Enbujou DVD!!!

KYYYAAAAAAA~~~~~~~~ OMG I HAVE to talk about it!! But nobody around me has watched it yet… so I can’t say much… but wooowww, the entire production is so amazing na~~~

I went thru ALOT to finally get my hands on this DVD, including numerous phonecalls to and from SingPost after a failed delivery attempt yesterday. Have to thank my dad and brother, one for helping me call as well, and the other for fetching me to the Post office to collect it after work.

Then, had to rush for dinner with dad’s friend. We had chilli crab, oats coated calamari *yummy*, kangkong, beancurd speciality, sweet and sour pork, and claypot chicken!!! Followed by Swenson’s icecream, so by the time I reached home, it was 11.50pm *and I was bloated*. After opening and admiring the *kira kira* package (and taking pics of it too lol~), it was past midnight!


Above: Mine & Shuduck’s DVDs, along with the Posters rolled up and wrapped in CDJapan’s trademark green wrapper. Btw, I haven’t opened the poster yet lol~


Above: This is how it looks after removing the DVD box from the plastic wrapper. It’s very shiny and takki-rashi~ but it’s hard to capture the kira kira-ness of it with camera ^^ Moreover, recently I’m into gold and silver things, so I really really love the cover!


Above: This is the inside of the box, 2 discs, white and pinku, with a booklet. The discs are simple shiny ones with flowers on it~ very takki-rashi again ^^

Then, I thought I’d just watch one disc la~ but ended up watching EVERYTHING, although I was very very tired!!!! BTW, I slept at 3.30am LOL^^ I was quite surprised at myself for not dozing off during the Yoshitsune talking segment coz obviously I din understand what they were saying~~~

(Warning: Some possible spoilers if you read on)


First, I think this was filmed towards the end of Enbujou last year, some time in April, as the showtime segment was a bit different from the fancam’s. It is so much better watching the DVD coz I din know that the stage was revolving! Or that there were VTRs that go along with the scenes. The sets are so pretty, and everything was well-planned.

Second, I’m so amazed at the speed in which Takki changed his costumes! One moment he was wearing this, and he went off backstage, and very quickly, he appears in another. There’s no time to rest! I was telling naughtiest that he doesn’t even have time to walk out. He has to RUN. lol~ And the costumes are not modern day clothes but samurai armour suits, yukatas, the onnagata kimonos, the head gears, etc etc. It’s really quite amazing how the entire show unfolds, the transitions and all that…

It was physical, so much fighting, jumping, running, shouting * lol*, dancing too~ and the juniors coordinated really well. I love the adlib part – so funny~~ “Yoshitsuneeee~~ Yoshitsuneeeee~~~” *dies laughing* Ohkura and Yokoyama are really funny la~!! And Hikaru Yaotome was cute *hides*. And I love to see ABC’s backflips and backlayouts *hehe*

Favourite bits of the DVD…
so far… based on what I remembered~

  • The entire mask-changing thing
  • Dance after the mask-changing
  • Byakkotai
  • The background music during the onnagata part (white kimono with umbrella)! It’s so beautiful~~~
  • Bunjee jump’s last multiple-spins!
  • Ushiwaka in the rain
  • Shanao and Benkei bridge scene
  • Yoshitsune adlib
  • Yoshitsune’s death
  • Shanao last scene~
  • Epilogue!
  • The ending montage with the credits *kirei*
  • and more which I can’t remember now…

Special guests who were at the show: Ohno-kun and Aiba-kun (from Arashi~ they were at the 2nd floor), a lady sitting with them (not sure what’s her name but Takki mentioned her twice), and Higashiyama-dai-sempai~ ^^ Was happy to see him appear during the show~!!

I was also staring at how small the theatre was, and imagining the amount of *HIDEJUICE* that was spilling down during the bunjee jump! ^-^ And Takki looks so good even when he was sweating profusely during the Yoshitsune segment *hidejuice just kept dripping non-stop LOL*. There were many closeups on his face thru0ut the show *CHOU KAKKOII* and it was fun watching his little frowns and grins~~ *flails*

I definitely have to watch it again tonight!! To see those puppy eyes again~ You can really see how much work he puts in for just this one show!! And he did 74 shows, 2 shows a day!!!! I really really feel he’s sugoi na! *can’t stop saying this ne* Johnnys artistes are made of steel, especially this one named Takizawa Hideaki [^^]

And an update on the Oricon charts. For the 2nd day’s ranking (18/7), Enbujou DVD is #3 on the Overall category but still #1 on the Music category.

10 thoughts on “Enbujou DVD!!!

  1. PUI says:




  2. shuduck says:

    omg!!!! i simply cnt wait to meet u agn @junction 8 bishan! walao! so pretty (=
    see u girl real soon neh. and bring ur laptop out too leh…i wan grab the vid files frm u too!!! being fangirling-deprived for ages!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so fangal-hungry……misssing txt-ism )= hate working life..no time n all stress lo..bo pian (=

  3. Rowena says:

    残念でしね…I rushed to HMV on Jul 18th and they said the Enbujou DVD only out in Japan and only Japan (code 2) version >_

  4. glenda says:

    Hidejuice— LMAO! ^_^

    DVD has arrived but we have not watched it yet…hoping to tonight. Did look thru the booklet (chou kakkoi)…did look at the poster…OMG THE POSTER!!!! Yeah, prepare to nosebleed woman!

  5. Reiko says:

    You haven’t opened the poster yet? It’s to DIE for, Mich! I ain’t saying ‘what it looks like’, as others may or may not have gotten theirs yet so, I’m not going to spoil it for the rest.

    As for me, I received my shippment today from cdjapan, right on time. =D I ordered mine w/EMS shipping within the fastest amount of time so, it came so fast. lol My husb. received my box so when I got home, he told me I had a box from cdjapan. I was SO excited!! I tore open the box w/my car keys…it was so funny. lol I didn’t wanna open it w/a small knife anyway. (too lazy) Nyway, the poster is GORGEOUS! *dies*

    But now the agony. I got my limited ed. gold dvd alright, w/both dvds. Just that, now I can’t play it on VLC!!!! *cries* I tried playing it on it, it skips, like as if Avex or Johnny’s (or whoever makes these dang dvds) doesn’t want you to play it on your computer; that it was meant ONLY for a dvd unit. I tried twice & both dvds, and both times, no luck. *DAMN!* Now I dunno whatelse to do but buy myself another dang all-region dvd player. *sigh*

    The original unit I had for Xmas this past year, we can’t play it now becuz 1) it didn’t come w/a remote, and 2) no instruction manual. *grrrrr* So now, even though I have an entirely brand new all-region dvd unit sitting here, I can’t even hook it up. *BAKA sales people!*

    What a story ne? But, just was wondering if anyone else had probs playing their dvds through the VLC.

  6. kiwi says:

    the onnagata scene is really beautiful!!! but i can’t help but giggle when i watch takki acting like a girl… HEHEHEHEHEHE. I love epilogue playing in the background too…

    the entire stage set of enbujou is beautiful!!

  7. leelin says:

    Hi michelle, saw the dvd and i love the yoshitsune and epilogue…it so kireiiiiiiiiii…..always love this song…its a great dvd…but it will be better if you watch it live…come next year….must make it a point to go and see ne.

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