    ah, it’s your birthday. although it’s belated, still want to say it to you, Happy Birthday Michelle! May your days full of joy and happiness!

    Those are very cute and thoughtful gifts you’ve got ne…

  7. michelle says:

    thank you, minna, for your wishes!! and to my friends who have sent me emails too, 39!! XD

    azuki, thank u thank u hehehe~~ *hugs*, and i’ll be sure to make holes in the box, like what glenda suggested haha! kat, i still have no idea what the ‘original plan’ is wor!

    ah, the premiere footage wasn’t shown on WS today ne, it wasn’t in the newspapers either… probably tml? but i’ll be in office, can’t watch! *sobs*

  8. foolndreamer says:

    Happy Belated Birthday, Mich! So yesterday was your birthday. The mystery has finally been revealed. Happy that you’ve got some wonderful presents and even better family and friends.

  9. bakatachi says:

    ei~~ bakami chan
    yesterday was your birthday desu ka?!!!
    eeeeee…….. gomen ne….anyway,
    belated wishes from bakatachi : happy birthday ne ^^
    love ya {hug}

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