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Takki Tidbits: Akutou, Taki-CHANnel, Johnny’s World etc

1) Here’s the latest pic of Takki in the upcoming drama SP “Akutou”, from The Television magazine. His hair~! XD “Akutou” will air on 30 Nov @ 21:00, Fuji TV.

Image source: Twitter


Takizawa Hideaki x Nakai Masahiro

This week’s episode of Taki Channel is featuring Chokozai-kun Tono’s sempai, SMAP’s Nakai-san. Anyway, i think he has this scary ‘sempai aura’ that would make his kouhais nervous lol~

Apparently he’s never heard of Taki Channel lol. But I love his “Why is this called Taki Channel but you aren’t appearing in it…?” :D And it was so funny at the end when he was made to do the Taki Channel pose…in his final interview before turning 40 on Monday?

On a personal note, I hope Tono decides to focus on acting in his 30s. I think he’s a talented director and producer, and excels at back stage stuff, but I guess what I want most is to see him in dramas & movies… and erm, maybe have a butai and a solo con every year as well? :P

滝CHANnel #73

Part 2 of Takizawa Kabuki Behind-the-Scenes – continuation from #72 – is up! This time, it shows the happenings on Opening Day. Watching this brings back memories of that show on 8 April…

Head over to :)

LOVE that first screenie~~ that dimple! Iya, that “SO~RE~” thing was quite funny lol. The chibi Jrs are cute ne~ And I like the Kansai Jrs! Thank you, Kiriyama-kun :)

滝CHANnel #72

If you haven’t watched the latest Taki-Channel updated at noon today, GO WATCH NOW!!! It’s Behind-the-scenes of Takizawa Kabuki 2012 (Part 1)!!

KYAAA!! Tono chou kawaii when he made the *chu* in his white painted face! Ahhhh… and even when he was just talking to the camera, that close up dimpled face~ so cute!! I miss him already .(, __,).

Takki Tidbits

1) The first batch of Takizawa Kabuki 2012 stage photos were released today (14th April). There are 9 photosets in all, out of which 5 are Takki’s. There are 4 photos in each set.

2) Even though Takki is no longer a regular in the 5 Johnnys monthly magazines, he appeared in the May 2012 issues of Potato and Wink Up. Bon-chan & I were at a magazine shop in Ikebukuro station last week flipping the mags and we kyaaed when we saw Tono’s pages lol. If I remember correctly, there are only 2 pages in each magazine (not including the Taki-Channel essay in Potato), and both were interviews on Takizawa Kabuki.

Ah, here are preview pics from Y!A (Potato followed by Wink Up):


3) Still on magazines, I might have missed this one out previously, but there is a Takki interview on Takizawa Kabuki in the May 2012 issue of Look at Star (released on 27th March). He’s not on the cover though, unlike for Best Stage.

4) If you haven’t already seen it, the current episode on Taki-Channel is on both the Marching J event at Tokyo Dome on 11th March, as well as the Johnnys Baseball Tournament – also at Tokyo Dome – on 18th March. It has the best coverage so far of the event – in my opinion. It also has backstage footage of Tono! Of course, Tono was chou kakkoii as batter, and especially so when he flung off his coat before the ‘fight’ :)

5) This tournament will be aired on TV, on 3rd May 2012, from 5.30 to 7.30pm. But apparently it’ll be shown only FujiTV ONE (paid channel, not the usual Fuji TV). Sigh… mitai na!!!

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