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24Hr TV SP Drama “Kimi ga Kureta Natsu”
Rating: 23.3%
(Takki, Omedetou~~!!!!!! It’s a very high rating! OMEDETOU!!!! )

Download .001 | .002 | .003 | .004 (679MB)

[EDIT 4th Feb 2008: English subbed HQ version available here]


OMGGGGGGG!!!!!!!! IT’S SO TOUCHINGGGGG!!!! *CRIES BUCKETS OF TEARS* I’m re-watching as I type… It’s a really good drama, something worth keeping as DVD!! Even while watching it without subs, I cried and cried…

Storyline, spoilers and screencaps if you read on.


24時間テレビ ラジかるッ 2007.08.18

Finally something for me to download! Yatta!!! The clips are coming in ^_^ I’ll split each part before I upload, just in case my stupid internet connection dies on me again… Rajikaru is like a preview or final countdown to the 24hr TV. It was aired at 16:30 Japan time, 2 hours before the start of 24hr TV. I think.

Part 1

They showed a part on the drama, and a Kimura-san (I remember seeing this actor in Nobuta wo Produce) that acted with Takki. They showed some scenes of Takki as a construction worker (so I was right? was that why the “construction worker” word kept appearing in his Takirens? ^_^). KYAAAAAAA~~~~


Then it was T&T getting their T-shirts for the first time and trying them on.
Woah~ the camera pans from bottom to top! ^_^


And after showing live feeds from other areas, T&T finally appeared!


They showed Tsubasa at the themesong recording. Then showed a bit more of the drama. Takki said it’s his first time playing a father, and something about family bond. They also showed a bit of Takki’s VTR with the girl who loves piano.


Takki looks so good…



T&T appeared towards the end of this part. For a short while only.


Download from MEGA:
Part 1 (385.3MB) Part 2 (170.8MB) *updated 28 Feb, 2015

Anyway, this is something random. A short exchange on Kin-chan’s marathon run, posted at 20:07 Japan time, which was about 2 hours into his run:


Time check.
02:30 SG time = 03:30 Japan time.
Which is *calculates* 9 hours passed. 12 more to go?
欽ちゃん,頑張ってください。 滝沢くん, 翼くんも頑張ってください!

Parts 1, 2, 3 are on my download queue now. Next up should be the drama right!! OMG THE DRAMA!!!!!!! I’m starting to feel energetic suddenly, though I’m physically quite drained lol~ Maybe I should take a nap first while the clips download (and upload)! Internet connection is really really slow today…

24時間テレビ SP 2007.08.04 Papa Takki….

Finished watching the 24hr TV Preview special. The SP drama CM was just a very tiny segment of the whole clip. But it left a deep impression. Yappari mich is a sucker for dramas! No, make that Takki dramas ^^ Wanted to cry when I saw Takki crying *bottom left screenie*~ Ahem, it was only a 2-second scene! *whacks self*


Download CM from MEGA (6.14MB)
*updated 28 Feb, 2015

I’ve also cut the themesong segment out from the video. It’s quite a catchy song~ quite nice, really different feel from Sarai ne. If you want the clip, douzo~~~ [Update – 28 Feb, 2015: I couldn’t find the cut, so I’ve uploaded the entire Preview Special]


Download full clip from MEGA (295.1mb)
*updated 28 Feb, 2015

*LOL* At this rate, I’ll never be able to start on my report ne fufufufu….

[Scans] Kindai 8/2007

SO MUCH LOVE!!! This issue of Kindai has a 3 page coverage on 24hrTV. 2 pretty pages on Drama SP “Kimi ga kureta natsu ~ ganbareba, shiawase ni nareru yo~” and the 3rd page has the largest group shot of the press conference (you can clearly see Takki’s double bracelet here).

OMG~ That 3-sequenced-pics of Takki Papa playing with his youngest son killed me on the spot!!! When I saw it at Kino, I couldn’t stop saying he’s so cute (Kiwi & Ribi must be thinking I’m overeacting! Wahahaha~~). He looks even more playful than his son *pinchpinch*~ and it seems like Takki was the reason for the kid’s laughter during filming?


OMG look at how Takki Papa carries his son~! And Kyoko-chan carrying her son too~~ They look like such a happy happy family *shiawase* But there’s one more pic from that page where Papa looks on while son is in pain… *sobs*

Here are the scans (click for larger and full versions):

kindai200708-01.jpg kindai200708-02.jpg kindai200708-03.jpg

Ah! August 18, come QUICK!!! Eh, I was playing around with Takki & Kyokochan’s names, like how Takki came up with Takisawami (for R&J). Do you think he’ll come up with some weird name again this time? Tako? or Takko? Bwahahahaha.. I think Takikyoko sounds cute! *avoids bricks from fangirls*

[Scans] TV Guide 2007.06.29

Collected so many mags in 2 days, it’s crazy ne~ Myojo, Popolo, TV Guide, TV Life, Tokyo Walker, Kindai, Potato, Duet and Winkup… Last night I connected that old scanner of mine to the even older PC… and went on a scanning spree!!! Quite a tedious process everytime I wanna scan something *blames Vista* I didn’t tear out the pages this time (apart from Tokyo Walker), so the sides of the other scans might be blurry.

My favourite of the lot is actually Kindai 8/2007! So much Papa love…. But I’ll start with TV Guide 6/29. I bought the whole mag just for that one page on 24hrTV, and particularly coz I saw this pic:


Sugoku chiisai e… but I bought the mag nonetheless lol~ Instead, I gave up the Gekkan Songs’ 2 pages on Yokohama Con report! Haaa~~ just proves how much of a drama freak I am!!! So, only one page for now. Douzo….


More scans later~~

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