[Radio] 滝沢電波城 2010.02.27


「Good evening! This is Takizawa Denpajou’s Takizawa Hideaki! Shinshun Jinsei Kakumei has also ended. I always talk about the finale parties on this radio show, and of course I’ll do it again this year. On the last day, after we finished the last show of Mori-san’s Jinsei Kakumei, we headed to the first party location. Of course, more than anyone, we wanted the zachou to start the toast, right? The zachou for Jinsei Kakumei is Mori Mitsuko-san, but we thought that it might be a little…. if we asked her to come (all the way to where we were)… so I asked her in advance if she would let me shoot a video of her making a toast. I showed the video at the party venue and everyone faced the screen and said “Cheers!!”

As everyone was saying “That was fun, wasn’t it?” we went on to the second party location for some bowling and the third part location for karaoke. And I usually continue partying until around early afternoon the next day, but this time, I fell asleep halfway through it all. So I have absolutely no stories to tell. But I was quite surprised by that ne. So this is where the story ends! hahahaha!

Usually, I would say something like “I probably could’ve gone home, but I ended up going here and there until 9 am in the morning~ hahaha!” But this time, I really did accidentally fall asleep. We received a lot of letters with questions like “How was the party?” and I would love to talk about it, but I have nothing to tell! I’m sorry~ But Takizawa Kabuki will start soon, so next time, I will do my best at that finale party and I will tell you all about it.

And right after saying “It’s the new year!” it’s already March. That was fast ne~ In March, there’s spring and there are of course various things like new hellos and goodbyes. And of course, the most obvious thing that comes to mind is the Green Jumbo (spring lottery). Last time, there was the end-of-the-year lottery? And we absolutely did not hit the jackpot. But this time, I will buy tickets for the Green Jumbo again. If I win, I won’t announce it, so I hope everyone will look forward to that too. 」


Listener :
The other day, Tono gave an explanation about his underwear in Takizawa Kakumei, but I am more curious about your socks and shoes. When your shoes were soaked in water, they must’ve been really hard to dry off, right? So what did you do? And like Ishida Junichi-san, do you not wear socks? Please tell us~

Tono :
Ah~ There certainly were a lot of rain scenes in Takizawa Kakumei and we have talked about things like “What do you do with your underwear?” But indeed, for shoes, we use regular shoes (for dry scenes) and waterproof shoes (for the rain scenes). After the shows, we’ll set the waterproof shoes out to dry and they would usually dry out (before the next show). Un~ Because we didn’t have numerous pairs of shoes (to use as replacements). Although, it is tough on the stylist. We do use a lot of socks, so the stylist will usually wash and dry them for us. Un~ It’s the same with the tights ne.

Listener :
Has anything happened with the owner of the ramen restaurant since the last time you visited? Recently, there is a cafe that I really like to go to. I go there in the mornings. I heard that the waiter there, who posses a beautiful voice like one of a musical actor’s, will usually greet his regular customers with a “Good morning. Would you like the usual?” So I want to try and get up early every morning so that he will (someday) say, “Good morning. For a drink, would you like the usual, an Americano?” to me too.

Tono :
I see~ How nice~ It’s very kakkoii ne~ It’s nice to have a restaurant that you’re a regular at. Even if you don’t look at the menu, the waiter would ask you something like “Would you like the usual?” Un~ This happens to me too. I’ve probably talked about this before, but you know how there’s a family restaurant that has a name that sounds similar to “Johnny’s?” I go there often and there was even a time when I went there 5 days a week. At that family restaurant, even if I don’t order it, they’ll (automatically) bring me a cup of Cola. Un~ Even if it’s not in my order, they would give me the kind of drink that I always ordered. That made me happy ne. Whenever I go there, the waiters will always give me a smile. Like “That guy is here again~”

(Instinctively, like any fangirl would do out of pure curiosity, I immediately went online to look for the family restaurant that has a name that rhymes with Johnny’s XD And the only one that I can find around his area is Denny’s. The other one was Jolly Pasta. But I definitely think it’s Denny’s… cause I think he’s talked about it before in a con MC? But as to WHICH Denny’s he’s talking about… that’s a whole other level of stalking that I will not get into!! Though I do secretly wish that I had a guy friend who’s as “skilled” as Fujimaru from Bloody Monday LOLLL)

Listener :
Today, as I was dozing off on the bus, I woke up to the sound of “You are too kind. Thank you.” When I looked at the person from which this came from, I saw that it was a short and cute granny who had a head full of white hair. In a very slow pace, she boarded the bus and as she headed to her seat, she bowed and she said “Sorry to have made you all wait” to the bus driver and to the other people on the bus. It seemed like she was apologizing for being slow and for making everyone wait. When I saw her, I thought that she was a really wonderful person for saying what she said and what she had felt. Hide-kun, what kind of oji-san do you want to become?

Tono :
I see~ She really is a wonderful person ne~ I do think that nowadays, there a lot of people who think that it’s embarrassing to outwardly express their feelings in front of people – like things such as “Thank you” or “I’m sorry.” Un~ I think it’s a really good thing to realize that even though it’s your fault, you have the courage to properly greet people and apologize for it. That granny was really a wonderful person ne~ As for what kind of person I’ll be when I become an old man… My dream is to become a funky old man ne. I don’t really have an interest in sports cars, but when I become an old man, I think I would actually like to drive one ne. No matter how old I get, ideally, I want to be a rambunctious old man.

7 thoughts on “[Radio] 滝沢電波城 2010.02.27

  1. michelle says:

    thanks for the translation, bon-chan! it’s so cute of him to say that he can’t tell us the story coz he fell asleep halfway thru the party lol~

    un, i think it’s Denny’s too. the fangirl part of me immediately opened google map when i read that.

    and… when he talked about him as a funky old man, the image i had was hidejiji during takirev :)

  2. bon-chan says:

    i wonder if he was really that tired… or if he just drank a whole month’s worth of beer and passed out XD Or maybe its both! haha~

    btw, it JUST occurred to me that you’ve already done the Feb 6 denpajou!! THUDS gomen ne~ i dont remember ever seeing it ^^; so i ended up doing a double report… orz

  3. simone says:

    Thanks bon-chan! I think you may be right, however, I believe poor Tono must really have been exhausted, so probably the beer knocked him out faster than normal!

    He says he doesn’t really have an interest in sports cars, but doesn’t he have one already? or did he get rid of it and get something else???

    I am surprised he goes often to Denny’s. Well, maybe they are better in Japan. Here Denny’s is known for slow service, and I consider their food well below par.

  4. michelle says:

    bon-chan~ haha, u might be right lol. and no worries abt the feb6 trans! ^^

    simone~ yeah i think he has a ferrari and a mercs? i might be wrong, but anyway, i tried denny’s once in japan only. can’t really remember what i had but i didn’t remember it being bad hehe…

  5. bon-chan says:

    see, i always thought he had a ferrari spider cause of that IKEA Film Festa clip…

    but if u look online, people say that he has a Porche and a Merc・Benz…
    THUDS it makes no sense!! Cause a long time ago, he said he wanted a fiery red sports car. Yet he already has a Porche. And now, he says he wants a 4WD SUV, but he already has a Merc・Benz that is a 4WD!


  6. Marie says:

    Thank you, bon-chan, for the report.
    So, it was Denny’s. I didn’t know Denny’s existed in Japan.
    I wonder the menu is the same as in the US.

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