[Scans] Nylon Japan 05/2011

Before I go to bed and prepare for my 4th day of work, here are scans from Nylon Japan May 2011! I was kyaaaing silently in the quiet magazine store in Otsuka when I first flipped this mag. Kakkoiiii~~~~~ ♥ First, it was the monochrome, then the intense stare by Takki (2nd scan)~~~ *faintz*

nylonjapan1105-01.jpg nylonjapan1105-02.jpg nylonjapan1105-03.jpg nylonjapan1105-04.jpg

Btw, I was really *akirashock*
My own site i.e. this Takki.us is blocked on my office computer!

12 thoughts on “[Scans] Nylon Japan 05/2011

  1. Azuki says:

    Kakkoiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!! * D * !!

    ねええ知ってるか when I see that gorgeous 2nd scan something attract my attention…

    I’ve seen that tie before ò__o!!

    and as I thought, it was in one of the pamphlets XD
    Do you have the Haru con pamphlet? the one that has those rainbow lines in the cover? go to the lastest pictures, Takki is wearing the same tie with a black suit!!! º 0 º !!!!
    LOL!! now I have a lot of questions….
    is his tie? is that tie in fashion again? (cause the harucon pamphlet is from 2004)

    ·___· 人生はミステリー XD

    Besides that anecdote thanks a lot for the scans n___n each one of those pictures are priceless *heart*

  2. Usako says:

    ive seen that ring in many of his scans did anyone else notice it was on his finger in like 2007 too O_O just asking im not crazy right hahaha i wish i had pix to show i just remember seeing that ring alot.

  3. Reiko says:

    Thanks so much for these pics. Saw this on someone’s sina blog long ago. Thanks so much 4 sharing! ♥ (don’t know if that blog was yours or not…hehe…it had something 329 on it, that’s y. lol)

    And funny, I don’t know why but…the 1st scan doesn’t work for me. I tried clicking on it, and nothing happens. (the one of him looking into the camera) The 2nd scan however, works fine. ♥ Just thought I’d let u know; thanks.

  4. michelle says:

    azuki~ ah, my harucon pamphlet is buried somewhere in a box haha… i need to take a close look at it next time i bring it out. but i can’t remember that tie… maybe coz i never really look at that pamphlet much (i only remember it was really colorful, and i remember takki in a green t-shirt!) hmm… but this tie in the 2nd scan is from fred perry ne! i think it’s a new collection, or they wouldn’t ask him to model it… perhaps it’s just a coincidence? XD

    usako~ yeah, i noticed the ring too! recently he’s been wearing that ne~~

    pateros~ u’re welcome :)

    peggy~ ne! kakkoii desu ne! ^^

  5. snuffles says:

    Oh my, intense!!! I can’t help staring at the second pic! He looks so good, it feels surreal! I’m grabbing it for my phone wallpaper!! Thanks!

  6. Lunarfaye says:

    Oh! Oh!! My god!! Mich!! You are the best!! I love this mag very much. He looks like 25. Lol thank you for sharing.

  7. snuffles says:

    Fred Perry should so buy over the rights to the 2nd pic and blown it up mega-size, then hang it all around town! The stare is so intense, and the overall feel is so kakkoii, i am sure it will stop people in their tracks!!

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