[Scans] Takizawa Hideaki – POPEYE Jan’09

*SHOCKED* ← my reaction when I first saw the pics to this mag a few days ago :)

Takizawa Hideaki in POPEYE magazine Takizawa Hideaki in POPEYE magazine Takizawa Hideaki in POPEYE magazine Takizawa Hideaki in POPEYE magazine

Scanned by IRENE (39~!!) who managed to get the mag from Kino Liang Court today (and I was told by the same shop that they do not have this mag! Hmm…) He looks VERY different, right?!! Something that we’ve never really seen before?! I love the side views, especially the one with the hat! The good thing about the front view ones → Takki’s face looks fatter :P

26 thoughts on “[Scans] Takizawa Hideaki – POPEYE Jan’09

  1. taki-bb says:

    Thank you so much IRENE and Mich
    I love the two front pics
    Face of Baron,so different but feel fashion ne
    and yes,his face looks fatter^^

  2. sannah says:

    Mich and Irene……thanks for these pix…..

    Ehhh…Takki looks so grown up. Very different. Front curly hair? Is that his new hairstyle? I love the pix with the hat……

  3. first love says:


  4. kedky says:

    New hairstyle? SHOCK…very shock…ne
    yes, very different from past.
    Umm~ I love his old hairstyle it’s so cute but the pix with the hat he look smart ne. ^^

  5. simone says:

    Thanks Mich & Irene! I like the one with the hat also, maybe because it hides his hair (?). I am shocked as well, and don’t quite know how to feel about this. It reminds me of older styles of early rock singers, or even Elvis Presley.

    I am bothered by the height of his hair in the middle, I think I would prefer it a bit flatter, less, erm… rooster crest like. I saw him for years with that side part, which seemed a constant even when the color or length changed.

    His face is a bit rounder, yes, but have no fear, his cheeks will be hollow at the end of January!

  6. AlphaXraptor says:

    wowwww :D my first reaction was like you too Mich, but then I looked at it again and found that he actually looks really cool~!

    hmm he looks A LITTLE BIT (a little bit a little bit) like a girl in the first one? mama no worries after his Takizawa Kakumei we won’t see this tackey for a while…

  7. Stephi-chan says:

    *akira shock* The new style is VERY different ne~
    I like the third picture alot with the front view. He looks REALLY good there.

    I’m not sure about the length in the back…it reminds me so much of a Billy Ray Cirus 90’s mullet…*don’t hit me* but I love the top and the sides of his style. I’d say he definately achieved that “foreign artist” look he was going for! XD He should just get rid of the length in the back. *runs*

    Overall, he looks very good…and the leather…OMG! *dies* Love him in leather.

  8. Reiko says:

    *eeeeeekkkgads* O.O *SHOCK* Sorry but…I’d have to say I terribly don’t like it ONE BIT. *cry* It just reminds me totally of Jrocker-style.

    I swear, IF T&T ever starts switching their music to a more Jrock-sound now after this, I’ll have to say I will no longer be a 100% T&T fan. I’m sorry but, it’s just IMO. *don’t whack me* *runs from T&T and Takki fans* I’m no fan of Jrock music, nor the sound of it; not my type. But, Takki’s hair right now, I’m not likin’ it at all. I’m sorry but, it’s the way I feel.

    Tho I’m lovin’ the last pic w/the hat…XDDD

  9. 3aGRooB says:

    small shock…

    but i think it is nice to change the style once in a while… but ……………………… i liked the 4th one…

    thanx Mich and Irene

  10. michelle says:

    bwahahaha~ so many comments! this sure was shocking at first, but i like the change ^^ that’s why i have to get my hands on this mag. the more i look at it, the more i like the first pic! he looks really good, with a bit of back hair shown from the front view :)

    and the curls at the top and the long back hair is probably due to styling only? ahhh~ now i wanna see Ai Kakumei PV!!! i wonder if it’ll be styled the same way, or not… and not to forget, the heisei tv show too!

    but yea, he sure achieved that ‘foreign artiste’ look! coz you guys mention “elvis presley”, “billy ray cirus”, and ppl in the bbs said “james dean” too LOL

    but if u’re worrying, then dun need to, his hair is shorter and BLACK now :)

  11. sannah says:

    Mich….ha…ha..ha…..so many reactions ne…..I’m not really that worried….Takki changes his hairstyle like changing clothes…no matter what hairstyle ha has….He’ll always be the most handsome man to me….

    So it’s back to black again? How short? As short as you like it to be? Crossing my fingers…..LOL…..

  12. KatSpore says:

    ah! I love his hair black! Guess bon will be as happy as me!fufufu!
    His hair is sorta different in Popeye but that’s y we bou it right? It’s a totally diff Takki style. He nv fails to surprise us ne~ N it will be in our record n hse forever.. LOL
    Thanks Irene & Mich! *chu*

  13. michelle says:

    sannah~ not sure, but from the amt of hair in that hairball, i think he has cut off quite a lot, rite? i kinda wish it’s back to the hk2006 hairstyle :)

    kat~ yea, 我也搞不清某某人…

  14. glenda says:

    It took me awhile to decide who he reminded me of with this hairstyle. First thought was someone from the musical Grease. Then I decided it was someone else…Brian Setzer of Stray Cats. Do you know them? They came out in the early 80’s & brought back “rock-a-billy” music in the U.S. & “swing.” He split from the Stray Cats and now goes by The Brian Setzer Orchestra. I looked him up on Google and *shock* they are doing a TOUR of Japan bwahaha I got you a link to a Stray Cats video (Stray Cat Strut) so you can see the resemblance with the haircut & “young Brian”; the “older Brian” still has the same hairdo going but it looked better in the 80’s :p http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IGg3_T_FcOQ Thanks for sharing & thanks to Irene as well.

  15. michelle says:

    glenda~ hahaha, the moment i saw the guitarist’s hair, i started laughing, esp. the side view! it stands up so much, takki’s look ‘mild’ in comparison… but i know what u mean hehehehe….

  16. Kiarachan says:

    Thank you for sharing.

    First, when I saw the thumbnails, I was like “Ehhh? Patrick Swayze???”. Unfortunately my opinion didn’t change that much when I saw it in full size _._
    The two frontal pics are… uhm… Popeye photoshoots are always quite different ^^;;;;
    I like the last pic though ^^

  17. Lisa says:

    LOL I’m glad I wasn’t the only one who thought Patrick Swayze! Even gladder to hear it is back to black and shorter already! thank you for sharing the scans Irene and Mich :)

  18. michelle says:

    patrick swayze! haha… he’s really achieved that ‘foreign talent’ hairstyle ne, judging from the comments :D

    tomei~ ur ‘echo’ made me laugh a bit hehe…

  19. angky says:

    bikurishita!!!! *LOL*

    he looked sooooo different.
    did he ever consider to keep the hair style??? *LOL*

    wonder what Tsubasa will think, cause takki never change his hair style much. ^ o ^

  20. i_heart_takki says:

    wow !! is my 1st reaction!!
    i am surprised.. but takki suits anything~
    is really stylo~

    is cool~
    (i really think the 1st pic looks like toma~ )

    thks for the scans !

  21. michelle says:

    angky~ i think he probably only wanted it for the pv, coz after that, he’s cut it off :)

    i_heart_takki~ yea, he does. he’s so stylo! haha.. u from s’pore too rite? from your usage of words. eh… toma? @-@

    reiko~ yea, if u’ve read my other posts carefully, u’d know that most likely that report is wrong, and his hair is still blonde. but black or blonde, tono still looks juz as kakkoii!

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