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New J-net VTR!

*Please DO NOT upload the video to streaming sites like Youtube, etc*

I think this was filmed in Nissay Theatre. TakiRanger was with YaraRanger and ABC-Z. His message was “Takizawa Kabuki, and Takizawa Kakumei. Everyone, please come and play again next year! We’ll be waiting! Yaaaayyyy~~” ^^

[Scans] Eye-Ai 04/2009

Here are the scans for the Takizawa Kakumei feature on the Eye-Ai magazine last year. I love the one where Takki’s dancing in the white tuxedo. Nice shot!

aiai0904-01.jpg aiai0904-02.jpg aiai0904-03.jpg aiai0904-04.jpg
aiai0904-05.jpg aiai0904-06.jpg aiai0904-07.jpg

4 more days ~♥

[Radio] 滝沢電波城 2010.02.27


「Good evening! This is Takizawa Denpajou’s Takizawa Hideaki! Shinshun Jinsei Kakumei has also ended. I always talk about the finale parties on this radio show, and of course I’ll do it again this year. On the last day, after we finished the last show of Mori-san’s Jinsei Kakumei, we headed to the first party location. Of course, more than anyone, we wanted the zachou to start the toast, right? The zachou for Jinsei Kakumei is Mori Mitsuko-san, but we thought that it might be a little…. if we asked her to come (all the way to where we were)… so I asked her in advance if she would let me shoot a video of her making a toast. I showed the video at the party venue and everyone faced the screen and said “Cheers!!”


Oricon Ranking: Takizawa Kakumei DVD – Week 2

Takizawa Kakumei DVD (Release date: 3/10)
Week 2 rank: #13
Sales figure: 1,744
Cumulative: 22,022

Daily Breakdown:
Day 8 (3/16): #14
Day 9 (3/17): #11
Day 10 (3/18): #13
Day 11 (3/19): #16
Day 12 (3/20): #12
Day 13 (3/21): #15
Day 14 (3/22): #19

Takki Flying Charms…

…finally arrived in my office this afternoon! 8 days after it was mailed out. I was soooo worried that Singpost would eat them up (like how they ate up our cash few years back~), but now I’m soooooo relieved! They probably didn’t know how valuable these charms are lol~ Honto ni arigato, you-chan! ^^

Hidejiru and Kirakira
( Sorry, picture was taken using my lousy keitai camera )

When I first took them out from the package, first thing I noticed was… it’s metal! KYAAAA!! As we couldn’t tell from the pictures back then, I was mentally prepared to receive plastic spongy charms! fufu~ after all the crying in the morning watching Yoshitsune-sama, the afternoon was all smiley smiley for me hehe~~

Just now I was calculating, after all the credit card, paypal & bank charges etc… each charm probably costs $50? That’s crazy! But HAPPY CRAZY! haha!

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