Takki Tidbits

1) In this week's Taki Channel #78, Takki does a bungee jump in Yomiuri Land, with a camera in his face! LOL! If you haven't watched it yet, go watch it! haha~ 2) Our Tackey Summer Concert 2012: Goods List post have been updated with additional details, including the prices & an additional item (no... not pamphlet =_=). But … Continue reading Takki Tidbits

滝CHANnel #73

Part 2 of Takizawa Kabuki Behind-the-Scenes - continuation from #72 - is up! This time, it shows the happenings on Opening Day. Watching this brings back memories of that show on 8 April... Head over to http://takichan-j.jp/ :) LOVE that first screenie~~ that dimple! Iya, that "SO~RE~" thing was quite funny lol. The chibi Jrs are … Continue reading 滝CHANnel #73

滝CHANnel #72

If you haven't watched the latest Taki-Channel updated at noon today, GO WATCH NOW!!! It's Behind-the-scenes of Takizawa Kabuki 2012 (Part 1)!! http://www.takichan-j.jp/ KYAAA!! Tono chou kawaii when he made the *chu* in his white painted face! Ahhhh... and even when he was just talking to the camera, that close up dimpled face~ so cute!! … Continue reading 滝CHANnel #72