[Scans] ヒビコレ決戦 #05

Decided to risk damaging my mag to scan this lol~ Top Stage used to be binded by staples… until the recent issues (ever since this essay started?) when they started to bind it, making it more difficult to scan :(

topstage05-1.jpg topstage05-2.jpg

Sumimasen… there’s only Vol. 05 so far. I’ll try to get the rest scanned soon la~ Anyway, this issue is about the Takizawa Special Project, the SC special dance unit. As usual, I haven’t have time to read it yet (I wonder when I’ll have the time to read through everything *lol*)

12 thoughts on “[Scans] ヒビコレ決戦 #05

  1. YoYo says:

    So cute actually fot takky. Now i’m looking for his special project.Thank u for broaded heart to share and try to damage it share others .Thanks na””””

  2. Stephi-chan says:

    I hope you didn’t damage the mag too bad… =( but we appreciate you sharing as always! ^^
    Takki’s so handsome in this pic…but then again…isn’t he always? XD I love his boots. ^^

  3. Reiko says:

    Yes, hope you didn’t damage this precious mag in the process of doing these scans. (know what you mean) Gambatte for Takki ne? ^_^

    I heard about him starting up another dance unit under Johnny’s. Now, is this still under the ‘Johnny’s name’? And if so, then it’s another new Jpop grp then I presume?

    Wow…YOU GO, TAKKI!!!! *clap clap* Talk about a lot of work. And I wonder just what the new name of this grp will be? (and how they’ll dance) lol :P Pro’lly a bunch of young jrs ne? (maybe for my daughter to cheer for…lolol)

  4. michelle says:

    germini~ thanks! ^^

    Stephi-chan~ my mag’s fine for now hehe.. i miss the stapled version v_v;

    Reiko-chan~ it’s a shounen club special dance unit, and if u’ve watched the clips, you’d have known Yara’s the leader, and there are 4 other younger members. The MV has been filmed, and should be on air on 12/23’s SC.

  5. you says:

    this has nothing to do with takki but i like this blue on the wall ~ [kimochiii~when looking at it^^]
    i c u hv scaned a lots ne~
    otsukaresamadeshita ^^

  6. michelle says:

    youchan~ same here, i love the blue on the wall, and i like the design of the other page (the one with words) lol~ if he had taken this with his black hair, i think it would have looked better ^^

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