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[Radio] 滝沢電波城 Xmas Tidbits 2011

Happy Holidays everyone!! Here’s a little Xmas present from us to you~
These are translation tidbits from recent Denpajous. Enjoy!

[From the “Takizawa Train” corner on December 3, 2011]

Listener : The other day, I went to a salon that my friend recommended. It’s close to my house, which is convenient, so I abandoned my old salon and tried switching over to the new one. However, I didn’t like the results I got and now it puts me in a bad position. I want to go back to my old salon and get my hair fixed by my usual hair stylist, but now it’s difficult for me to do so. I’m trying to think of an excuse as to why “I cheated” on them. Tono, has this ever happened to you? If you have any good advice, please let me know.

Tono : Ah~ I totally understand. Even until now, I’ve been going to the same salon since my second year of junior high. Of course, I’ve heard recommendations for other salons, but… Like you mentioned, after you go somewhere else, it’s definitely hard to go back. Like it’s kind of rude to the person who has always done your hair. But even though I think it’s perfectly okay to go around and try other places, I personally would not be able to do it. Even if I’m too busy, or even if I don’t have time, I’ll still go to the same salon. If their schedule (or my schedule) is full, then I just won’t go. I just try to be patient and deal with my hair until the day that I have an appointment with them. Which is why sometimes I would have blonde hair with my roots growing out… making it look like caramel custard pudding (LOL)

Denpajou staff : “What would you do if you’re not satisfied with your haircut?”

I’ll get it fixed until it’s done to my satisfaction. Like “Maybe we should cut another 1 cm off this part” or just “please cut this part.” It’s been a long time… they’ve been cutting my hair for over 10 years now, so they totally understand me. Usually when I go in, I don’t have to explain what I want and they would already know. I would usually just say “I want color” or “I just want a cut today.”

“Did you get a haircut recently?”

About a week ago. It’s been a while since I’ve been there. I got a cut and color.

“How often do stars go to their salons?”

How often… I would say very often like about once a month? But I would probably go once every two months.

“I want to go to a salon that stars usually visit!”

Well, it’s okay to go!

“Will you introduce me to your place?”

Well, I can, but its expensive?

“As one would expect, there must be a special rate for stars…”

There is. The star rate is cheap because we go there often. This salon has this kind of special rate because a lot of people who visit are like star athletes or from the entertainment business. So for us, it’s a little cheaper than what it would be normally.

[From the Denpajou introduction on November 26, 2011]

“Good evening! This is Takizawa Hideaki from Takizawa Denpajou. Well, this was a personal experience that happened to me recently. My sister has at last given birth to a little boy! My brother already has two little ones, but this was the first time for my sister. 

I’m sure everyone knows that I’ve always had a great interest in cameras and filming… Well, before she gave birth, my sister happened to call me and said 
“You like taking pictures don’t you? You’re good at it right?” 
“Oh, yeah I do.” 
“Well~ I’m going to be giving birth soon. Will you help me capture it on camera?” 
“Ehhh?!” was my reaction, but (of course) I said “Sure, I’ll do it.”

In my mind, I thought she would give birth and then I would be invited into the hospital room and take pictures of the newborn baby. So on the big day… which was November 11 by the way, but she called me over the night of the 10th. I had been extremely busy with the promotion for the recent single release, but that day happened to be my one and only day off. So the 10th was my day off and she called me over in the evening and I thought “Man, that’s good timing.” So I went to the hospital thinking that she would be giving birth soon, but that didn’t happen. So I thought “Maybe it’ll take a little bit longer” and waited.

At first, I was waiting by myself and then continued waiting as I chatted with my sister… but she still wasn’t ready. We waited until morning and it still wasn’t time! I knew I couldn’t just fall asleep so we just kept waiting and waiting… But in the end, she gave birth at 8:41 am. We stayed up the entire night, then I was told to go into the room and ended up filming the entire birth process. I witnessed the moment the baby was born. It was really amazing. Now that I think about it, I’m glad I did. How to put it… I saw an amazing spectacle of the strength of women. I had the pleasure of experiencing the kind of magnificence that one feels the moment a new life is born. Recently, I edited and compiled the pictures I took and gave it to my sister. “

[Radio] 滝沢電波城 Xmas Tidbits 2011

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  1. Bob-chan, thanks for these translations! I can’t listen to Denpajou, and if I could, most of it would pass me by anyway.

    I love the caramel custard hair!

    On the other hand, I have a hard time believing any one would want to be filmed giving birth… but people do. So he stayed up all night to do it! Good for Tono!

    1. Gomen, you name came out as Bob, I can’t believe it! Sorry! This is so silly. Maybe you should put in a feature to allow editing, so one could catch dumb mistakes like that…

      1. LOL! it’s ok, I’ve gotten everything from Boh to Bom. But I think “Bob-chan” has got to be the most hilarious one yet!

  2. Finally got the chance to read this. Thanks for translating, Bon-chan (so tempted to write “Bob-chan”~) XD

    I think Takki’s sister must really trust him a lot to entrust such a sacred task to him. It must have been a totally amazing experience for him. Hopefully he’ll be able to witness such a moment again soon when his own child is born :)

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