CM Story: ミルクのお願い

Translated from the Nissin Spaou Range website :

[Design of Plot]

The next new product of the Nissin Series is the “Nissin Range Spaou, Pasta Stew made with milk.” Its greatest feature is “Add and cook with milk” – the completely new taste and way of cooking with the use of a microwave.

To carry this out in an impressive way, we asked Takizawa Hideaki-san to act as the same chef and we dramatically drew the moving encounter between Spaou and Milk-kun (which had the burning desire to be added into the Spaou mixture)

[CM Story]

Chef Takizawa and his male waiters prepare for the opening of their restaurant. Bang Bang Bang Bang! Surprised, they look at the door of the restaurant where the noise was coming from. There stood Milk-kun who begged “Please let me get into Spaou!” Overwhelmed with these emotions, (Milk-kun) charges into the restaurant. The waiters try to stop him and drag him out of the restaurant, but Milk-kun heads towards the Chef.

“I… Please let me get into Spaou! Please!”
The minute Milk-kun lowers his head… Pop.
Milk-kun opens his mouth and milk is poured into the Spaou that the Chef was holding. An Ah! expression on the Chef’s face. But when he gives it a taste, he finds it to be surprisingly delicious! The Chef, who is absolutely pleased with Milk-kun, gives him a warm hug and welcomes his new partner.

[A Behind-the-scenes Peek at the Recording]

In the middle of rehearsals, when Milk-kun desperately tried to make his appeal to Chef Takizawa, Takizawa-san and the male waiters (Totsuka Shouta, Hashimoto Ryousuke, Sanada Yuma, and Nozawa Yuuki from Johnny’s Jr) unintentionally said “Kawaii~~”

But during the real shoot, they held in such remarks, and acted seriously. A violent and flailing Milk-kun and a scene where the waiters struggled to stop him… when the director yelled “Cut!” everyone was laughing and it was a very fun atmosphere.

For the “Add and cook with milk” Spaou that we havent had until now – it was very interesting for both the studio staffs and the performers. We were satisfied with the surprised expression that Takizawa-san showed us in the CM, and we were able to finish it up with this delicious cream pasta.

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