After subbing Taiyou wa shizumanai for 2 days straight, I can memorise every single scene of episode 1 now lol~ and this song just came at the right time! :D This version sounds sooo much better than the one 7 years ago~ Takki’s voice has matured so much~ but the singing style still remains~~ which is excellent! Ah, actually I love Journey since watching Taiyou wa shizumanai x years ago :D So glad I finally have a CD version of it to keep (and to listen on repeat mode…)!

Anyway, I left as early as I could yesterday, at 5.45pm, carried that box, took a bus in the rain, and when I got back, first thing I did was to get a scissors to rip open the box… Then slowly pulled out the neat bubbled-wrap pack of 6 albums! – 3 are shuduck’s, 3 are mine!



Started with the Blue one.

Watched the entire DVD, yes, even those PVs that I’ve watched numerous times before.. Then went on to the 5th Anniversary special video. I expected a 5min montage thingie but I was soooo wrong! It was 32mins long I think, and it’s like a documentary styled video with an interview at the end. Was wishing for more new and unseen footage to appear… and off-hand, these are some bits I didn’t see before:

  • T&T sing Sotsugyou at a high school graduation
  • YumeMo PV filming~
  • Channel@ interview (can’t remember if I saw these questions before)
  • Serenade PV filming (Takki trying the dance moves with his flower stick, failing and laughing at himself? ^^ Was this in the other DVD before?)
  • Kamen performance at some Mask event
  • Roppongi Hills event (Venus, Ho!Summer and Kakko Tsukanai Tonight – saw a bit of this at the FC before~)
  • Damecon’s Aishiteru Ze T&T (I firmly believe the Damecon DVD will be released soon hehehee)…

AND OF COURSE, THE INTERVIEW!!!!!!! ***KYAAAAAA**** Takki looks sooooooo gorgeous!! I was like staring at his hair, his smile, his body, his legs.. and those little actions he did — touch his hair, hold his shirt together, pull his pants? *LOL*


On to the Red one.

Actually I opened the Green one before the Red one, but I decided to listen to the Red one first, coz erm, the Red one only had one new song in it… I looked at the BOOKLET first… Then back to the song.. yes, yes, Daydreamer! It’s a song that I think everyone will think it’s nice! Or rather, no one will say that it’s “not nice”? Hmm, it’s a very relaxing kind of song, with Tsubasa singing the entire first verse of the song, then Takki singing the entire second verse of the song… I know they do that for some songs too, but their solo voices are very evident in this one!!

Then finally, the Green one.

They say, we leave the best for the last~ Sou sou, my heart was *ドキドキ* when I put in the GREEN Disc 2, and started listening with my headphones… WOW!!! I LOVE ALL THE JUNIOR JIDAI SONGS!!!

#1 Real DX – all T&T fans will like this song lol.

#2 Words of Love – lyrics are partly written by Takki ^^ I always thought the words (i.e. lyrics of love) are addictive, since the first time I heard it in Hatachicon DVD. The arrangement and everything was how I imagined it to be, and it isn’t very much different from the versions we’ve heard during concerts i.e. his voice still sounds husky when he sings those certain words hehehehe ~~ :)

#3 AXEL – Probably my favourite Tsubasa solo in this CD.

#4 JOURNEY – *KYYYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA* Sorry, sorry, but I couldn’t control my fingers hahahaaa~ Masaki Nao!! :) I think this is my favourite song of this CD!!! Blame it on the timing, and everything ^^ I still remember when Takki, Tsubasa, and 4tops (was it?) sang this during the 2001 con… Although their voices then were not as polished, it still sounded nice.. and I remember, when I first heard this song in Taiyou wa shizumanai, I thought it was “Mr. Children” who sang it, coz Takki’s voice sounded like that last time? *ROFL*

#5 DO ME CRAZY – Tsubasa sounds so much better than when he sang this last time (in Hatachicon, or in performances etc). His voice definitely changed the most…

#6 KAMIRA TAMARA – I LOVE THIS SONG!! Favourite unit song of the CD!! Loved it since watching Hatachicon, Harucon, and all other cons lol~ I do miss the SLOW bridge/interlude part though, like I told Bonnie few days ago. Kinda wish they included that… but it’s still really catchy without it :D

#7 Koi Yo – Love this song! Tsubasa’s voice sounds so different. Compare this to the SC performance in 2001!! LOL… Though I’m so used to the Yokohamacon version, I think it’s only a matter of time I get used to this one! It’s slightly different… Oh, and I din know that that was an ENGRISH word!!

#8 Kimugare JET – Bwahahahahaha!! I still find this song really funny, especially the ENGRISH words! BUT… it’s so cute, the starting “ittekimasssuuu” or something like that.. I can’t listen to it now in office, but I just thought the tune sounds REALLY weird at first, then after listening to it more, it starts to become really catchy.

#9 Nagareboshi – I like this version much more than 23to24’s.

#10 Aishiteru Ze T&T – BWAHAHAHAHA!! Quite fun to hear this as a “SONG”. Takki… he just makes me laugh!! I REALLY *LOL* when Takki sang “KOI NO HANA~~~” hahahaha… Totally NOT what I expected kekekeke….

15 thoughts on “TAKITSUBA BESTs

  1. cynthi says:

    i knew i shouldn’t have clicked, but i always tend to spoil things for myself…haha. :D i haven’t gotten my CDs yet. boo. wow, michelle, thanks for all the details! i wish that T&T release all their cons on DVD! it’s just not fair…i want to see them too! T_T i totally laughed out loud at the beginning of Kimugare JET because i wasn’t expecting it at all! UGH. hopefully my CDs will come in tomorrow. :D

  2. kiwi says:

    mich-chan!!!! ahahaha the albums are so much love deshou?? after listening I immediately had to post my kyaaing also. haha. kimugare jet is so cute lor… sounds like an anime theme.

    Daydreamer has been playing on repeat for the past 5 hours!!! I LOVE IT. I really like when they sing ballads… because their voices blend very perfectly together

  3. you says:

    ^^ koi no hana~ is the only thing i can catch first time i listen
    aishiteruse T&T
    and u tachiii~~ is so funny with that little voice^^

    also ~ tsubasa omedetouuu

    aishiteruseee ^^

    ps hai e.. ill be here in japan for 3 wks till 4th november
    and also today i went to WWP so kakkoi~ but the one sitting in front of me is shotto block my view -__-”
    but anyway tanoshikatta yo^^

  4. Jules says:

    I really like Real DX too~ I hope it’s gonna have a PV!
    Thanks for taking the time to write about each song. And there I tried to keep myself from spoilers haha~

  5. rasharyan says:

    HII mich i found someone to help to buy the album …
    i live in egypt..but i’m asking for how to buy this 3cds
    in “one order” like package…i did that!i put the 3CDS in {shopping cart}to buy 3cd in the same time like you did ? right??? i send this page to see it..cuz
    i will send this page to that someone to buy it for me…so tell me this is right way to buy 3cds in the same order..sorry mich for bother :| i’m trying to do something.. if there other easy way to this tell me??
    here’s link http://www.cdjapan.co.jp/member/zolar/order/basket_set?prodkey=AVCD-23446

    thanxx mich Congratulations on getting your cds :)))

  6. kehluh says:

    hello!! Don’t know whether you still can rmb who I am. I have gotten my cds too =) Just wanna say another big thank you to you for helping answering all my questions regarding with the purchasing!! =D

    Thanks a lot!! =)

  7. michelle says:

    cynthi~ i think u shud have gotten ur cds by now? hehe.. dou? ^^ kimugare JET is funny!

    kiwi~ ya, daydreamer rite, their voices really very nice!!!

    youchan~ i wish i can stay there for that long v_v; and they always say “youtachi” in that kind of voice in the concerts hehe…

    rasha~ i can’t check since the shopping cart shud be working based on cookies. when u look in ur shopping cart, you should see all 3 cds inside (check the description and quantity to make sure it’s the correct discs/versions you want), then on the right, select ur country and click on the “calculate postage”. this will bring u to a page to choose what shipping method you want. after this, u can proceed to check out and make payment.

    kehluh~ yea, i remember! no probz~ glad u’ve gotten the albums already! ^^

    Junior kopke~ go buy it haha :D

    bunsie~ yaya, it was so sudden.. coz he said “dare mo shiranai tsubasa…” then i thot it sounded familiar lol! then before i could think, that “koi no hana” part come up haha

    miya~ lol~ of course ne hehe :D most of us bought all 3 versions i think. it’s impossible to choose, especially when 2 of them are limited editions :) juz wondering, which version did u buy? (if u bought the album) ^^;

    jaelyn~ eh, from what i remember… there are 6 pages of them individually, and they meet in the middle fold (fist-to-fist unit pic across 2 sides).

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