[Radio] Takizawa Denpajou 2009.10.24 (Guest: Hina)

Thank you very much to Nyanco *HUGS* for helping me with the kansai-ben and loads of translations which I just couldn’t catch… It’s a really fun episode as Takki invited his best friend in Johnnys onto the show!!


滝:Konbanwa. This is Takizawa Denpajou, Takizawa Hideaki. Saa, sorry to keep everyone waiting. Tonight ne, Kanjani 8’s Murakami Shingo will come on the show! Without a doubt, he’s in front of me right now in the studio ne. But as it’s still the opening, I’ve told him not to talk… although he’s itching to do so. But today, it’ll be great if the both of us can talk about many things, and also at the end of the show, there’ll be a keyword quiz where you can win presents, so everyone please listen till the very end. Alright then, as I wanna make full use of the time today, I wanna play the first song without delay. This is Takizawa Hideaki’s “Hikari Hitotsu”!

♪ Hikari Hitotsu

(Commercial Break)

滝:Alright, now let me introduce the special guest this time — Murakami Shingo!
村:Doumo. Konbanwa! This is Kanjani 8’s Murakami Shingo.
滝:You’ve finally come.
滝:Maa, basically we meet up more in private, don’t we?
村:Absolutely, we do.
滝:We hardly ever meet up for work stuff. So now, this space here feels really uncomfortable.
滝:Like “Hey, what are we doing!”
村:Exactly! Coz this is probably the first time that just the two of us are together for work.
滝:I think it’s the first time… Ah, shouldn’t it be “it’s been a while”?
村:Is that so…
滝:We did the “Around the world in a week” program ne!
村:Ah, yes, yes, that’s right!
滝:In the past, we both had a really bad relationship yo. Extremely bad ne?
村:Extremely bad ne *laughs*
滝:We mutually hated each other.
滝:It was like “What’s with this fella!” ne.
村:Iya, it was terrible ne~
滝:Yeah, terrible ne. By chance, although we had a really bad relationship, we had to do that “Around the world in a week” corner for the show, and when that talk came up, I thought “Why do I have to go with that guy!”
村:It was like that for me too.
滝:It was mutual ne~
村:I thought so too.
滝:But as it was for work, instead of showing our unpleasant faces ne, we showed our happy faces. Ma, it was a forced smile yo, at the very beginning, during the opening ne.
村:Iya~ we were sounding each other out ne!
滝:Yeah, we were. And doing this “Around the world in a week”, indeed we were always together. We were always sleeping on the airplane, but we were always together during the trip ne.
村:Also while traveling on trains, during those times we somehow did talk ne.
滝:Yeah yeah yeah. And I was like “Uh? What’s with this guy?”
村:Yeah. Then it started after we came back to Japan.
村:It was from a particular phone call of yours that changed things yo.
滝:*laughs* ohh? What was that about?
村:At that time, you asked if I wanted to go to a live show of a friend’s.
滝:Yes, yes, yes~
村:I thought, I wasn’t even acquainted with that friend. But you said you were going alone, so I said “I’ll go then.”
滝:That’s right.
村:Because it wasn’t long after that location work (trip).
村:Maa, there was somewhat a bit of awkward feeling left. And after going for the live show, you said “Jaa, shall we have a meal or something before going back?”
滝:Ah, we went for a meal?
村:Yeah, the Takki then said that to me.
滝:Ah, I did.
村:That was the first time we did such a thing, wasn’t it? The two of us only, having a meal kind of thing.
滝:Yeah, yeah, yeah.
村:After that, on the way back, Takki said “Jaa, let’s go for a meal again yo!”
村:And that’s when we both have reached the age of 20 when we could drink sake.
滝:Hai hai hai~
村:Yeah, and I said that I really hated you in the past.
滝:*laughs* Under the influence of alcohol!
滝:Yeah! That was the start ne.
村:Yeah, it was from then on (that things changed).
滝:Until today… Maa ne, today while talking about many things, there is guess what, this risky project that I wanna do. It’s titled…

“The Inside Story of Johnnys Convention”!!

滝:With that, usually ne, we do not get such chances to see the other side of Johnnys.
村:That’s right, that’s right.
滝:We can hardly talk about such stuff, it maybe that we are not suppose to do it but…
滝:Well, since it’s not easy that the two of us are here today, maa it’s alright (to talk about such things) today.
村:Kind of like, let’s be informal.
滝:Let’s not stand on ceremony!
村:Ah, that’s good ne.
滝:Without holding back, well, go for it all the way until it’s just slightly over the limit.
村:Alright, slightly over the limit.
滝:I think it’s OK if it’s only slightly over the limit.
村:I see! I got it!
滝:Today, this is how we’ll do it ne. There are two boxes. In one box, names of Johnnys members have been written inside. And the other box has themes that we wanna ask about that person. Hence from those two paper bags, which we call boxes, you will pick one each out of them. Maa, I think you’ll understand when you try it. So, shall we? Alright then, let’s do it.

村:Alright. This one is… “Takki“!

滝:Me? Well well well…
村:”Takki”, and this… next is the theme, right?
滝:Yes, the theme.
村:What to say about you, right?
滝:I’m in this too?
村:Eh… Ah! This one is good ne!
滝:What is it? What theme?
村:”This is his weakness.”
滝:Ah~ I see…
村:Ah, haha!
滝:It’s the weakness that only we know ne?
村:Can I really do this one?
滝:Well, but… “This one”? Eh, what is it yo! *flustered* Hey, this will be on air. Hey!
村:Iya iya, because I know many things about you.
滝:Iya, I think you know, but…
村:Can I say it?
滝:Maa, but this first question will… it’ll decide the level of this corner ne, Murakami-san!
村:It’ll be a testing draft ne.
滝:That’s right. Because it’s me, it’s still ok yo. Even if you say everything, it’s alright.
村:If I pick a sempai’s name next, then it’ll be hard to play around ne.
滝:That’s right, so Murakami-san, please decide on the level, properly.
村:Got it.
村:Well, because it’s only two of us here, I want to tell the story you haven’t told.
滝:That’s right. “This part of Takizawa Hideaki is his weakness”! I wonder what it is…
村:Erm, I think it was… how many years back… about 6 years ago ne.
滝:5, 6 years ago?
村:It was around the time when I was still living alone in Osaka.
滝:Oh oh oh.
村:Well, that… We’ve started to be able to drink sake. And, the two of us often go drinking together with our friends.
村:Erm… there were guys, and there were girls too, weren’t there?
滝:Oh oh!!! oohh!!
村:Is this enough? This is ok, right? If this is no good, then I don’t have anymore (to say)!
滝:*LOL* Nothing, it’s ok, go ahead. (They are our) friends, right?
村:Yes yes, friends.
滝:Hai hai hai.
村:Everyone was drinking as friends.
村:But one time, a girl had a little crush on Takki.
滝:Oh oh oh~
村:Things went that way, and…
村:I was like, “Wait a second, this is not right, we all have been just friends.” Because we were friends, we have had dinners several times, then she became more and more serious ne.
滝:Wow. Was it so?
村:And then, unusually, you started to worry. I was talking to male friends and saying that this will confuse our friendship or something like that.
滝:Hai hai hai hai.
村:Such a thing happened. Then, I had to return to Osaka because of work.
村:And at that time, my phone rang.
村:It was Takki who called yo.
滝:Oh! I called. Hai hai hai.
村:Usually you call me “Hina”.
滝:Yeah, “Hina”~
村:And you said “Hina, do you have a minute?”, “Yeah, no problem, what happened?”, “I’m at a loss…”, “Eh! What happened?”, “She confessed, and I… I don’t know what to do yo~!!”
滝:*LOLLL* That’s uncool~~~!
村:You said that! And I burst out laughing!
滝:*laughs* I see.
村:I don’t think Takki has the image of saying such things yo. The Takki then was like a child ne.
滝:Is that so? Eh, I don’t remember at all!
村:You were just “don’t know what to do~” weren’t you? But, you don’t remember this, do you?
滝:This has gone over the limit yo. Murakami-san!
滝:Saa, let’s continue.

村:Ok. The person is– Ah! “Takki“!

滝:Again??? Hey, this looks untrue! Hey!
村:This looks good.
滝:That’s a lie, isn’t it?
村:The theme is… “Weird habit”. Iyaa~
村:This seems to have been prepared for me na.
滝:Iya iya iya, ma ma ma, you don’t have a choice, it was picked ne.
村:There is ne.
滝:”Takizawa Hideaki’s weird habit”
村:There is, there is.
滝:What is that?
村:Ma, that is… again from the past yo. Ma, I used to stay over at your place very often.
滝:Hai hai, you stayed over at my place ne.
村:I did ne. At that time Takki was… you said before, something like you were hugged by me, didn’t you?
村:Let me say one thing. I was hugged by you too.
滝:*LOLLL* You know what? I also usually, even for ippan (outside showbiz) friends too, many of them come to my house often yo.
村:Those fellows do, huh?
滝:Yeah, and I didn’t have any bed… There was only one bed, so, many people slept on it yo. Yappari ne… seems like I hugged everyone.
村:I told you!
村:And it wasn’t even an ordinary hug yo.
村:At first, you put only a leg on me softly.
滝:*LOLLL, slapping hands*
村:I was thinking “Eh? Eh? (What’s going on?)” Then you moved in close, little by little.
滝:*laughs* Really?
村:Yeah. You have such a habit yo.
滝:I guess I have (after all), huh?
村:Because you were asleep, you definitely didn’t know it.
滝:I don’t know it at all.
村:You don’t remember. That is what “habit” is.
滝:Uwah, this is unbelievable ne.
村:It happens yo!
滝:It happens ne.
村:There is such a thing!
滝:Maa, but this doesn’t hurt me at all yo.
村:You’re still alright, aren’t you?
滝:Because there are still many Johnnys (to talk about) ne.
村:That’s right.
滝:Saa, who’s next?

村:Hai… “MatsuJun“!

滝:Oh oh oh!
村:This is good ne.
滝:It’s not “Takki!” anymore? Just when I was hoping for it… *lol*
村:(If you want more), I’ll pick on you!!
村:Is this alright?
滝:Yes, it’s fine yo. Saa, MatsuJun. Arashi, MatsuJun.
村:”A (MatsuJun) that fans do not know”
滝:Ah, this is tough ne.
村:Tough na~ *laughs*
滝:*laughs* A (MatsuJun) that fans doesn’t know, right? Such a thing can also mean “the other face of him” yo ne… Un, but he is… how is he ne… in a way, he’s natural ne.
村:He is ne. Perhaps the MatsuJun we see on TV, and the MatsuJun on his off days, is the same Matsujun ne.
滝:But usually, I think ne, he’s more childish than the impression he gives on TV.
村:Yeah yeah. He laughs a lot, doesn’t he?
村:How should I say ne. He’s cool, that’s for certain, but if fans have the impression that he is scary or distant, he is not such, as he might seem.
滝:Yeah. And, his older sister is pretty!
滝:Fans do not know this, right?
村:Yeah, they don’t.
滝:Un, his older sister is pretty yo. In the past ne, I went to MatsuJun’s house to play, and his older sister brought out tea for me. She’s an awesome sister yo. The Matsumoto family is fine yo.
村:They are good looking?
滝:Yes, they are.
村:Don’t you think that’s very rare?
滝:That’s right… Ja, shall we have one more person?

村:Oh! “Akanishi“.

滝:Oh! It has come, this one. Akanishi, right?
村:”This is great”. I see. This can be said in one word, right?
滝:That’s right.
村:That is, “anan” right?
滝:Ah, anan! Ohhh~ nude, huh! For sure, it’s not done very often ne.
村:For sure.
滝:Previously, Okada-kun did it… Okada-kun from V6.
村:He did it.
村:But he (and the girl) weren’t entangled ne.
滝:No. Yeah, they weren’t.
村:They weren’t. But although it’s with a foreign girl, during the photoshoot, perhaps they were touching each other in real.
村:I think it’s amazing.
滝:It is ne.
村:By the way, about Jin, if we’ve to say, in the past during Tackey’s Dream Boy…
滝:Hai hai~
村:Yeah, during the Osaka shows, the 3 of us were together in Takki’s dressing room, and we did talk a bit ne.
滝:We did ne. Un.
村:A bit about songs.
滝:Just at that time when he started to say he wanted to learn English.
村:He said that. And he’ll write a poem so he said to Takki, “please write (me) a song!”.
滝:Hai hai hai… Ah, we did ne.
村:It was at that time when he was saying those.
滝:We did, we often write songs and stuff like that together at home.
村:So, I guess Jin must have had a feeling that “I want to accomplish something!” because he had gotten himself into it–
滝:*softly* It wasn’t like that… The truth is…
村:*laughs* No?
滝:Ano ne~ Well, let me tell you the truth. He said so ne, that “I want to start (writing) music”. Because I had the equipment to write songs myself at home, and when he saw that, he said “I also want to write songs myself at home!”. Then, I said “shall we go buy the equipment together?”, the necessary stuff like computers and many other things yo. And we carted the entire line-up (of equipment) back to Jin’s house together, and I set everything up for him yo. But until today, I still haven’t even heard one song (from him) ne.
村:*laughs* That’s the most unbelievable ne.
滝:Unbelievable yo. Not even a song… Mou… I was in my teens then.
村:Eh, it was that long ago?
滝:Yeah, I think I was about 19 or 20 ne.
村:It’s been quite a while back ne.
滝:That’s right ne. About 7 or 8 years have passed already. It’s about time I should hear about 2 or 3 songs perhaps…
村:Even if it’s one song a year, well well, there should be some (songs) already.
滝:*laughs* That’s right ne.
村:Maybe he’s still keeping (the songs).
滝:Maybe he hasn’t finished (writing) yet.
村:Yeah, perhaps he’s still searching for a super good chorus.
滝:*laughs* taking 7, 8 years ne.
村:Taking 7, 8 years.
滝:Un. He’s not continuing his song-writing yo.

(♪ Bell Rings)

村:I see. Well, this was unexpected, wasn’t it?
滝:Unexpected ne.
村:Something everyone doesn’t know.
滝:Well, so this is how it goes ne, this “The Inside story of Johnnys Convention”, and many stories have come out of it. Yeah, it’s interesting ne~ unexpectedly ne.
村:Really, we don’t usually talk about Johnny’s (members) ne.
滝:Yeah. Usually we don’t ne. Anyway, I hope something like this will be fun for everyone including Johnnys (members). Saa, after this, Murakami will be with me in a corner, a usual practice as a guest ne. Please look forward to it.

(Commercial break)

滝:Well, next let’s move into this corner with our guest Murakami Shingo — “You! Yacchaina!”

滝:Well, in my CD ne, there’s a coupling song called “You! Yacchaina!” ne. Ma, based on the song, this is a corner where the listeners send in their unreasonable requests.
村:I see.
滝:Hai. Saa, alright then, let’s start. Radio name, Minako. “You! have to act like one with empty head and enter the White House yo!
村:How can you do it on radio?
村:It’s difficult… diffi… somewhat… it’s an enormously unreasonable request.
滝:*laughs* Iya, it’s difficult yo.
村:Eh? I’ve to do this? Now?
滝:You don’t have to do this.
村:Ah, I don’t have to do this. It’ll be no joke if I go into the White House right now yo.
滝:*laughs* Well, it’s not going to finish in 30 minutes, so we’ll just listen to the requests.
村:I see.

滝:It’s like a “we’ve received such unreasonable requests!” kind of thing. Well then, for this corner ne, if there’s a guest on the show, I’m asking the guest to participate in one unreasonable request everytime, so let’s introduce the next one. This is from pen name “Takki” who’s living in Tokyo, “You! why don’t you play with a stag beetle!

村:Iya iya iya iya.
滝:By “Takki”-san…
村:Definitely impossible!
滝:It says “why don’t you play with a stag beetle”… well, surely…
村:No no no, definitely NO!…. Uwah, the staff here are incredible!!
村:Iya iya iya, I definitely can’t do this!
滝:Eh? Why? Are you no good with stag beetles?
村:Iya, erm, not only stag beetles, but all kinds of bugs are DAME yo!
滝:Oops! You are no good with bugs?
村:I’m totally hopeless ne.
滝:That infomation was… well… (I have) received it *laughs*
村:You knew it! You totally knew it?
滝:I totally knew this. Sorrie…
村:Gosh… my mouth is so dry.
滝:Why? It’s so small yo, even though it is called “Big Stag Beetle”. It’s small yo. Look at it~ it looks so cute.
村:Oh, gosh~~~! Hey, look at it! What the…. I have a lot of things to say about it. Why are these guys hard to begin with?
村:Hey heyyyy, it’s moving!!!
滝:It’s moving yo~ Sa, this way of playing with it… *laughs* How about, ah, put it on your palm, and…
村:*panicking* No, no! No way, no way! I’m afraid of that serrated surface. I can’t put that on (my hand).
滝:Are you afraid of their legs?
村:Absolutely, no legs! And the texture of the abdomen too!!!
滝:Oh, you hate the under side?
村:I hate it, absolutely! I can still take it if it’s keeping this position.
滝:”Position”? It’s just staying there. Murakami-san, we only have 30mins, that’s the duration of this show.
村:Iya iya, I know, I know. I know it yo!
滝:We don’t have much time left in this show.
村:Ehhh~! Let’s not spend this much energy today!!!
滝:*LOL* We’ve got to do it. We’ve got to do it yo. Ok then, let’s keep this guy in your sight, and when you get used to it, then go for it if you can… until this show ends, until the ending. So, let me just leave this guy here.
滝:Here, let’s play a song for now. Ok?
滝:Sa, let’s have one more song. This is a new song released on 4th November. Please introduce the song.
村:Kanjani 8’s “Kyuu Jou Show” (急上昇: sudden uplift)
滝:*laughs* You seem to be “Kyuu Kou Ka” (急降下: sudden dive) yo.

♪ Kanjani 8’s “Kyuu Jou Show”

(Commercial break)

滝:Saa, we have come to the end of today’s episode of Takizawa Denpajou, ne.
村:Ah, it’s ending already *sighs in relief*
滝:Your tension had quite risen up just before…, but now it’s dropped ne.
村:Why is that…
滝:Why are you hopeless with it?
村:In the old days, I could…
滝:Isn’t it cute?
村:No. No, it is not cute at all.
村:In the old days, I used be able to touch them. I used collect all kinds of insects like locusts, mantis, cicadas, stag beetles, dragonflies, and even crawfish. Because I was a country boy ne, originally. I became a city boy after I joined Johnny’s, didn’t I?
滝:Oh! City-Bo!
村:Since I came to Tokyo, there was a period when I didn’t see them around. Do you know?
滝:Hai hai hai. Indeed, there isn’t a chance to touch them in Tokyo.
村:Right? For 5, 6 years. I was just hearing the sound, that’s all, you know? (I mean) just singing of insects. But one day, I saw them at a work site. At that moment, I questioned myself “Were they this scary?”
滝:Oh, it’s been too long ne.
村:It’s been too long, and since I became an adult, I’ve become unable to touch them.
滝:I see.
村:But I’ll just do a tiny touch!
滝:Oh. That’s my guy! (But you said) “tiny” touch? Well, you don’t have to… Ah, you can come back (and try again) next week, if you can. I can keep it here till next week.
村:No… I… I’ll come next week too… so…
滝:*laughs* Will you come next week too?
村:Because I’m allowed to come.
滝:You’ll be here next week too, right?
村:But I’ll touch it a tiny bit anyway. Otherwise it won’t be nice, will it?
滝:No, it’s alright.
村:No. No. No. It’s not good. It’s not good (if I don’t do it). Let me do it!
滝:Don’t worry. Well, just as you know, they are listening, but it’s alright.
村:No. No. If I don’t do it now, you’ll keep bringing this up for the next 3 years, won’t you? Perhaps, yeah.
滝:*laughs* Don’t worry, don’t worry.
村:I’ll just do it a tiny bit.
滝:Oh, will you do it then?
村:Uwahhhhh! Woah~!
滝:It’s really hard to tell on radio ne.
村:Right… exactly.
滝:Even if you try really hard, it’s difficult to tell (on radio) ne. Even if you do a tiny touch.
村:Waaaa~~ here I go!
村:*makes loads of funny noises*
滝:Yo~~~~ Go, hurry *laughs*

♪ JAN JA JAAAAAN (BG sound effect)

滝:Eh?… Eh? Did you just do it?
村:I did.
滝:I couldn’t see it. I couldn’t see at all.
村:I touched it quite a bit.
滝:I was shocked by the “Jan Ja Jaaan” (sound)!
村:The BG (background sound) was played, and that’s the best recognition.

Hina then did some PR for Kanjani8’s new single. And for his drama with Arashi’s Aiba, “My Girl”. Then Takki also announced the presents, which are 10 x “Hikari Hitotsu” candle lights.

Hope you enjoyed reading~ XDD

I LOL-ed when Hina talked about Takki’s reaction to the girl’s confession. I wanna see his “I don’t know what to do” expression! hahaha~ and he has hugged so many people while asleep, without knowing it! ^^ I guess he’s still a normal person after all… not sure what to do when a friend suddenly confesses…

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  1. simone says:

    This was very funny! Thanks Mich and Nyanco for this long translation.

    I have to confess that I have turned into Hina as far as insects are concerned. And I wouldn’t want to touch a stag beetle. Saw one in Costa Rica that was larger than my thumb, and that was not counting the horns!

    Jin did write at least a couple of songs, Care and Love Juice, which are in Kat-Tun’s last album. He may have written others. But of course this is lyrics, whereas Takki and Hina mean write music.

  2. michelle says:

    simone~ the #1 insect i’m MOST afraid of = beatles! and i’d never wanna touch a stag beatle… eeeeeeeksss!

    yah, takki was referring to music, not lyrics. coz he was talking about the equipment that he helped him buy, cart back and set up! haha!

    kwanshan~ ah, i have the recording but i’m not allowed to share it ne. i’ll try to find one which can be shared k~

    love~ dannie~ u’re welcome :)

  3. chanmonkey says:

    Wow~ A very long translation ne~ But I finished reading!~ Ha~ Tackey hugged others when sleeping!~ Wow~ I’m dreaming if I were one of those lucky guys!~ *drooling*

  4. michelle says:

    kwanshan~ i know some fans use peercast to record, but i tried before and it wouldn’t connect. sorry, i can’t really help in that… i’ll try to find someone who can share her recording ne.

    chanmonkey~ yah, those ppl are lucky haha!

  5. foolndreamer says:

    Thank you for this very amusing post. Learnt more about Takki. Also learnt that it is apparently possible for a sleeping person to softly and slowly move towards another and progressively hug him. LOL!

  6. michelle says:

    foolndreamer~ yeah, it’s funny, the way Hina said it! and takki was laughing so hard… he laughed ALOT during this episode… i wish i had a recording that can be shared…

  7. jingye11 says:

    I totally went kawaiiiiiiiiii during the Akanishi part… the caring papa Takki and the spontaneous BakaJin just make the most hilarious pair, eh? Sometimes I wonder how the extremely different two could have ever hung out without the hard-working Takki kicking JinJin into space for being lazy, lol.

    I don’t know Hina well but he was quite cute as the teacher in My Girl and absolutely hilarious like the rest of KJ8. He’s sooooo generous and upfront about TAKKI’s love life, lol…

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