[Review] T&T Premium Live DVD: Best Tour, MC Collection & Offshots B

6hr DVD Marathon: 1/2 completed.

I reached home at about 9pm, so by the time I’ve washed up and sat comfortably in front of my TV with my box of Jagabee, it was 9.30pm. Started by watching “Best Tour” first lol! Then went on to the MC collection and Offshots B. Here are just some notes I made after completing this somewhat 3-hr marathon. I replayed a lot of parts that’s why I took so long lol… It’s 2.30am now btw :) Take this as my review hehe…

Sorry, this is as random as my mind :P

BEST TOUR 07-08 (DISC 01 of JACKETS A, B & C)


  • Footage was from the 24th Dec ’07 – 18:00 show (All-last @ Yokohama).
  • BUT, the encore (Aishiteru ze, Love Lucky & Hito natsu no) were from the 24th Dec ’07 – 13:00 show. Was it because some fan pulled Takki and he shouted “itte! itte!” that’s why it wasn’t included in the DVD?
  • Therefore, no christmas-tree!Takki :(
  • The entire Matchy-san VTR was not included. That includes Takki playing dead, with his head hanging out of the stage v_v;
  • Mezamero Yasei by Tsubasa was not included too.
  • No Hey!Say!Jump footage as well, which is good for us, but also means there is no Takki humming the “jumping to my dream” thing.
  • The MC was cut. But the “Takizawa no haha desu” part made it in ^o^
  • Yukichan VTR was cut short. It was played only from halfway thru.
  • Yukichan VTR probably wasn’t shown coz Yukichan isn’t under Avex. Copyright problems? When we were there, we can’t even see what Takki was wearing, he was such a tiny speck below the large VTR screen.


  • Kimagure JET was kawaii, but the real thing was MORE KAWAII!!!!!!
  • Do Me Crazy was kakkoii, but the real thing was MORE KAKKOII!!!
  • Journey: When I heard “Hoshi mono….” I held my breath again, not sure why! lol~ Pink cap, white jacket, pink pants matches well with his pink & white T&T mic ^o^
  • Takki’s eyes looked slightly red from somewhere in the middle of the show. Or was it just watery lol~
  • Battle call was hilarious!!! though I still maintain that what Tsu did at the end with the non-related uchiwa was rather anti-climax lol…
  • Takki-kissing-own-uchiwa-then-puking thing was filmed perfectly! *LOL*
  • Takki’s part in Daydreamer was totally live. Wanted to cry when I heard him sing *sobs*
  • Serenade piano version was beautiful.
  • Crazy Rainbow: The cute moves weren’t as cute in the DVD.
  • Venus: Takki telling the guy next to him to smile.
  • X~Dame: Takki’s silly pose at the end.
  • Takki laughing at Makino’s silly face!
  • Love Lucky: Takki’s hat!~ Left-left-right-right-left-left-up-up ^o^ “WAN” pose at the camera! And that little funny thing he did at the camera for a splitsecond lol…
  • Hito natsu no…: Takki touched a little girl’s head, and her mother seems more excited than her lol.

Sorry, my fingers just went, capture, open photoshop, copy, paste, save. So here are more screencaps, just of Kimagure Jet alone haha… Wanted to limit myself to 8 screencaps per segment, but I’ve failed… miserably! :P


One more thing… Erm… Takki’s pimple is cute! *BIASED*



  • SO MANY KAWAIIII PARTS!!!! Although I don’t really understand fully what was said, many of the MCs were already translated by Bon-chan. Being able to watch the real thing was really sugoi!!
  • Kimagure Boy HADAKA with Yukichan hair!!!! *ROFLMAO*
  • Tsubasa’s LIES!
  • Takki’s hair looks so cute, at the top, it automatically stands up again even after being pressed down? What hair clay/wax/thing is he using? That’s really good quality hehe. Is it still the Sebastian Clay thingie?
  • Takki & the keyboard!
  • Takki’s short flamenco sexy move LOL
  • Takki trying to prove that he paid for the bill!
  • Kimagure boy’s “Domo Konbanwa” *ROFL*
  • Takki kamikami haha :)



  • TAKKI EATING!!! This itself makes me happy!
  • Pulling turnips hehe~


I’ll continue the “2nd half” tomorrow after work haha. That’s the Dame Con (Disc 2) and Offshots A. Can’t wait… As for now, I’m super duper sleepy. LOL. Please pardon me if I made any typo errors or if I don’t make sense HAHA.

15 Responses to “[Review] T&T Premium Live DVD: Best Tour, MC Collection & Offshots B”

  1. glenda says:

    My wallet better start running…I’m getting this increasing urge to go ahead and get B–and maybe C. It’s your fault you know LOL

  2. sannah says:

    Mich…….you’re pushing me to bankruptcy…….LOL…..I just hope this time I will not make the same mistake of ordering twice…ha…ha..ha…..Like I did with ONE……..

  3. Stephi-chan says:

    I ordered Jacket C. Hopefully it will be here soon. I can’t wait to see the offshots from it. I’m sure I’ll be posting a report. =P
    I wonder who bought all 3? *dies*
    Thanks for the tidbits the other versions…now I want those too. My poor wallet.

  4. michelle says:

    glenda~ i think u shud at least get B too *lol~ pats ur wallet* the MC collection is 1hour 9mins :D this is the way to go, avex! it’s a tour so MCs are what make each venue unique :D i can only wish they had more kimagure corners lol~ but it’s sooo cute that they did include at least 2 kimagures in the MC collection. AND BOTH ARE REALLY FUNNY! ^o^

    sannah~ lol~ i’m hitting bankruptcy myself, but a happy bankrupt (^^;) yea, as long as u dun make the same mistake, u can actually get both A & B this time *runs* ^o^ (and maybe u can sell one of your One! DVDs~)

    stephi-chan~ *raises hand* me! soon, lol~ i’ll be getting C next month hehe. But i’m srious, this DVD is SO worth it! 3 YEARS without a concert DVD~ and there’re 2 x 2hr concerts plus 1hr 20mins of offshots PER jacket! Really, what is 8,000yen compared to what we’re getting in return :D

  5. tsubaholic says:

    Ehhhhh now why did they do that???
    They should have kept the Encore for the all-last in there too!!!! Ribbon Tsuba mitai~~~~~
    and they also cut the MC??????? (T_____T)

  6. naughtiest says:

    v_v; i want half-naked ribbon Tsu too~~
    seems like they cut a lot of goodies off ne T___T

  7. michelle says:

    tsubaholic~ maybe something was too yabai to be shown on dvd? or maybe coz the all-last @ yoko’s encore was too long they din wanna waste film space lol… the MC was really long for that show and had hey!say!jump as guests, ABC members talking individually, and it was tied in with the matchy-san VTR. but none of it was shown. only a short short little talk on mothers and sisters or something T___T

    naughtiest~ they shud have an uncut version of the whole show… sigh… if it were the last show’s encore, there would be a 2nd & 3rd encore after that too, and tsu came out naked with his basketball shorts only, and he kept pulling up his shorts to show off his thighs!!

  8. kawaii_asa says:

    I want my DVD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Thanks for making us drool. LOL

  9. michelle says:

    kawaii_asa~ when will u be getting yours?

  10. skammie says:

    looking forward to your Jacket A report! (Because I didn’t get that version..-.-“)

  11. michelle says:

    skammie~ Jacket A premium documentary ROCKS!!!!! ^o^

  12. Katherine(Spore) says:

    omg..I’m so jealous you can get it so fast.. I’ve ordered over globalyesasia n it’ll only be arriving next few wks! Arrr.. but thanks 4 sharing.. really cool to know those kawaii parts n esp e mc parts.. for those of us who dont know jap & overseas version is such a long wait!

  13. michelle says:

    katherine~ u from singapore too? ah, yesasia doesn’t count towards oricon sales ne.. anyway, i ordered from amazon. they’re having discount now and delivery is by fedex so it was really fast :D maybe u can consider amazon for ur next order ^o^

  14. suki says:

    I need to stop hanging out here on this site. The more I read the more I have this need to buy (Are you sure you’re not employed by Takizawa Corp?). I just bought this…Jacket B since it’s on sale. I really want A and C too :(. Piggy needs to be fed.

  15. tipsy says:

    thanks for subbing Takki’s things to English otherwise I will be clueless. Love takki

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