[Radio] 滝沢電波城 2010.01.16


「Good evening. This is Takizawa Denpajou’s Takizawa Hideaki. Well, today, we’re out of the Nippon Housou studio and we’re currently airing from the dressing room of Jinsei Kakumei and Takizawa Kakumei, which are currently playing at the Teikoku Gekijou. Well, three weeks have already passed since we’ve entered 2010, but I am still not feeling the spirit of the new year. What is this… this strange feeling… Last year, we also did Takizawa Kakumei and we also did it starting from the very beginning of the new year. But I am enjoying my long-waited co-performance with Mori-san. If there’s anyone who has not seen the play yet, I would certainly like for you to come.

As for another piece of news that everyone has been curious about… It’s the results of the lottery, which I’ve talked about before. I think there are people who are wondering how it turned out so… should I tell you guys today? Well then, I bought a substantial amount of tickets. I really did. And in fact, when I went through them one by one, I (realized I) got one that’s worth 10,000 yen!! Hahahahaha~

Yes, I won 10,000 yen. I’m happy about it. Well… when you hear “10,000 yen” you’d think that its a big number, but I did buy a substantial amount of tickets so… hehehehe it doesn’t feel like I’ve gotten a full return of my investment (didn’t get my money’s worth). But nevertheless, I did win 10,000 yen so I’m happy about it. Next time, I think I want to try playing again in the spring. If anything good comes out of it, I will let you all know, so I hope everyone will look forward to it. 」

「Well today, we’re broadcasting from the Teikoku Gekijou dressing room, but this year, because the stage play started on January 1st, we once again had to celebrate the Countdown at the theatre. Well after the countdown, all the members gathered in my dressing room and I said “Let’s at least have some New Year’s Eve soba~” And after we ate, there was… the otoshidama? Everyone was kinda smirking (kind of expecting an otoshidama) so I thought “I guess it can’t be helped” and I gave one to everybody. The play was about to start soon too and it didn’t feel anything like New Year’s. But nevertheless, I am having a great time with the audience.

As for my dressing room, there are people who are curious as to what kind of place it is, so today, I’d like to do a report about it. First off, there is my zaisu (my favorite chair). I always sit in it and I’m always there during the intermissions. I sit in the chair while I’m sleeping, while I’m doing my makeup, while I’m eating… my zaisu is really my place of comfort.

…. But there aren’t really a lot of other things in the room. Un~ Well, there are cosmetics, a humidifier, and a foot massager, which I always use. 」


Listener :
Tono, good evening. The other day, I was watching TV and there was something about a special cleaner for unique items. Among all the items, there was a pro-wrestling mask. I continued watching, as it automatically made me think about Tono. It’s apparently common for pro-wrestling masks and its parts to be made with various materials. It also seems like it takes a lot of work to clean and would also cost a lot if you were to get it cleaned elsewhere. Tono’s concert and butai costumes are really sparkly and it looks as though there were a lot of unique work done on them. For concerts and butais that go on for several days, it doesn’t seem like you have a lot of time to clean them… so how do you do it?

Tono :
Ah~~ That’s a good question!! We’ve been doing this butai every day for a month, so I think there certainly are people who are curious as to when and how we wash our clothes. I wonder how do we do it?! I think there’s a difference between who’s the zachou and who’s not and the question of whether or not we get our clothes washed for us… Someone always washes my clothes for me. So I really don’t know what happens to the sparkly costumes. I wonder how they do it ne~ Even I don’t know. But the stylist in charge of the costumes is working hard and is perhaps cleaning them for me.

Listener :
Tono, good evening! The other day, in the Niigata city that I live in, there was a short downfall of heavy snow for the first time in 25 years. For me, who always commutes to work by car, I was late by 3 hours. In the middle of the intersection, there were things like a stranded truck, a car that slipped while failing to climb a nearby slope, and cars that have crashed into piles of snow. The trains were also out of service so on that day, all the traffic networks inside the city were paralyzed. It was horrible. Tono, have you ever been terribly late for work? And have you ever driven your car on a snow-covered road?

Tono :
I see~ That’s terrible ne. It turned into such a mess? Well, I’ve never really seen an accumulation of heavy snow in Tokyo. But I have (only once) been on a road that was frozen over. I was the one driving and the car totally slid. It was scary. Un~ As for being terribly late? Well, (yes) due to things like traffic. Like there were times when there was heavy traffic even though we were only heading to the suburbs. But up until now, there haven’t really been instances where I was terribly late (for work). Un~ but the cars crashed into the snow? Cars can be dangerous ne. But I think that these kinds of things probably can’t be experienced in Tokyo. But I hope everyone will move carefully at times like these.

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  1. simone says:

    Thanks, fun to read Denpajou, as usual.

    I see that his lottery tickets, as happens most of the time, cost more that he won. I once won the same amount, and, like for Tono, if I looked back on what I had spent over time, it barely reimbursed me! Lol

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