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滝沢連合 第524章

It’s been almost 5 months since his last update, which was on 29 Nov last year. I totally didn’t expect him to update at all today, but he knows he has to do some PR for Mayopan ne!

Takizawa Rengou Vol. 524

28 Apr

Today, it’s finally the broadcast day of Mayonaka no Panya-san ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
I think you will be able to see a new Takizawa !
On NHK-BS Premium, from 10pm onwards Be sure to watch it ne

Ah, it’s been a while since I last updated



I’m doing my best today in Takizawa Enbujou yo
Although it’s tough, I’m enjoying myself everyday. I’ll do my best for the remaining shows!

Takizawa Enbujo Newspaper Reports

There were Takizawa Enbujo 2013 reports in the WS and newspapers this morning. I’ll try to tidy up some of the WS clips and share them either here or on Facebook later. Meanwhile, here are some pics of newspaper articles I found on Y!A.

chunichi sportshochi

news1 news2


Takizawa Enbujo 2013 goods!

滝沢演舞城2013 初日おめでとうございます! The opening show of Takizawa Enbujo 2013 is now on-going in Shimbashi Theatre as I write. A few pictures of the goods have been posted in various social media sites. The theme this year is pink & black ne :)


Pamphlet: cover, page, another page, another page
Clearfile: AB
Original photosets: 01, 02, 03
Sensu: cover & sensu
Mini sensu: cover & sensu
Tenugui: 01
Earphone jack accessory: 01
Shopping bag: 01

Photos credit: @hidezo_momo, @ayu24taki, @钱钱是开心的二逼萝莉, @yu03290317

FYI, this is the schedule of the 6pm shows:

Act 1: 18:00 ~ 17:10 (70mins)
Intermission: 30mins
Act 2: 19:40 ~ 21:00 (80mins)

Ah, it should be intermission time now. Expect more pictures to pop up soon~
I’ll update this post with more pics tonight :)

滝沢演舞城2013 グッズ

J-net has posted the Takizawa Enbujo 2013 Goods List!

  • Pamphlet: 2,000yen
  • Clearfile [Takizawa A, B / 2 types]: 500yen each
  • Original Photosets [Takizawa A, B, C / 3 types]: 600yen each
  • Sensu (folding fan): 1,800yen
  • Mini Sensu (mini folding fan): 1,200yen
  • Tenugui (hand towel): 1,000yen
  • Earphone Jack Accessory: 1,000yen
  • Shopping Bag: 1,500yen

* If things are similar to past butais, there will be stage photo(set)s added later…

Am I the only one happy that there are no posters this time? lol. The item I’m most kininaru about is the earphone jack accessory. Of course pamphlet is a must-buy! Hmm why is there a sensu AND a mini-sensu? haha~ I’ve loved all the Enbujo sensus so far, can’t wait to see the design/theme this time. 4 more days to opening… We’ll post pics as soon as we can!

[News Clips] Takizawa Enbujo 2013 Press Conference

Here are some of the WS clips from Wednesday.

Takki will be playing Yoshitsune again this year. He said honestly, he doesn’t want others to play Yoshitsune. I also feel that he’s most fitted for the role lol. ZIP! focussed on the ‘hadaka festival’ where Takki and Jrs hit the drums half-naked. In Mezamashi, a reporter asked if he’ll be getting married soon~ coz earlier this year, Johnny-san made a comment that Takki needn’t ask for his permission to get married lol. PON! featured the title logo, the hidden “タッキー” in the “舞” character. Takki also said that the logo itself is the handwriting of Johnny-san.

MF (59.37mb, mp4)


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