[Radio] 滝沢電波城 2010.01.24


「Good evening, this is Takizawa Denpajou’s Takizawa Hideaki! Well then~ today, continuing from last week, we are once again out of the Nippon Housou studio and we’re currently airing from the Takizawa Kakumei and Jinsei Kakumei’s dressing room at Teikoku Gekijou. I think there are people who are wondering “What does he do when he first enters the room?”

Well, first, when I get to the theatre and enter my dressing room, I will start by just (sitting in my chair) doing nothing. Though I don’t really know if you can call that a “start.” I don’t play music and I don’t watch TV. I just kinda space off in the silence and and after doing a little bit of that, I’ll think “Maybe I’ll eat now~” and eat my lunch. Then after doing a little bit of that, I’ll think “Maybe I’ll take a shower now~” and I’ll take a shower. It makes me look like a really lazy/useless guy.

Fufufu~ In a slow pace, I’ll lie around and do absolutely nothing. Well, I always get there two hours before the show, so in those two hours, I would slack off and space off and things would be really laid back. Then 30 minutes before the start of the show, I’ll think “Yosh~ Ok, it’s about time to go on standby” and I’ll do things like change into my costume. Then 5, 10 minutes before the show, I’ll leave my dressing room and go on stage for standby.

Then, when the shows are over, it goes kinda like… I’ll meet and check with the staff regarding concerns about the performances that day and I’ll go home immediately afterwards. Slacking off before the show and working hard during the show… This is really the kind of extreme lifestyle that I’ve been living recently. 」

(I know I said that I wouldn’t translate conversations…
but this is too hilarious to not translate lol

T: Well then, today we’re broadcasting from my Teikoku Gekijou dressing room,
   and I was thinking that if any of the other performers were willing to come,
   then they should’ve joined in as guests on this radio show, but no one came.
   So like always, I’ll go on air by myself, from my dressing room.

G: … Tono, Tono, Tono!
T: What?
G: I am Gag Machine #2 (played by a Denpajou staff)
T: Oh, it’s you again?
G: I’m a little curious about this thing here.
T: What is it?
G: What is it? This thing?
T: What? Eh??
G: This, this thing. What is it?
T: What?
G: Th-This, Wakazu… wakazuma? (a young wife/bride)
G: This wakazuma.
T: Wakazuma? I don’t know anything about it yo.
G: What is it? Tono!!
T: What IS this?!
G: Tono~ Do you like young brides?
T: This isn’t mine yo!
G: This is Tono’s, isn’t it?
T: This kind of… of… magazine… Why is it closed?
T: What is this?!?
G: May I open it?
T: Can we? (Is this appropriate for the show?) This is not mine yo~
G: But it was in Tono’s dressing room.
T: Pffft~ My dressing room? I don’t have these kinds of things in there!
   ….It was in there?
G: It was sitting in your room.
T: I probably must’ve been tired.
T: No, no! I don’t have this kind of thing in there yo!
G: Tono, what is written inside there?
T: This… there are various pictures… EHHHHH~~~ HAHAHA! This isn’t mine!
   But even though it’s not mine, can I make it mine?
T: I don’t know anything about it. It’s obviously not mine, right?
G: It’s not your’s, Tono?
B: Tono.
T: Yes?
B: Tono.
T: What is it yo?
B: This is Boubex #2 (also played by a Denpajou staff)
T: Yes?
B: It came from these things that were in a bag underneath the chair that was
   in front of Tono.
B: Tono!
T: Wait a second, what are you doing?!
B: That is…
T: This is going to be hard to explain
T: What is this?! How can we explain this?
B: There are six of them… Tono!
T: Ehh? What is this? Wait, how should I explain this?
B: Is it a set?
T: It is, isn’t it? This… HAHAHAHA! This was in my room?!?
B: I found this from below (the chair)
T: I must’ve been tired… I don’t remember anything about it! I went and
   bought this?? ….. HAHAHAHA What are you doing? You’re here today
   just for this?
T: You came here today just for this?! I apologize to the listeners who must
   be thinking “what is going on here?” I’d like to regather myself and
   continue on to the next corner.

For those of you who still don’t understand what’s going on… errr… the magazine that Tono wanted to keep *LOLL* was a very “naughty” magazine. And when they said there were six of them (6個), they didn’t mean that there were six magazines (since the counter for books is 冊). I think i’ll make more sense now if you reread it again XDDD


Listener :
Takki, good afternoon. I am a Takki-loving 8th grader who is preparing for her high school exams. Recently, my mom asked me “What do you want me to make for your exam bento?” and I am having trouble deciding. Do you have a type of bento that you’d like to eat on the day of your exams? By the way, do you have any recommendations for midnight snacks? If you do, please tell us~

Tono :
This is about the type of meals on important days, right? For bentos? Hmm. Well, I think a normal meal like rice, nattou, fish, and miso soup would be nice. Even though that’s not a bento. But you know how people are always asking questions like “what is the last thing you want to eat before you die?” Well, people would say various things like “Maybe ramen~” or “Maybe steak~” But yappari, I think I want to eat nattou before I die! Un~ Like rather than something expensive, I think it’s perhaps best to eat something simple and something that you’re used to eating. Un~ But as for the bento, maybe eat something that gives you stamina. As for midnight snacks… I hope you will eat a lot, study hard, and do your best on the exams.

Listener :
Tono, good evening. It seems like Tono really likes ramen and eats it a lot, but does your nose start running when you eat ramen? That usually happens to me. I love ramen, but because I don’t like to blow my nose in front of people, I can’t go out to eat ramen. What should I do?

Tono :
Eh? Ramen? For me, I get a runny nose whenever I get a massage. When you’re (lying face down) on the massage bed, you have to rest your face in the round hole, right? Well, as I’m getting my massage, my nose gradually begins to run. And one time, it even dripped down onto the floor. For some reason, this tends to happen when I get a massage. But it doesn’t happen with ramen. Un~ this is probably a concern for women. But I think in ramen restaurants, there aren’t a lot of people who care to look. You can try to do something like wipe your nose as you pretend to wipe off your mouth.

Listener :
Tono, good evening. Today, as I was taking a bath, I was surprised by something. There was a bruise on the front of my thigh. For it to bruise up like this, I must’ve bumped into something or must’ve been hit by something. But I don’t remember that ever happening. I dunno whether it’s funny or sad. When Tono is rehearsing for the play, have you ever gotten bruises that you don’t remember getting?

Tono :
This probably happens very often. I am very nervous during the shows, so in the midst of the quick costume changes, the running, and the various action stunts, I’ve probably bumped into things. But I don’t really feel the pain. That’s probably it. And as for bruises that I don’t remember getting… It happens to me occasionally too.

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  1. michelle says:

    thanks for the translation, bon-chan! this was THE episode! to think that they found 6 pieces of THAT in his room! lol~

    and the part about his runny nose during massage was so gross hahaha…

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