I was expecting the results only in March, so it was a bit of a shock when my dad passed me the JCS envelope just now. And I had to open slowly bit by bit… maa, it felt like when I was looking at Takki’s single sales at the Oricon site… putting one hand to cover the rest of the page, and slowly showing the numbers bit by bit LOL.

Vocab/Grammar: 46/60, Reading: 60/60, Listening: 49/60 (Total: 155/180)
I PASSED!!! Yatta~ \ ( ^ ^ ) / Couldn’t really believe my eyes~

Thank you, minasan, for encouraging me to just go and try anyway. I’m glad I did :)

10 thoughts on “JLPT N3!

  1. Lisa says:

    Omedetou Mich! I suggest you continue with your concert and butai attendance, as well as your translating for those of us who could not even fill in our address on one of those exams. All of that and your hard work certainly seem to have paid off!

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