[Scans] Mannish 06/2000

This was the only old mag I lugged back from Japan during my trip in April. Many pages of kawaii Takki, when he was 18! And there’re loads of Nao from Taiyou wa Shizumanai! There’s even a pic where he hits Makino-kun with his kendo stick XD

mannish200006-01.jpg mannish200006-02.jpg mannish200006-03.jpg mannish200006-04.jpg mannish200006-05.jpg mannish200006-06.jpg mannish200006-07.jpg mannish200006-08.jpg
mannish200006-09.jpg mannish200006-10.jpg mannish200006-11.jpg mannish200006-12.jpg mannish200006-13.jpg mannish200006-14.jpg mannish200006-15.jpg

I’m sorry, the last pic is a 3-fold poster which was really difficult for me to scan & join.

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